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Ideas To Maximise Your Outdoor Space This Summer

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Lounge Series scaled


After spending most of our time indoors to protect ourselves from the pandemic, it’s time to get some quality time with your family and friends outside! But that does not mean you have to go farther away from your house. You can still enjoy a breather in the comfort of your dwelling this summer.


Now, let’s have a look at that outdoor space of yours. It might need some sprucing and improvements before you can truly enjoy its presence. We are here to share some ideas that you can implement to maximise your outdoor space this summer.

Outdoor Space Objective

First things first, is to determine your objective and requirements. What’s your lifestyle like? Do you enjoy eating closer to your garden? Are you a lounging kind of person? It is pertinent to understand your habits and the activities that you would do to unwind. Before you spend on anything to enhance your outdoor space, gather some thoughts on what you would most likely do within that outdoor space.


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Dexa Collection


Consider an outdoor living concept if you are the type that would enjoy a book and tea time in the evening. Find yourself comfortable yet easy-to-maintain sofa sets such as the Dexa collection to help you relax and sink into the fluffiness of the cushions. For those who like to dine out in the open air, you should find yourself an outdoor dining style that suits the look of your outdoor space. If you’re a naturalist, opt for teak wood furniture like our favourite Gera dining table and Vento dining chairs. An earth palette is an in-trend style in 2021 and can suit your other furniture effortlessly.


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Gera Table & Vino Chairs

Shades dan  Greenery

To make your outdoor space habitable and comfortable, it’s necessary to include shades and greenery within the context. This applies especially if you live in a hot and humid climate such as Malaysia. Shades can be in different styles, sizes, and types. Some prefer a permanent shade such as a semi-roof cover over their outdoor space.


While others would like a more natural and open kind of shade like pergolas with creeping plants to cool off the heat. Another alternative is to have a stand-alone daybed with a shading component that serves two functions in one. Our Luxe daybed is ideal for a less fussy arrangement and is suitable to be placed in bigger outdoor spaces.


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Luxe Daybed

Relive The Indoors At Your Outdoor Space

Not many people know that your indoor settings can also be implemented outdoors! Most outdoor furniture nowadays is trendy and modern to give the same outlook and style as the inside of your house. To get the best out of your home experience, you should invest in stylish outdoor furniture to create a seamless transition from your indoor areas to your outdoor spaces.

But that does not mean you have to pick the same furniture for both. You can play around with the materials and arrangement while maintaining a similar design language inside out. For example, if you love relaxing while laying down on your modern look sofa – try to bring that activity outside with our Lisse collection. Lisse is a modular sofa set with different modular arrangements to pick from to get the best arrangement for your space. One that is very useful is its chaise where you have a daybed with a ‘ledge’ to put your items while you rest.


patio 5

Lisse Chaise

Textural Interest

Another way to maximise your outdoor space is to add textural interest to it. Materials can play a big role to transform an empty outdoor space into a welcoming and inviting area. Maximising your outdoor space is not only about using the most out of its capacity but also knowing how to interlace your space with interesting elements in between.

Mix and match your furnishings! The key to good mix-matching is by selecting your main item (usually the biggest) first and then bringing in the smaller furniture such as your side tables, another piece of a lounge chair, or accessories. Sometimes playing it too safe in decorating your outdoor space can be bland. It’s okay to be bold sometimes and add a hint of textural interest to create uniqueness within your outdoor space.


patio 4

Crown Ottoman


Outdoor lighting is not always the first thing that comes to mind when designing an outdoor area. Maximising your outdoor space can also mean using your outdoor space more than just during daylight. If you plan to spend long hours unwinding at your open patio, backyard deck, or balcony- it’s best to provide ample lighting. Good lighting can entirely change the outlook of a space.


Think of wall lighting, hanging lights, and even accessories lighting such as our Viera lanterns to brighten up your cosy corners.


patio 2

Viera Lantern

What are your thoughts on maximising your outdoor space? We hope this summer you can enjoy more time outside with your friends and family in the comfort of your house with the ideas that we have shared.

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