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Why Teak And Wicker Are Best Outdoor Materials For Outdoor Furniture ?

Teak Outdoor Materials 4

Teak Outdoor Materials 2


Buying outdoor furniture has never been an easy task for us. To match the design and theme of the outdoors we often look for functionality and the designs of the furniture, but the key factor to building a great piece of outdoor furniture is always choosing the quality material. Materials we bring together to perform for decades with design excellence and to deliver the best in outdoor conditions are Teak and Wicker.


Teak Outdoor Materials 5

Our Grace Collection


Teak is one of the best Timber woods for outdoor furniture manufacturing. It is indelibly strong and durable. The presence of oil in teak makes it withstand the harsh effects of hard rains and harsh sunlight. Such furniture does not allow you to worry about pests and worms, as it serves as a repellent to insects and termites.


To the texture of Teak it looks beautiful in natural form and does not need any paint or varnish, but if you desire so you can apply a marine coat or the teak sealer.


Teak Outdoor Materials 1

Our Astria Extension Dining Table


Teak is the hardest, most durable, and strongest of the hardwoods, making it the perfect material for outdoor furniture that lasts longer. Regardless of the look, you are after we advise you to use a protective coating to help guard against rain and spills. We recommend the use of “Teak Shield”wood treatment.


Teak Outdoor Materials 4

Our Teak Crown Collection


Wicker compliments the design through its flexible nature. To give furniture pieces a durable design synthetic fiber is used for outdoors, the modern term for wicker with some additional materials. Synthetic fiber is a resin material extruded in strands that replicates the natural bamboo and rattan wicker that you may know. While there are other base materials available, the only option suitable for outdoor furniture is PE or polyethylene. PE is not an only eco-friendly option but is the best performing when suitably treated. PE pellets are melted down and fed into an extrusion machine. We use recyclable material and also add ultraviolet stabilisers. Colour mixtures and avariety of textures, sizes and profiles have meant that we can offer a hugerange of beautiful wicker furniture pieces.


Teak Outdoor Materials 1

Our Monaco Collection 


Wicker products are artistic and handcrafted woven over aluminum or teak by Triconville to sturdy design. We produce daybeds, dining chairs and tables, sun loungers and of course a huge range of other outdoor Furniture Categories.


Teak Outdoor Materials 2

Monaco Dining Chairs

One of our Collection Monaco chairs made from wicker gives an elegant look and one can feel comfortable while using such a collection. It not only adds charm to the outdoors but stands for a long duration even in the worst climate.


Synthetic fiber has a light weight thus easy to maintain and install anywhere as per your choice. It comes in different shapes and textures to match outdoor designs and customer preferences.


Triconville has always brought the best quality material to the market. It has critical importance for us not to compromise on quality. We have large production facilities and are capable of serving any demand, but our concern is to provide maximum value to the end customer than expected. This ability has made us one of the best suppliers and producers of outdoor furniture making presence in around 30 countries through reputable OEM clients.


Teak Outdoor Materials 3

Pianeta Sofa Collection

Teak and wicker are highly resistant to harsh climates, thus durable and suitable for outdoor gardens and patios. The combination of teak and wicker comes in different designs. We use different types of wicker depending on the design of the furniture, if we look for chairs then wicker rods may be used but if we are searching for a design where we have to rest for long then flat wicker strips are better. one can choose a color combination to meet the design and theme outdoors. Every color affects your emotions in subtle ways, but because of the wired climate conditions, we have brought our collection through research for increasing your outdoor sustainability and will make your patio and garden instantly happy and more peaceful.


We have seen the biggest trend in outdoor dining furniture over the last year is the emergence in popularity of a combination wicker lounge and dining outdoor setting. So if you have outdated or mismatched outdoor furniture, then it is the right time to transform your space into an oasis that will encourage you to spend more time outside.


Teak and wicker are naturally weatherproof and are fit to support your family and guests for the comfortable evenings to come. Teak is a hardy wood that looks like it belongs outdoors, however, it is not difficult to complement your natural landscaping with teak furniture, because the weathered wood matches the outdoors near coastal areas.


The outdoor areas are just as important as the inside when it comes to home complementing your exhibiting to the property’s best features. Whether it is a small or large outdoor living space, buyers look at balconies, decks, and verandas as extensions of their homes and lifestyle. Triconville outdoor furniture Malaysia in addition to sales is to convey themes of relaxation and entertainment to inspire and add value to your property. We have a large number of people who share and take solutions to the problems they have with their previous purchase from different producers. Our focus is never to deceive the customer. We have received a lot of referral customers just because of the quality of material and durability of the products which exceeded their expectations.


Triconville outdoor furniture Malaysia is a supplier to many brands all over Malaysia and worldwide. We are supplying almost 20 outdoor furniture sellers in Malaysia. Having an upper edge over our production facilities we provide the best prices to direct customers.


One of the benefits of buying from Triconville Malaysia is the product warranty, though our products are extremely durable and are built to withstand a variety of weather conditions. This makes us one of the best options for buying quality furniture as you will not have to worry about your furniture being destroyed by the extreme temperature


Teak and wicker furniture pieces are extremely low maintenance. There is no need to worry about bringing your furniture, or covering it up when there is bad weather. Our furniture requires very little effort to keep it looking like new. Wicker can easily be cleaned by using mild soap to remove the intense debris with a garden hose.


Wicker furniture is the classic staple to outdoor living spaces and houses. Wicker provides warmth to a living space, as it is versatile, sturdy, and can have modern, clean lines. Investing in wicker furniture has many benefits. It can fit any space or design vision. Wicker furniture allows an owner to match it to any decorating scheme. In the future, the furniture’s paint can change, and applying a new color is an easy way to alter the look. A clear coat on wicker furniture brings out its natural beauty, making it ideal for a more rustic look. If one desires pops of color to the wicker decor, adding custom cushions or pillows is an easy way to update any room or patio. This brings us to the most significant benefit of wicker: it is timeless.


Wicker outdoor furniture could be comfy and elegant, or it could be hardy, but it was seldom both. Where once wicker outdoor furniture could only be expected to last a few years at best without rigorous care, today’s all-weather wicker furniture will last decades in any climate with all the rustic charm and cozy comfort of its predecessors.


Wicker has a unique appeal in any setting. Its rustic refinement is rarely matched in the furniture world, indoors or out. With the variety of styles, sizes, shapes, and colors available today, it’s not difficult to find the perfect wicker piece for even the most discerning patio. If you’re in the market for outdoor furniture, wicker is worth a second look


at the strength of a furniture piece, it relies on its frame. We use powder-coated aluminum as the frame which is weaved by the wicker. Even most natural weaves are equipped with metal frames these days. Aluminum is the most common, being strong yet lightweight, not to mention rust-proof and immune to insects and elements.


Corporating aluminum into wicker furniture has allowed the production of such designs which were previously unavailable, such as swivel bar stools, double gliders, and even wicker serving carts. Although extremely rare, it’s still possible to find wooden frames in natural wicker pieces, but again this makes the piece both more cumbersome and prone to decay if used outdoors. When it comes to frames, the advantages of aluminum far outweigh those of wood.


Triconville outdoor furniture Malaysia has a unique collection of furniture which draws attention at the first sight of the guests you are offering a party. It is here in the outdoors where we host friends and family. You feel more honored when your friend wants to buy the same product that you have in your garden. The feeling at this moment that you have defines the quality standard of the product and its reliable sources. Triconville has understood the meaning of quality from the customer’s perspective and inbuilt it into the products you use today. Our style of production is different from others in the industry. It took us more time to produce the end product than usual. The difference lies in the proper care of the material. We use kiln dry heat to remove the moisture from the wood which almost takes two weeks depending on the size of the lot. This process gives it additional stability and protects it from pests and termites. Besides this, it helps in getting rash-free surfaces. Triconville has an intensive model of producing quality furniture and focuses even on small attributes which may otherwise turn the product into defectives. This intense care and special treatment of products for the value spend always satisfies the customer. Our furniture comes in teak, wicker, stainless steel, powder-coated aluminum, and a combination of these. It depends on the design and we try to bring the best suitable mix for the marketable piece of furniture. Besides this, we have an option always to serve your designs or customized products. Triconville outdoor furniture Malaysia has a store and showroom where customers can get multiple choices of furniture pieces for their outdoors. We have almost all the items that you find on our website, readily available in stock. We allow our customers to choose the best design which will bring elegance to the outdoors. We do suggest also if the customer finds it difficult to match any product with its outdoor theme. We have a large bunch of photo collections from customers who have taken our products and are enjoying them. one can go through with it and try to find the best possible match for their outdoors.


Living outdoors is essential to get the sigh and relief from the depression and long hours of work. Beautifully designed outdoors can bring you all charm back to your life. The cool breath and freshness of the outdoors is a wonderful thing to enjoy & bloom. During sunset and being alone in the outdoor garden, while reading a novel makes you feel the character of the story.


Teak Outdoor Materials 3

Corda Sofa Collection

The serene environment can only be enjoyed to its fullest when you have the modern garden chair from Triconville outdoor furniture Malaysia. This design has been recently introduced and modified to give the best level of comfort to the user. It is designed to give complete treatment to the lumbar spine through its deep seat and slanted back. Besides the outdoor furniture, it is a free advantage that our customers get from our products. In addition to the production, we always bring additional features to the products through innovation to give delightful services to the customers.


Triconville outdoor furniture Malaysia offers a wide range of outdoor furniture at a special price to enjoy the coming comfortable events. Offers will last soon so it’s better to make your moments cheerful through our outdoor collection. We wish you a great and happy outdoor life.

Brought To You By Triconville Malaysia – Outdoor Furniture Store For Garden & Patio. 


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Top 10 Outdoor Furniture Materials To Consider In 2022

10 Outdoor Furniture 5

10 Outdoor Furniture 4

When we speak of outdoor furniture, the one standard that surely pops into our minds is durability. Nobody wants to buy outdoor furniture that couldn’t stand the test of time! Thus, what’s important is to find outdoor furniture materials that are of high quality and have good permanence over time.

What materials should you consider that would make good outdoor furniture?

1. Teak Wood

10 Outdoor Furniture 5

Major furniture brands used teak wood widely. It is a sought-after material due to its high demand yet limited availability. Teak is resistant to cracks, rot, and decay. Hence, that’s why teak is a priority choice when it comes to outdoor furniture.

Its ability to repel water, delicate drying process to avoid expansion and contraction and optimum strength are some other fine characteristics that teak wood holds.

To top all that, teak also contains high oil content which makes it highly resistant to damage. As we are moving towards a more sustainable future, teak wood is an ideal material selection for any outdoor furniture design. Some wood connoisseurs have also confirmed that teak has a durability period of around 50 years!

Teak wood has a natural light brown shade that goes well with many styles, especially the earth tone color palette. Triconville has experimented with different weathered shades of teak’s natural color in our growing outdoor furniture collections. Vento is a classic teak wood outdoor furniture choice that stands out just by existing on your patio.

To clean the teak, simply use mild soap and a wet cloth to wipe the wood surfaces. Teak relatively is very low maintenance.

10 Outdoor Furniture 3

Vento Collection

2. Metal

One of the strongest outdoor furniture materials available is metal. Metal is common for outdoor furniture due to its strength and flexibility. The greatest advantage of using metal is its ability to achieve complex designs such as unique metallic frames of different shapes and sizes.

Metal is one of the materials that have superior flexibility over other materials available.

Metal bending, cutting, welding, and multiple usages help to avoid the wastage of materials. It is also an appealing choice to combine metal with other materials such as teak wood, synthetic rattan, and ropes creating a more functional yet aesthetically pleasing design.

The only drawbacks of metal as an outdoor furniture material are – all metals are vulnerable to rust and they may heat up when exposed to the sun. This can cause the metal furniture slightly uncomfortable to use if left under the heat for long periods.

3. Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is the most versatile outdoor furniture material. The chemical composition, mechanical properties, weldability, and corrosion resistance make stainless steel one of the best all-rounder performance materials within the furniture industry. It is a practical choice for long-term purchases thanks to its durability and low maintenance routine. Similar to metal (but better) is that it has excellent bending and welding characteristics to achieve elaborated designs.

This sturdy metal alloy is extremely strong. It is a great material option for large heavy-weight outdoor dining tables, sofas, and other modular/sectional furniture items. Its high-density composition makes it virtually immune to rust and corrosion. 

Outdoor furniture made out of stainless steel provides great resistance to windy conditions, especially for the poolside, garden, and highrise open decks. Designers are prone to selecting this material in their styling due to its sleek silver metallic shade to showcase a premium feel for high-end clients.

Triconville is ahead in using stainless steel within its various collections. Siro dining table and Alzette chairs are a few examples of Triconville’s furniture catering for the European and American markets. The favorable takeaways from stainless steel as outdoor furniture material are durability, rust resistance, sturdy, and easy maintenance.

10 Outdoor Furniture 9

Alzette Dining Chairs

4. Aluminum

Another common material used for outdoor furniture is aluminum. Aluminum is lightweight, has a strong chemical composition, and is flexible. Aluminum is relatively inexpensive, rust-free, and simple to upkeep. The quality of its being highly weather-resistant gives assurance to users to buy outdoor furniture made out of aluminum. One of our best-selling collections, Gazelig, is a combination of powder-coated aluminum and teak wood to bring out the best of both materials as outdoor furniture.

Most people would prefer powder-coated aluminum for aesthetic purposes. Powder-coating aluminum also not only enhances its performance over its lifespan but increases protection against scratching too. Bear in mind that due to its lightweight feature, hollow tube frames aluminum may not be suitable in a windy environment.

10 Outdoor Furniture 8

Gazelig Lounge Chairs

5. Synthetic Rattan – All-Weather Wicker

10 Outdoor Furniture 1

Synthetic outdoor wicker is exceptionally stable and durable. Most wicker went through an intricate process of dying and texturing to create its distinctive look. Synthetic wicker requires minimal maintenance but we do recommend periodic cleaning to remove any dirt, dust, or oils to keep your wicker looking new.

Most wicker is from synthetic polyethylene material. This material is a high-quality resin that is extremely dense, resistant to weather damage, and eco-friendly as it is non-toxic and renewable. Natural wicker on the other hand is made from a variety of organic sources such as rattan, seagrass, bamboo, banana leaf, and even willow. 

High-quality synthetic wicker is safe to be used continuously. It is highly damage resistant and a great outdoor material that can be left under the sun without experiencing severe degradation. Grace, as the name suggests is a finesse wicker design that Triconville has within its collections. Most synthetic wicker is constructed over an aluminum frame to increase the weight that the furniture can support and comes in a variety of shades, sizes, and designs.

10 Outdoor Furniture 6

Grace Sofa Collection

6. Polyester Rope

Polyester ropes are stronger and more abrasion-resistant than nylon rope. Unlike nylon rope, polyester has a low stretch factor. This characteristic is one of the main factors that makes polyester rope a popular choice for outdoor furniture. It is also UV-resistant and low maintenance.

Triconville has been exploring new ways to incorporate polyester rope in its furniture designs. Vino tops it all among Triconville’s 2021 rope furniture collections. Vino collection pioneers this concept by tweaking the balance between rope details and its aluminum frame. Little care and maintenance are needed to retain polyester rope in its optimum form. To keep it clean, always remember to instantly wipe any stains that got onto the material. It is just as simple as using a mist of mild soapy water with a soft cloth gently scrubbing over the rope- and letting it dry.

10 Outdoor Furniture 7 Vino Collection

7. Acrylic Fabric

10 Outdoor Furniture 3 E1662714653659


Outdoor fabrics made out of acrylic fibers are strong and durable against weather and use damage. Its properties make it impervious to mold and mildew and can hold up well against rubbing and tearing. This is especially important for outdoor furniture upholstery in active residential and commercial applications. 

Acrylic fabrics are solution-dyed, which means that the threads are dyed before they are woven. This allows the textile to retain its color longer, even when exposed to direct sunlight.

Even though acrylic fabrics are highly water-resistant, they are more breathable than other synthetic fabric options- allowing the fabrics to stay cooler in hot weather. They are easily cleaned with just mild soap and water. It’s only a wipe away!

Triconville uses the world-renowned acrylic fabric brand called Sunbrella as our fabric option in all of our outdoor furniture collections. Sunbrella is durable and suitable under various environmental conditions.

10 Outdoor Furniture 2

Sunbrella Fabric On Snix Collection

8. Olefin Fabric

Olefin is another solution-dyed synthetic fabric that is durable, quick-drying, and fade-resistant. It stands up against mold, moisture, and heat. Olefin is less expensive than acrylic fabrics which makes it a more affordable choice to have in outdoor furniture.

It is lightweight and has a unique texture slightly different from Sunbrella. Olefin is stain proof and durable against abrasions with minimal care routine. It is a great equivalent selection to acrylic fabrics yet costs less to have.

10 Outdoor Furniture 1

Sunproof Fabric On Vento Aluminum Collection

9. Sling Polyester Fabric

Sling polyester fabric is a synthetic material typically coated with either acrylic or vinyl (PVC mesh) as surface protection. Polyester is strong, flexible, and water-resistant making it impervious to damage and staining. It can dry quickly and is impossible to tear under normal wear and tear usage. Acrylic-coated polyester works well for accent items and pillows. While vinyl-coated polyester has a more plastic feel to it that suits bigger items such as seatings, back slings, screens, and umbrellas. They come in various colors and patterns which give the users an endless palette to choose from.

One of the most renowned manufacturers of high-end sling polyester fabric is Ferrari. Triconville uses Ferrari, specifically the Batyline® Mesh material on its outdoor furniture such as Alzette loungers. Batyline® Mesh is famous for its strong and long-lasting quality. The sufficient porosity between the fabric weaving allows airflow that helps the material to stay cool and quick drying.

Another excellent feature of this sling polyester fabric is the ability to withstand extreme temperatures ranging from 30 celsius to 70 celsius. The best use of this material is usage near swimming pools and places with a high presence of chlorine and saltwater.

10 Outdoor Furniture 2

Alzette Lounger

10. QuickDry® Foam

Open-cell foam is a type of foam that has pores that allows water to easily flow through it. This feature makes this foam comfortable and cool to use. However, open-cell foam is more expensive than other types of foam available. It also has an Urecel – QuickDry® Foam, a premium brand of open-cell foam. It is an advanced, high-performance foam that is specifically engineered for outdoor upholstery furniture collections. QuickDry® is used by Triconville for its outdoor furniture especially to cater to premium customers in the US and Europe.

There’s no denying that there are plenty of other materials available in the market that can be used for outdoor furniture. But some of the ones we have mentioned above are worth taking note of. We have tested and used most of them in our best collections.

This blog has been brought to you by Triconville Malaysia. Triconville Malaysia is a Premium Outdoor Home and Living company that brings you Premium Outdoor Home and Living Furniture.

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Outdoor Dining Table (Extension Vs. Fixed-Length)

Outdoor Dining Tables 1

Outdoor Dining Tables 2


Holidays are coming and you are getting ready for guests – food, drinks, decoration, games, etc. Only one thing left before you can sit back and relax – do you have enough seats for your guests? Well, adding more tables is what most people do, but the overall presentation of the dinner is not as delightful, since some people will have to sit at different tables, which happen to be different designs or colors, from the main table – unless you have bought the same tables to match up the theme.


Nevertheless, when you are shopping for an outdoor dining table for either your garden or backyard, you should always think twice before you make any decision, as it is a huge investment. The first thing to consider is, how often gathering takes place and how many people will be present. For instance, if you have a family party twice a month, a total of 12 people, and only 6 people when no guests are around – an extendable table for 12 will be your option. However, there are certain conditions where you would prefer a fixed-length garden table, other than the reason we just mentioned.


Outdoor Dining Tables 1

Extendable Table For 12


Extension table no doubt is flexible and able to adapt to the number of guests, both planned and unplanned events. Whereas fixed-length can only offer a limited amount of seats – guests will have to fight for their seats or keep their eyes on whoever is finishing the food.

Choice of Materials

An extendable table is harder to make, as it is built to be able to transform or extend, in which screws are necessary – it is usually made up of teak, leaving you to have a lesser choice. On the other hand, a fixed-length dining table can be made up of other materials but teak-like synthetic wicker, in which the table can be woven in unique weaving styles and colors, based on your preference – fully customize your outdoor theme.


The ideal design or the appearance of the table is entirely dependent on personal choice – if you like a slightly complicated or fancy design, go for an extension table, since it involves moving parts and requires more room to make it work. Extendable table can sometimes impress your guests, as it’s more fun and cool than a regular table, leaving them a great dining impression – it works exceptionally well on kids. As opposed to complicated design, fixed length tables tend to look thinner and can be built on every simple setup – a piece of teak wood on four legs. This fits well for your minimalist outdoor setup, and of course, if you prefer, complex design for fixed-length is always available for your option.


If you have a huge backyard, congratulations to you and you may skip this part. For those who would like to save space, getting a portable table or furniture is vital, as you can use the table either indoors or outdoors, or keep it in the corner when you do not need it. The extension table, as we have discussed above, tends to be complicated and heavier due to the materials used; therefore, it’s not easy to move around. The fixed-length outdoor table is simple and can be made up of lighter materials, such as a wicker and powder-coated aluminum frame. It’s much more portable and even your kids can help you to move the table.

Cost & Space

Generally speaking, an extension table is more costly than a fixed-length dining table, because of its complexity and materials. However, if you know you will be holding gatherings regularly at your house, like the example we talked about in the beginning – it’s worth the investment of getting an extension table. If you have a fixed-length table and need more seats to accommodate your guests, not only does it cost more to get extra tables to entertain, but also need more space to keep it. Whereas extension tables save cost and space, in the long run.

Ease of Use

Needless to explain, a fixed-length dining table requires zero knowledge to operate. But an extension table can be tricky sometimes, especially for someone who is not familiar with the operation part, such as your kids or your guests. They might get injured if not taken care of properly.


The simpler the better. An extension table involves more mechanical and moving parts; it tends to break more easily, as compared to a fixed-length dining table. In addition to that, the moving joints need to be taken care of regularly, such as cleaning and oiling, to keep the screws away from mold and rot, so that it moves smoothly. Other than dusting the dirt away, a fixed-length dining table needs no special care and lasts for years of use.


Outdoor Dining Tables 3

Astria Extension Table


Based on the comparison, we hope you can make the right decision and be wiser, when it comes to choosing your garden table. Once you make up your mind, you can then select the look and style you like from an outdoor furniture store that offers a wide variety of collections for outdoor garden tables.

Brought To You By Triconville Malaysia – Outdoor Furniture Store For Garden & Patio.


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Sling Chair Vs. Camp Chair (Pros & Cons)

Sling Chair Camp Chair 4

Sling Chair Camp Chair 2

Camp chair, or beach chair, I bet you have seen this all around – it is the kind of chair that is commonly found at finishing and camping, of course, it is foldable and lightweight for ease of transportation. Most importantly, the camp chair is affordable for most people, thus it is used as a patio and garden chair quite often.

Although it may sound like the ultimate solution for people who are wanting to renovate the patio on a budget, it will cost you more in the future. The camp chair is normally made up of fabrics and some parts are made of metals, and the fabric does not last long under long exposure to sunlight – it gets dry and eventually cracks. Additionally, the fabric absorbs liquid quickly and retains it for a good amount of time – surely nobody likes to sit on a wet chair. On the other hand, the metal frame can grow fungus and mildew easily, due to the natural structure of the metal, and that makes your chair gross.

Therefore, when you are shopping for a patio chair, make it a long-term investment and get yourself a sling chair instead of a camp chair. Sling chair, which has the mesh kind of seating for its comfort, is typically made up of vinyl-coated polyester, acrylic yarns, as well as other synthetics such as olefin and PVC; for the best interest of your money and ease of maintenance, sling is our top pick for the sling chair.

Sling, a kind of mesh that has one of the most durable qualities, is capable of performing extremely well on your patio, even after a long duration under direct sunlight, owing to the structure of the sling. Moreover, the porous surface of the sling allows liquid to go through completely – not only does it prevent fungus growth, but also keeps the seating dry and clean (the sling is easy to clean too if needed). sling features its memory structure for the seating – it comes back to its original shape after it is used, so it will always look sleek and new.

Besides the seating, sling chairs are usually constructed in the weather-resistant frame such as treated teak, stainless steel, and powder-coated aluminum frame. All of these frames have been tested and proved to last for years without additional care and maintenance. Below are a few sling chairs made up of sling mesh –

Sling Chair Camp Chair 1Alzette Stacking Chair

Sling chair in #304 stainless steel frame, Alzette Stacking Chair is a comfortable outdoor patio chair with weathered teak slats on its arm – the arms remain cool and chill even after a hot afternoon.


Sling Chair Camp Chair 4

Rivera Recliner


Beach chair-like garden chair in sling seating and solid teak frame. It is foldable and portable for space-saving purposes. Rivera Recliner offers a minimalist design quality.


Sling Chair Camp Chair 3

Rivera Stacking Chair


Fixed arm chair with sling sling in teak frame. The Rivera Chair is solid and sturdy, yet comfortable and flexible seating. It is stackable for your quick and easy organization.


Sling Chair Camp Chair 2

Rivera Director Chair


Always wanted to be a director? Rivera Director Chair can make you so. It comes with a short back and additional stainless steel across its legs for greater durability and style.

Sling Chair Camp Chair 1

Rivera Beach Chair


As the name suggests, The Rivera Beach Chair is a kind of chair you will see at the beach – it is lower and spacious for your better enjoyment of the sun. The additional padding on its head offers greater comfort when you lay down.

Remember, quality comes with a price! So get yourself a good quality and long-lasting sling chair for your garden and patio, and worry-free for the rest of the year.

Brought To You By Triconville Malaysia – Outdoor Furniture Store For Garden & Patio.


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Metal Outdoor Dining Chair (Aluminum Vs. Stainless Steel)

Metal 1

Metal 1


When buying an outdoor dining chair for either your garden or patio, many things need to take into consideration – materials, types, styles, comfort, guarantee, etc. However, the number one characteristic of your outdoor dining chair has to be the capability to endure the weather, specifically direct sunlight and moisture; particularly if you live in a country with a high level of humidity.


Before making your decision, it’s important to understand that every material performs well at its own stage, meaning each material has its specific strength and weakness, and it’s entirely up to you to pick up and sacrifice both the good and bad parts.


We will talk about the metal-made outdoor dining chair, as metal outdoor furniture is the most durable in weather.

Outdoor dining chair made of metal is very popular, because of its flexibility to blend and shape into the desired appearance, as compared to teak. Therefore, metal made dining chairs tend to be more contemporary and stylish, suitable for your modern home setup. In addition, metal dining chairs can be made up without any fasteners like screws and bolts, which causes furniture susceptible to breaking down easily, not to mention extra care to these joint parts.


Even if it involves some joint parts, it’s more capable to withstand and adapt the damage caused during the building process, rather than other outdoor materials. Thus, a combination of both metal and other materials like teak is very popular in the market, as the variety of materials adds more colors and styles to the chair. Last but not least, metal furniture is more eco and environmentally friendly, since it is biodegradable and recyclable – making it a preferred option for most people.


Metal 3Powder-coated Aluminum Frame.

The most popular and common metal outdoor dining chair is made up of either stainless steel or aluminum, and both have its own pros and cons:


Stainless steel dining chairs weigh heavier than aluminum one, as aluminum frame tends to have hollow tube frame, which is more susceptible to damage and dent, if not taken care of properly. The high-density feature of stainless steel makes it the best material for making large-scale outdoor furniture, or outdoor tough condition where the furniture gets used recklessly and frequently – it remains the shape without care.


As stainless steel is heavy, it is hard to move around alone; that’s why aluminum is popular since it’s lightweight and portable. However, this feature leads to another problem – wind. The stainless steel dining chair is solid and does not tip over and blow away during a windy environment, and it’s more suitable for outdoor windy conditions. Aluminum, nevertheless, is less preferable for this condition.


Metal 1

Grade 304 Stainless Steel Frame


Design & Cost

Both metals are flexible to a certain degree, however, aluminum is more flexible and easy to work with complex and intricate designs, which has a more contemporary appearance than the other. Also, aluminum is relatively inexpensive, and stainless steel is more costly and less affordable.


Weather Resistance

Due to the natural composition, stainless steel and aluminum are extremely resistant to weather and  immune to rust and corrosion. However, if metal made dining chair is placed by the costal areas like sea side, the salted air and water will cause trouble. Therefore, metal dining chair should be treated and painted to provide additional protection and longer lifespan. While you may paint your metal dining chair, the salted air will slowly eat away the paint and fade eventually. Powder-coated paint, is a popular paint can be found on some luxury aluminum dining chairs, adheres the furniture better that rust never occurs.


Metal 2

Vino CollectionAluminum Frame Woven In Ropes.


Stainless steel retains and absorbs the heat pretty quickly, and it can be very uncomfortable to touch. Treated aluminum like powder-coated paint, on the other hand, is less likely to retain heat, and it stays chill even after a long day of sun exposure.

In conclusion, not all metal dining chair is created equally, and you buy what you need based on the pros and cons listed above. If you would like to see more contemporary dining chairs made of powder-coated aluminum, you can check out the largest outdoor furniture store in Malaysia.

Bought To You By Triconville Malaysia – Outdoor Furniture Store For Garden & Patio.

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How To Take Care Of Your Garden Cushions (Top 3 Tips)

Cushion 1

Cushion 2


You have a beautiful and spacious garden, a green view and no annoying neighbors, surely you need to put some effort into decorating your garden for outdoor living. Either getting outdoor chairs or sofas, they are standard and necessary for you to thoroughly enjoy the outdoors. However, they aren’t complete until they pair with a couple of comfortable pillows or cushions. As we know, outdoor furniture, because of its top priority for fighting nature, typically is made up of weather-resistant materials like teak, aluminum, wicker, or stainless steel, and they are less comfortable than indoor furniture. Hence, adding some pillows or cushions to your seats are just as important.


Cushion 4

Weather Resistant Pillow


But it does not end here – getting pillows and cushions is easy, but taking care of them can be tricky. If you do not take good care of them and leave them as they are, you can get ready to replace them with new sets very soon. Outdoor furniture is different from indoor furniture, as the former will be exposed to natural elements excessively like dust, direct sunlight, moisture, etc – they can bring down the quality of cushions, making them either color faded or torn down. Therefore, we are sharing the top 3 tips for you to extend the lifespan of your garden cushions, and before we get started, let’s assume you have a regular fabric cover for your cushions.

1. Avoid The Contact (As Much As Possible)

Whether you are leaving for a holiday for a long or short time if you know you are not getting to use your sofa, keep the cushions up. Keeping them away from natural elements helps maintain the quality and appearance, as less damage is caused to the cushions. If you have no place to store them, at least move them under shade or a roof, to avoid direct sunlight and rain.


Also, you can upholster your sofas or chairs with a piece of fabric or weather-resistant cover. This is usually preferred as not only does it keep the cushions in shape, but also your entire set of sofas or chairs.


The more water or moisture penetrates the cushions, the faster your cushions go bad. So to seal your cushions up from the water, you might consider getting some type of oil to provide a layer of protection to seal off the cushions.


Cushion 1

Grace Sofa With Weather Resistant Cushions

2. Take Action Regularly

If you have pets at home, this is for you. Unfortunately, your pet is less likely to obey your order. Pet fur can be difficult to remove, but you have to do it right after you see it, or else it gets harder to remove. Do a regular check out of your cushions, and pay attention to every detail; it’s easy to get rid of small problems.


Use a vacuum cleaner with an upholstery attachment to eliminate the dirt and fur, or a soft duster to do some cleaning regularly. Spills and stains can happen, no matter how carefully you are, especially having a crazy party in your garden. Remove them as soon as possible with a damp cloth and mild detergent; the faster you take care of them, the easier it is to remove them. On the other hand, flipping around the cushions or pillows helps extend the lifespan too, as one side will not get exposed to direct sunlight all the time, and it can avoid dark and light patches on your cushions.


Most of the cushions come with removable covers, you can soak them in lukewarm mild detergent for removing odors once in a while. Remember no tumble dry, just lay them flat outside and wait till they are dry; it prevents wrinkles and heat damage it might cause.


Cushion 3

Wicker Chair With Sunbrella Cushions

3. Invest Right In the Beginning

This is probably the most important tip for your outdoor furniture cushions. If you are buying outdoor chairs and sofas, cushions made for outdoors should be your first choice, rather than regular cushions used indoors. Cushions specially made for outdoor use, like Sunbrella, their cover is made up of weather-resistant fabric, meaning rain or direct sunlight will have little to no impact on them – making them look as new for years. Also, even if it gets wet after heavy rain, the quick dry foam inside allows the cushions to dry up under the sun within one or two hours. It is, though, recommended to keep it up if it is going to rain.


These 3 tips mentioned above, even if they seem different, can be implemented at the same time, to extend your garden cushion’s lifespan. Get yourself outdoor sofas together with outdoor cushions, avoid contact with natural elements as much as possible, and lastly, clean them daily. Not sure where to buy outdoor cushions? You can explore more at the largest outdoor furniture store in Malaysia.

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How To Clean Your Teak Furniture (Finished and Unfinished)

Clean Teak 3

Clean Teak 1


Teak is a popular choice for outdoor furniture, such as garden benches, patio chairs, or dining tables by the swimming pool. Teak-made furniture is made up of wood that is naturally resistant to weather like direct sunlight and moist, and it can typically last for years of use, without special care. So, the less you do to your teak furniture, the better it is.


Clean Teak 3

Orva Bench – 130cm


However, unwanted mildew or stain can form on the surface, causing a dull appearance, if not taken care of properly. There are some steps you can take to keep your teak-made furniture away from the problems, and therefore extend its lifespan while maintaining its quality, just as it’s newly bought.


The first thing is to determine whether your teak-made furniture is finished or unfinished. An easy way is to place a few drops of water on the surface – If it beads, it has a varnish finish on the surface; if it absorbs and leaves a mark, it is unfinished.


Clean Teak 5

Our Gera Dining Table teak table top


For unfinished teak-made furniture, which is raw, chemical detergents are definitely out of your options. As it is unsealed and absorbs liquid, therefore it gets damaged or color faded more easily than finished furniture. Nevertheless, you should be cleaning with a feather duster or soft fabric regularly, to make sure it keeps in shape all the time; dirt can be hardened over time and it’s difficult to remove. Also, remember to keep the cleaning fabric dry, while wiping the surface.


While cleaning with dry fabric is the best option for unfinished teak furniture, disasters can happen sometimes – sauces or sticky food accidentally drops on the surface and leaves stains. Now, dry cleaning no longer works, and you will have to use a wet cloth to completely remove the stains. Adding a drop or two of natural dish soap, which can be found in many stores that sell organic stuff, and mixed into a bucket of lukewarm water, together with either sponge or soft cloth – you are ready for those tough stains. With the mild cleaner/detergent you just made, you can lower the possible damage to untreated teak furniture. While wiping off the stains, it is important to dry out the surface with a dry cloth as quickly as possible. Unfinished teak furniture is a raw piece of wood, it must be treated in the most natural ways, to keep its artistic and classic appearance.


By now you should be able to tell if your teak furniture is a varnish finish, based on the early experiment you conduct. Finished teak furniture is like wood coated with a layer of natural oil, for greater and stronger resistance to weather, such as sunlight & moisture. Still, mold and rot can happen if not taken care of properly. Cleaning treated teak furniture is much easier than untreated one since it’s more resilient and resistant in most cases. A piece of microfiber and h20 is all you need to clean your treated teak furniture regularly, and it is probably capable of removing most of the unwanted stains.


Clean Teak 2

Tessin Side Chair


If water alone does not work, try a mild soap solution. Always remember to use soft fabric, as opposed to metal brushes; unless you will have starches on the surface – and we bet you don’t. For outdoor teak furniture, you can even rinse off the soap with garden soap. If water or mild soap doesn’t work, it’s time to move to the next alternative. Water mixed with either bleach or vinegar will do the job. You can DIY this ultimate cleaning solution by following either one of the recipes:


  • Mix 1 cup for both chlorine bleach and laundry detergent with 1 gallon of lukewarm water.


  • Mix 1 cup of vinegar with 1 gallon of lukewarm water.

Apply the mixture on the problem surface, leave it there for about 15 minutes, and rinse it off thoroughly with clean water. You then can either dry it off with a soft cloth or directly place it under the sun. However, cleaning with any chemical mixture will most likely remove the natural oil built on the surface, leaving the surface with a matte and dull finish; therefore, you will need to apply a new coat of natural oil, if you wish to retain the shiny appearance. All furniture is built and treated slightly different, if you wish to oil the furniture by yourself, it is recommended to consult with the person you got the furniture from or a teak furniture specialist – making sure you are applying the same type of teak oil as it was, since there are many oils available on the market.


Clean Teak 4

Siro Extension Table


Last but not least, always remove and clean off any sauce or sticky liquid as quickly as possible, as the longer it stays, the harder it is to remove. You can even place a piece of cloth under the plate for a teak made dining table, for preventing problems. Also, the cleaning process should always begin from the bottom, to avoid any streak marks from the dripping water on the unwashed surface, especially furniture with irregular shapes and designs.

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How To Clean Sling Mesh Furniture (3 Ways)

Sling Chair Camp Chair 1

Batyline 2 E1662020799262


Surely having cushions on your outdoor chairs or sofas will be comfortable, if you like to spend a good amount of time outside your house for some fresh air. However, some favor seating without cushions, as it is easier to take care and clean, in which case they will go for hard seating such as teak. Cushion cleaning is not hard though, and it can be done with minimal efforts, if you follow these 3 tips.


Batyline 1

Upholstery Sling on our Gazelig Lounge Chair


But there is one more option where you can enjoy soft seating with minimal care (lesser than cushions) – that is Sling mesh furniture. Sling mesh, made in France (fancy enough), is the best alternative for soft seating. Owing to its unique structure, where thousands of fibers are bundled together for an exceptionally solid fibrous substance, giving it a strong bounce-back quality and memory feature – it is stretch resistant and it goes back to its original shape after it has been used, there are just so many reasons why you should need one.


In addition, rain and direct UV sunlight have little to no impact on Sling mesh outdoor furniture because of its open structure and PVC coating – it does not keep the water nor does it crack. Nevertheless, dirt or dust can stay and become a stain, if you do not take the initiative regularly; that is, even though it sounds like Sling mesh is indestructible (in most cases it is), there are some steps you can take to prolong its quality and appearance –


Batyline 2

Aleta Director Chair, Sling Mesh Folding Chair


1.Feather Duster

As mentioned, if you take the initiative daily, you can minimize the work ultimately. An easy way to do that is by using a feather duster to clean off the dust and dirt, as much as possible. It is recommended to keep the duster nearby your chairs or sofas for quick and easily accessible; you will remember to do so too when you see the duster. 

2.Sling Spray

Some detergent sprays are dedicated to Sling cleaning. Simply apply and leave it for 1 – 2 minutes, brush it with a soft sponge, and lastly wash it all off with water and you should see a brand new-looking Sling mesh right in front of you. Be sure to thoroughly clean off with no residue remaining, as the chemical substance of the spray might have some impact if contacted for a long period.


Batyline 1

Alzette Sling Mesh Stacking Chair

3. Make your DIY Cleaning Spray

It is a simple version of the second tip if a dedicated sprayer is not available and you will rather do it yourself. Simply wash the mesh with a mild liquid detergent and fresh water, using a soft bristle brush. Rinse and dry with a cloth, and thanks to its non-absorption and quick-dry features, Sling mesh can be quickly dried off. Plus Sling mesh has an anti-fungal treatment where the moisture will not affect it.


Sling mesh should not be cleaned with aggressive commercial cleaners, such as sourcing agents and solvents, which are a big no as they can damage the weave of the fabric.


Sling mesh stacking chairs, last but not least, can be in contact for a long period of time, even during summer – they do not fuse together. As long as one follows the 3 tips above, Sling mesh can be clean and remain fresh-looking for many years.

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Ideas To Maximise Your Outdoor Space This Summer

Patio 5

Lounge Series Scaled


After spending most of our time indoors to protect ourselves from the pandemic, it’s time to get some quality time with your family and friends outside! But that does not mean you have to go farther away from your house. You can still enjoy a breather in the comfort of your dwelling this summer.


Now, let’s have a look at that outdoor space of yours. It might need some sprucing and improvements before you can truly enjoy its presence. We are here to share some ideas that you can implement to maximise your outdoor space this summer.

Outdoor Space Objective

First things first, is to determine your objective and requirements. What’s your lifestyle like? Do you enjoy eating closer to your garden? Are you a lounging kind of person? It is pertinent to understand your habits and the activities that you would do to unwind. Before you spend on anything to enhance your outdoor space, gather some thoughts on what you would most likely do within that outdoor space.


Patio 3

Dexa Collection


Consider an outdoor living concept if you are the type that would enjoy a book and tea time in the evening. Find yourself comfortable yet easy-to-maintain sofa sets such as the Dexa collection to help you relax and sink into the fluffiness of the cushions. For those who like to dine out in the open air, you should find yourself an outdoor dining style that suits the look of your outdoor space. If you’re a naturalist, opt for teak wood furniture like our favourite Gera dining table and Vento dining chairs. An earth palette is an in-trend style in 2021 and can suit your other furniture effortlessly.


Patio 1

Gera Table & Vino Chairs

Shades dan  Greenery

To make your outdoor space habitable and comfortable, it’s necessary to include shades and greenery within the context. This applies especially if you live in a hot and humid climate such as Malaysia. Shades can be in different styles, sizes, and types. Some prefer a permanent shade such as a semi-roof cover over their outdoor space.


While others would like a more natural and open kind of shade like pergolas with creeping plants to cool off the heat. Another alternative is to have a stand-alone daybed with a shading component that serves two functions in one. Our Luxe daybed is ideal for a less fussy arrangement and is suitable to be placed in bigger outdoor spaces.


Patio 6

Luxe Daybed

Relive The Indoors At Your Outdoor Space

Not many people know that your indoor settings can also be implemented outdoors! Most outdoor furniture nowadays is trendy and modern to give the same outlook and style as the inside of your house. To get the best out of your home experience, you should invest in stylish outdoor furniture to create a seamless transition from your indoor areas to your outdoor spaces.

But that does not mean you have to pick the same furniture for both. You can play around with the materials and arrangement while maintaining a similar design language inside out. For example, if you love relaxing while laying down on your modern look sofa – try to bring that activity outside with our Lisse collection. Lisse is a modular sofa set with different modular arrangements to pick from to get the best arrangement for your space. One that is very useful is its chaise where you have a daybed with a ‘ledge’ to put your items while you rest.


Patio 5

Lisse Chaise

Textural Interest

Another way to maximise your outdoor space is to add textural interest to it. Materials can play a big role to transform an empty outdoor space into a welcoming and inviting area. Maximising your outdoor space is not only about using the most out of its capacity but also knowing how to interlace your space with interesting elements in between.

Mix and match your furnishings! The key to good mix-matching is by selecting your main item (usually the biggest) first and then bringing in the smaller furniture such as your side tables, another piece of a lounge chair, or accessories. Sometimes playing it too safe in decorating your outdoor space can be bland. It’s okay to be bold sometimes and add a hint of textural interest to create uniqueness within your outdoor space.


Patio 4

Crown Ottoman


Outdoor lighting is not always the first thing that comes to mind when designing an outdoor area. Maximising your outdoor space can also mean using your outdoor space more than just during daylight. If you plan to spend long hours unwinding at your open patio, backyard deck, or balcony- it’s best to provide ample lighting. Good lighting can entirely change the outlook of a space.


Think of wall lighting, hanging lights, and even accessories lighting such as our Viera lanterns to brighten up your cosy corners.


Patio 2

Viera Lantern

What are your thoughts on maximising your outdoor space? We hope this summer you can enjoy more time outside with your friends and family in the comfort of your house with the ideas that we have shared.

This blog has been brought to you by Triconville Malaysia. Triconville Malaysia is a Premium Outdoor Home and Living company that brings you Premium Outdoor Home and Living Furniture.


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Five Things To Consider When Choosing The Perfect Outdoor Sofa

Perfect Sofa 5

Perfect Sofa 1


Have you ever wondered about the different ways that you could improve the ambience of your outdoor space? Oftentimes, those thoughts would linger idly, taking ages to be realised. One effective way to enhance your outdoor living is by giving it a fresh look by bringing in new and improved outdoor furniture. An important not-to-miss outdoor element that you should always carefully consider is the selection of the outdoor sofa set. The perfect outdoor sofa can truly highlight the essence of your outdoor space.

However, before you make your big move, make sure you know these five things when choosing your perfect outdoor sofa.

Let’s have a look!

1. Space And Size

Perfect Sofa 3


This is the most crucial information to consider before finding the perfect sofa. It would be frustrating to find out that the sofa you are admiring does not fit into your space! So, the first thing first is to measure your space correctly. It doesn’t have to be exactly accurate. A rough figure of the space dimensions including a little gap allowance is sufficient enough. After measuring your space, you also need to identify what kind of outdoor space you have. Is it an open patio? A semi-covered deck? Your balcony? These questions are crucial to engaging prior to selecting your perfect outdoor sofa.

Perfect Sofa 8

Dexa Single Seaters


There are a variety of sofa collections in the market and different conditions or sizes of your space would require a different kind of design. For example, our Dexa is modern looking with minimal details which suits a smaller area to avoid looking overcrowded. While our Grace, with all its elegance and beautiful wicker finishing, would suit a more spacious area like an outdoor patio. All this useful information should be at the tip of your fingers before deciding which sofa is the best for your space. 

Perfect Sofa 9
Grace Collection

2. Outdoor Concept & Style

We’re sure that all of us have different preferences when it comes to styling. Some may like it clean, modern, classic, or even fancy-looking. But these are just the basic terms of styles we are referring to. To get the best out of sofa hunting, you would need to be specific on your desired concept. Get into the details of the design concept such as the colour palette, materials, and suitability with your outdoor space. Getting more knowledge about the styles you like would tremendously help you decide what’s best for your outdoor sofa. Once you have locked that input, the rest of the smaller furniture and accessories will follow through.


Perfect Sofa 4

Vino Collection

For someone who adores intricate details, you should find outdoor sofas that use more than one material such as a combination of teak wood, fabric, powder-coated aluminium, and polyester ropes such as our Vino collection. For those who are more attracted to simple lines, you should consider finding outdoor sofas that are modernly designed with a maximum of two prime materials combined such as teak wood and fabric like our classic Trent collection. 


Colours also play a big role to set up the style of your outdoor space. Playing with colours can be rather exciting when designing an outdoor space. But always be careful to mix and match accordingly to maintain the balance of an ambience.

Perfect Sofa 6

Trent Collection

3. Material Selection

We cannot stress enough how important materials are when selecting an outdoor sofa. Picking the right material will offset all your troubles in the future, especially in a tropical climate such as Malaysia. Always find durable materials for your outdoor sofas. You would want outdoor sofas that are weather resistant especially when exposed to sun and rain. Materials such as teak wood are a classic choice to go for when you are in doubt.


There are many materials for outdoor sofa collections that you can choose from such as Olefin fabric, synthetic wicker, powder-coated aluminium, and a combination of any of the above mentioned such as our favourite collection, Corda sofas. Corda has a unique design merging a few premium materials together making it one of a kind. It is very common nowadays to use multiple materials for one outdoor sofa design to play around with texture and highlight certain accent colours of the furniture.


Perfect Sofa 7Corda Collection

4. Comfort Is Key

There’s nothing more soothing than a comfortable outdoor sofa to lay on after a long day of work while sipping your evening tea. Comfort cannot be compromised and is often overlooked by most of us. We tend to focus more on the looks and the feel of an item. Of course, there is nothing wrong with admiring the aesthetics of a piece of furniture. But also do remember that good furniture is one that we can enjoy while using it. An outdoor sofa requires a sturdy frame, to begin with. This sturdiness is clearly expressed in our top seller product, Vento.


If you can test the sofa, it is highly recommended to sit on it and see if the depth of the seating is suitable for your body size. Different people have different requirements and all of us vary quite slightly. Most sofas would have cushion padding to create a pleasant experience during sitting.


Perfect Sofa 5

Vento Sofa Set

5. Environmental Friendly

Sustainability is a progressing movement that all of us should be aware of that is directly impacting our environment. An environmentally-friendly sofa should be sustainable from the starting point of sourcing materials to the final design decision made. Here at Triconville, we try to create beautiful products that are designed and built to last a lifetime. 


Being environmentally conscious also means asking how healthy our home environment is. We spend a lot of time resting on our sofas, whether it is indoors or outdoors. It is of top priority that we select sustainable materials for our sofas and avoid toxic products that could pose risks to you, your family, and overall the environment.  


Our commitment to the environment is reflected by the FSC ® CoC (Chain of Custody) certification, high-quality recyclable fabric, and honesty in materials.


Perfect Sofa 2

Lisse Collection


Five isn’t a lot to consider but sometimes when we are too excited in finding our new outdoor furniture, we might forget to check these items above. Sourcing your next outdoor sofa can be fruitful and rewarding if you keep in mind these five elements that we have shared.

This blog has been brought to you by Triconville Malaysia. Triconville Malaysia is a Premium Outdoor Home and Living company that brings you Premium Outdoor Home and Living Furniture.