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Five Things To Consider When Choosing The Perfect Outdoor Sofa

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Have you ever wondered about the different ways that you could improve the ambience of your outdoor space? Oftentimes, those thoughts would linger idly, taking ages to be realised. One effective way to enhance your outdoor living is by giving it a fresh look by bringing in new and improved outdoor furniture. An important not-to-miss outdoor element that you should always carefully consider is the selection of the outdoor sofa set. The perfect outdoor sofa can truly highlight the essence of your outdoor space.

However, before you make your big move, make sure you know these five things when choosing your perfect outdoor sofa.

Let’s have a look!

1. Space And Size

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This is the most crucial information to consider before finding the perfect sofa. It would be frustrating to find out that the sofa you are admiring does not fit into your space! So, the first thing first is to measure your space correctly. It doesn’t have to be exactly accurate. A rough figure of the space dimensions including a little gap allowance is sufficient enough. After measuring your space, you also need to identify what kind of outdoor space you have. Is it an open patio? A semi-covered deck? Your balcony? These questions are crucial to engaging prior to selecting your perfect outdoor sofa.

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Dexa Single Seaters


There are a variety of sofa collections in the market and different conditions or sizes of your space would require a different kind of design. For example, our Dexa is modern looking with minimal details which suits a smaller area to avoid looking overcrowded. While our Grace, with all its elegance and beautiful wicker finishing, would suit a more spacious area like an outdoor patio. All this useful information should be at the tip of your fingers before deciding which sofa is the best for your space. 

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Grace Collection

2. Outdoor Concept & Style

We’re sure that all of us have different preferences when it comes to styling. Some may like it clean, modern, classic, or even fancy-looking. But these are just the basic terms of styles we are referring to. To get the best out of sofa hunting, you would need to be specific on your desired concept. Get into the details of the design concept such as the colour palette, materials, and suitability with your outdoor space. Getting more knowledge about the styles you like would tremendously help you decide what’s best for your outdoor sofa. Once you have locked that input, the rest of the smaller furniture and accessories will follow through.


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Vino Collection

For someone who adores intricate details, you should find outdoor sofas that use more than one material such as a combination of teak wood, fabric, powder-coated aluminium, and polyester ropes such as our Vino collection. For those who are more attracted to simple lines, you should consider finding outdoor sofas that are modernly designed with a maximum of two prime materials combined such as teak wood and fabric like our classic Trent collection. 


Colours also play a big role to set up the style of your outdoor space. Playing with colours can be rather exciting when designing an outdoor space. But always be careful to mix and match accordingly to maintain the balance of an ambience.

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Trent Collection

3. Material Selection

We cannot stress enough how important materials are when selecting an outdoor sofa. Picking the right material will offset all your troubles in the future, especially in a tropical climate such as Malaysia. Always find durable materials for your outdoor sofas. You would want outdoor sofas that are weather resistant especially when exposed to sun and rain. Materials such as teak wood are a classic choice to go for when you are in doubt.


There are many materials for outdoor sofa collections that you can choose from such as Olefin fabric, synthetic wicker, powder-coated aluminium, and a combination of any of the above mentioned such as our favourite collection, Corda sofas. Corda has a unique design merging a few premium materials together making it one of a kind. It is very common nowadays to use multiple materials for one outdoor sofa design to play around with texture and highlight certain accent colours of the furniture.


perfect sofa 7Corda Collection

4. Comfort Is Key

There’s nothing more soothing than a comfortable outdoor sofa to lay on after a long day of work while sipping your evening tea. Comfort cannot be compromised and is often overlooked by most of us. We tend to focus more on the looks and the feel of an item. Of course, there is nothing wrong with admiring the aesthetics of a piece of furniture. But also do remember that good furniture is one that we can enjoy while using it. An outdoor sofa requires a sturdy frame, to begin with. This sturdiness is clearly expressed in our top seller product, Vento.


If you can test the sofa, it is highly recommended to sit on it and see if the depth of the seating is suitable for your body size. Different people have different requirements and all of us vary quite slightly. Most sofas would have cushion padding to create a pleasant experience during sitting.


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Vento Sofa Set

5. Environmental Friendly

Sustainability is a progressing movement that all of us should be aware of that is directly impacting our environment. An environmentally-friendly sofa should be sustainable from the starting point of sourcing materials to the final design decision made. Here at Triconville, we try to create beautiful products that are designed and built to last a lifetime. 


Being environmentally conscious also means asking how healthy our home environment is. We spend a lot of time resting on our sofas, whether it is indoors or outdoors. It is of top priority that we select sustainable materials for our sofas and avoid toxic products that could pose risks to you, your family, and overall the environment.  


Our commitment to the environment is reflected by the FSC ® CoC (Chain of Custody) certification, high-quality recyclable fabric, and honesty in materials.


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Lisse Collection


Five isn’t a lot to consider but sometimes when we are too excited in finding our new outdoor furniture, we might forget to check these items above. Sourcing your next outdoor sofa can be fruitful and rewarding if you keep in mind these five elements that we have shared.

This blog has been brought to you by Triconville Malaysia. Triconville Malaysia is a Premium Outdoor Home and Living company that brings you Premium Outdoor Home and Living Furniture.

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