Reclaimed Teak


Reclaimed teak has exposed over the years, created mature seeds, beautiful and rich colors. It is a very hard weight, strong wood, common oily that makes it very robust. Most sustainable furniture made from recycled or reclaimed wood because it is the most durable and weatherproof.


Teak contain high rubber and oil content that make it impervious to rain and weather as well as prevents it from warping, twisting or splintering over time.

Self Regulating

Able to stay cool during cold temperature and stay warm during hot temperature.

Weather Resistant

Its ability to withstand extreme weather prevent it from shrink and warp in different conditions.

Termite Resistant

Teakwood contains natural oils that act as anti-termite coating thereby using the wood as it is without any polishing.


Able to last in a long period of time without any extra care or polishing as needed for other woods.

Aesthetic Appeal

Its natural oily surface display the smooth touch of the teakwood and attract people with its rich golden brown appearance which darken over time.

Reclaimed Teak

Reclaimed teak brushed alters new golden brown teak into a taupe colour. The taupe finished is tremendously durable and retains its integrity in the face of expected knocks. We create a hand-hewn look reminiscent of the rough, time-worn appearance of old barn timbers.

  • It showcases a strong industrial vibe and is perfect for use with exposed beams or
    other architectural features made with unrefined woods. We strongly recommend
    treating the surface with our Teak & Hardwood Shield to prevent stains and longer
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