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How To Clean Sling Mesh Furniture (3 Ways)

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Surely having cushions on your outdoor chairs or sofas will be comfortable, if you like to spend a good amount of time outside your house for some fresh air. However, some favor seating without cushions, as it is easier to take care and clean, in which case they will go for hard seating such as teak. Cushion cleaning is not hard though, and it can be done with minimal efforts, if you follow these 3 tips.


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Upholstery Sling on our Gazelig Lounge Chair


But there is one more option where you can enjoy soft seating with minimal care (lesser than cushions) – that is Sling mesh furniture. Sling mesh, made in France (fancy enough), is the best alternative for soft seating. Owing to its unique structure, where thousands of fibers are bundled together for an exceptionally solid fibrous substance, giving it a strong bounce-back quality and memory feature – it is stretch resistant and it goes back to its original shape after it has been used, there are just so many reasons why you should need one.


In addition, rain and direct UV sunlight have little to no impact on Sling mesh outdoor furniture because of its open structure and PVC coating – it does not keep the water nor does it crack. Nevertheless, dirt or dust can stay and become a stain, if you do not take the initiative regularly; that is, even though it sounds like Sling mesh is indestructible (in most cases it is), there are some steps you can take to prolong its quality and appearance –


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Aleta Director Chair, Sling Mesh Folding Chair


1.Feather Duster

As mentioned, if you take the initiative daily, you can minimize the work ultimately. An easy way to do that is by using a feather duster to clean off the dust and dirt, as much as possible. It is recommended to keep the duster nearby your chairs or sofas for quick and easily accessible; you will remember to do so too when you see the duster. 

2.Sling Spray

Some detergent sprays are dedicated to Sling cleaning. Simply apply and leave it for 1 – 2 minutes, brush it with a soft sponge, and lastly wash it all off with water and you should see a brand new-looking Sling mesh right in front of you. Be sure to thoroughly clean off with no residue remaining, as the chemical substance of the spray might have some impact if contacted for a long period.


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Alzette Sling Mesh Stacking Chair

3. Make your DIY Cleaning Spray

It is a simple version of the second tip if a dedicated sprayer is not available and you will rather do it yourself. Simply wash the mesh with a mild liquid detergent and fresh water, using a soft bristle brush. Rinse and dry with a cloth, and thanks to its non-absorption and quick-dry features, Sling mesh can be quickly dried off. Plus Sling mesh has an anti-fungal treatment where the moisture will not affect it.


Sling mesh should not be cleaned with aggressive commercial cleaners, such as sourcing agents and solvents, which are a big no as they can damage the weave of the fabric.


Sling mesh stacking chairs, last but not least, can be in contact for a long period of time, even during summer – they do not fuse together. As long as one follows the 3 tips above, Sling mesh can be clean and remain fresh-looking for many years.

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