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The Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Furniture Options in Malaysia: Stylish and Functional Choices for Your Outdoor Space 2024

If you’re looking to transform your outdoor space into an oasis of relaxation and style, then you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to the ultimate guide to outdoor furniture options in Malaysia, where we’ll explore a range of stylish and functional choices to enhance your outdoor living experience.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the world of outdoor furniture and highlight the key factors to consider when choosing the perfect pieces for your outdoor oasis. From durable materials and weather-resistant designs to comfortable seating and eye-catching aesthetics, we’ll help you navigate through the plethora of options available in the Malaysian market.

Whether you have a spacious patio, a cozy balcony, or a stunning garden, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re seeking a contemporary look, a rustic charm, or a touch of tropical paradise, our guide will showcase a variety of furniture styles and designs to suit your personal taste and complement your outdoor aesthetic.

Join us on this journey as we explore the best outdoor furniture options in Malaysia, ensuring that your outdoor oasis becomes a haven of comfort and style.

Factors to Consider when Choosing Outdoor Furniture

Choosing the right outdoor furniture for your space requires careful consideration of several factors. First and foremost, you need to evaluate the weather conditions in Malaysia. The country’s tropical climate means that outdoor furniture should be able to withstand high levels of humidity, rainfall, and intense sunlight.

Durability is also a crucial factor to keep in mind. Opt for materials that are sturdy and resistant to wear and tear. Look for furniture that is rust-proof and fade-resistant, ensuring that it can withstand the challenging outdoor conditions.

Another important consideration is comfort. Outdoor furniture should provide a comfortable seating experience, allowing you to relax and unwind in your outdoor oasis. Look for cushions and upholstery that are designed for outdoor use, as they will be resistant to moisture and mold.

Types of Materials Used in Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture comes in a variety of materials, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Let’s explore some of the most popular materials used in outdoor furniture in Malaysia.


  1. Teak: Known for its durability and natural beauty, teak is a popular choice for outdoor furniture. It is resistant to rot, insects, and extreme weather conditions, making it ideal for Malaysia’s climate. Teak furniture is also low-maintenance, requiring occasional cleaning and oiling to maintain its luster.
Teakwood outdoor furniture available in malaysia
  1. Aluminum: Lightweight and rust-proof, aluminum furniture is a practical choice for outdoor spaces. It is easy to move around and requires minimal maintenance. Aluminum furniture is available in a wide range of styles and finishes, allowing you to find the perfect match for your outdoor aesthetic.

aluminium outdoor furniture available in malaysia


  1. Wicker: Wicker furniture adds a touch of elegance and charm to any outdoor space. Made from natural or synthetic materials, wicker furniture is durable and weather-resistant. Synthetic wicker is particularly suitable for Malaysia’s climate, as it is resistant to fading and cracking.

outdoor wicker furniture available in malaysia


  1. Stainless-Steel: Steel furniture is known for its strength and durability. When crafted from stainless steel, it becomes highly resistant to rust and corrosion, making it suitable for outdoor use in humid climates like Malaysia’s. Stainless steel furniture offers a modern aesthetic and is available in various styles and finishes, adding versatility to outdoor design.

outdoor stainless steel furniture available in malaysia

Popular Outdoor Furniture Styles in Malaysia

When it comes to outdoor furniture styles, Malaysia offers a wide range of options to suit every taste and preference. Here are some popular styles that you can consider for your outdoor oasis:



  1. Contemporary: Clean lines, minimalistic designs, and sleek finishes define contemporary outdoor furniture. This style is perfect for those seeking a modern and sophisticated look. Choose furniture with aluminum or steel frames, combined with cushions in neutral colors for a timeless appeal.

modern outdoor furniture in malaysia


  1. Rustic: If you prefer a more natural and organic feel, rustic outdoor furniture is the way to go. Opt for furniture made from teak or reclaimed wood, paired with earthy-colored cushions. Add some cozy throws and lanterns to create a warm and inviting ambiance.

rustic outdoor furniture in malaysia


  1. Tropical: Embrace the lush beauty of Malaysia by incorporating tropical-inspired outdoor furniture. Look for furniture made from rattan or wicker, combined with vibrant cushions and bold prints. Complete the look with tropical plants and accessories to create a tropical paradise in your outdoor space.

tropical style outdoor furniture in malaysia

Functional Outdoor Furniture Options for Small Spaces

Even if you have a small outdoor space, there are plenty of functional furniture options available to maximize the use of the area. Here are some ideas to make the most of your compact outdoor oasis:


  1. Folding Furniture: Opt for folding chairs and tables that can be easily stored when not in use. This allows you to create more space for other activities or simply enjoy an open area when needed.

foldable outdoor furniture available in malaysia


  1. Multifunctional Furniture: Choose outdoor furniture that serves multiple purposes. For example, a bench with built-in storage can provide seating as well as a place to store cushions or gardening tools. Look for coffee tables with hidden compartments or ottomans that can be used as extra seating or as a footrest.

multi-function outdoor furniture available in malaysia

Stylish Outdoor Furniture Options for Larger Spaces

If you have a spacious outdoor area, you have the opportunity to create a luxurious and stylish oasis. Here are some furniture options that are perfect for larger spaces:

  1. Outdoor Lounge Sets: Create a cozy and inviting atmosphere with an outdoor lounge set. Choose a set that includes a sofa, chairs, and a coffee table, allowing you to relax and entertain in style. Look for sets with durable materials and comfortable cushions for the ultimate outdoor comfort.

teakwood outdoor lounge set with sofa, coffee table, and side table


  1. Outdoor Dining Sets: If you enjoy hosting outdoor gatherings and al fresco dining, an outdoor dining set is a must-have. Opt for a large table with ample seating to accommodate your guests. Look for materials that are easy to clean and maintain, ensuring that your outdoor dining experience is hassle-free.

outdoor dining set available in malaysia


  1. Daybeds and Hammocks: Create a luxurious retreat with a daybed or a hammock. These furniture pieces are perfect for lounging and taking a nap under the sun. Look for daybeds with adjustable canopies or hammocks with sturdy frames for added comfort and convenience.

outdoor daybed available in malaysia

Maintenance Tips for Outdoor Furniture in Malaysia's Climate

To ensure that your outdoor furniture remains in top condition, it is essential to follow proper maintenance practices. Here are some tips to help you maintain your outdoor furniture in Malaysia’s climate:

  1. Regular Cleaning: Clean your outdoor furniture regularly to remove dirt, dust, and debris. Use a mild detergent and a soft brush or cloth to scrub the surfaces. Rinse thoroughly with water and allow the furniture to dry completely before using or covering it.

outdoor furniture maintenence tips


  1. Protective Covers: Invest in high-quality protective covers to shield your outdoor furniture from the elements when not in use. Covers will help prevent fading, moisture damage, and the build-up of dirt and debris. Make sure the covers are breathable to prevent mold and mildew growth.

waterproof cover for outdoor furniture in malaysia

  1. Oil and Sealant: Apply a protective layer of oil or sealant to wooden furniture to enhance its durability and resistance to weathering. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the specific type of wood and product you are using.

outdoor furniture maintenence tips

Where to Buy Outdoor Furniture in Malaysia

Now that you have a good understanding of the factors to consider and the different styles and materials available, you may be wondering where to buy outdoor furniture in Malaysia. Here are some popular options:


Triconville and Dezign District: For a diverse selection of outdoor furniture, consider shopping at Triconville and Dezign District. Both retailers specialize in outdoor furniture and offer a wide range of styles and materials to choose from. Whether you’re looking for modern, classic, or Scandinavian designs, you’ll find a variety of options to suit your taste.


Online Stores: Triconville and Dezign District also offer the convenience of online shopping through their respective online stores. Browse through their collections from the comfort of your home and explore the various outdoor furniture options available. With easy navigation and secure payment options, shopping for outdoor furniture has never been more convenient.


These retailers provide high-quality products and excellent customer service, ensuring a satisfying shopping experience. Whether you prefer to shop in-store or online, Triconville and Dezign District offer reliable options for finding the perfect outdoor furniture for your Malaysian lifestyle.

Creating Your Perfect Outdoor Spaces in Malaysia

As you can see, there is a wide array of outdoor furniture options available in Malaysia to suit every style, budget, and outdoor space. By considering the factors such as weather resistance, durability, comfort, and your personal taste, you can create the perfect outdoor oasis that reflects your personality and allows you to fully enjoy the beauty of Malaysia’s outdoor living.

Remember to choose materials that can withstand Malaysia’s tropical climate, follow proper maintenance practices, and explore various styles to find the one that resonates with you. With the right outdoor furniture, you can transform your outdoor space into a haven of comfort and style, where you can unwind, entertain, and create lasting memories with family and friends. So, go ahead and start building your dream outdoor oasis in Malaysia today!

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The Best Outdoor Teak Furniture Pieces for a Minimalist Outdoor Space

image1 2

image1 2


Minimalist outdoor spaces are all about simplicity, functionality, and clean lines. Teak furniture is an excellent choice for a minimalist outdoor space because of its durability, natural beauty, and low maintenance. Here are some of the best teak furniture pieces for a minimalist outdoor space:


1.Teak Dining Table

image5 2

                                                                                                      Geviner Recta Dining Table 


Geviner Recta is a functional and elegant choice for a minimalist outdoor space. It can be paired with simple teak chairs or mixed with other materials such as metal or concrete for a more interesting look. Teak dining tables come in various sizes and shapes, from small and round to large and rectangular, and can accommodate anything from a cozy dinner for two to a grand dinner party.


2.Teak Chairs

image7 2

                                                                                                             Tessin side chair


Tessin side chair is a versatile and stylish choice for a minimalist outdoor space embracing the golden triangle for comfort, practicality and functionality. It comes in natural teak wood colour with sturdy stainless steel legs. It can be used in many settings, including the dining area, lounge area, or around a fire pit. Designed with comfort in mind as it has ergonomic contour seating that you can seat with or without a cushion.


3.Teak Lounge Chairs


                                                                                                    Vento Teak Single Seater


Vento teak single seater is a must-have for a minimalist outdoor space. They provide a comfortable and relaxing place to sit and enjoy the sunshine, read a book, or simply unwind. Vento is the only chair that comes in teak and powder-coated aluminium, and can be paired with matching teak side tables or mixed with other materials for a more eclectic look.


4.Teak Bench

image6 2

                                                                                                                  Classic Backless Bench


A teak bench is a functional and stylish addition to any minimalist outdoor space. It can be used as extra seating or as a decorative accent, and its clean lines and natural beauty make it a standout piece of furniture. Teak benches come in various sizes and styles, from small and simple to large and more ornate, and can be used alone or paired with an outdoor dining table.


5.Teak Coffee Table

image4 2

                                                                                                        Dorus Coffee Table 


Dorus coffee table is an elegant choice for a minimalist outdoor space. It can be used to display decorative items and hold drinks and snacks. Its clean lines and natural beauty makes it a standout piece of furniture. Dorus coffee table also comes in ceramic tops with different colour choices.


6.Teak Loungers

image8 1

                                                                                                                Nivelle Lounger


Nivelle lounger is a luxurious and functional addition to any minimalist outdoor space. Made of high-grade teak wood and can be easily moved around when needed. It provides a comfortable and relaxing place to lounge, nap, or read a book. Nivelle lounger can be paired with matching teak side tables and a parasol to complete the outdoor lounging set.


7.Teak Planter

image3 2

                                                                                                                   Canna Planter


Adding a teak planter will help to elevate your minimalist outdoor space. It is not only stylist but also functional to keep your plants in a proper planter. Small details like this really make a difference in your overall outdoor experience.


8.Teak Parasol

image2 2

                                                                                                      Ocean Parasol Frame Round


Made of a teakwood frame, Ocean Parasol provides shade and protection from the harsh sun. The Ocean Parasol comes in various sizes and styles and designs for you to choose from. It is highly resistant to harsh weather conditions so you don’t have to worry about it breaking when heavy raining occurs. 


In conclusion, Triconville offers a wide range of designs for your minimalistic design outdoors with different variations for you to choose from. Feel free to contact us at 60 11-1136 3225 or drop by our showroom to feel the quality yourself!

Bought To You By Triconville Malaysia – Outdoor Furniture Store For Garden & Patio.

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Raya Celebrations Made Perfect with Teakwood Outdoor Furniture

image2 1

image2 1

Outdoor Dining Furniture Set For Patios

Dining inside your house daily can be boring, so why not this Raya get out and enjoy the fresh air while dining outdoors. It is a totally different experience for your dining experience; you get to see the beauty of life like butterflies and flowers and surround yourself with the sounds of nature. The air is more circulating and fresh than indoors, giving you a more healthy environment and therefore a higher index of relaxation.

By now you will be convinced outdoor dining is better, and you must be tempted to set up your own dining table and chairs; only then do you realize the dining furniture used indoors and outdoors are drastically different. To dine outside your house, meaning the dining table and the chairs will have to stay outdoors all the time, which will require the furniture to be able to cope with outdoor natural elements like direct sunlight, dust, mildew, and rain – unless you have the time and effort to move in and out every single time. That says, outdoor dining furniture usually costs substantially more than indoor furniture, as the materials used to make the furniture are weather resistant, such as teak wood, powder-coated aluminium, grade 304 stainless steel, and synthetic wicker.

In Malaysia, a single piece of an outdoor garden chair can cost a couple of thousand ringgit, which is out of many people’s budget, in most cases. Hence, we are going to give a list of affordable outdoor dining furniture sets for your patio which includes tables and chairs, while not giving up the quality, to you – particularly, we will set our budget around RM10,000.

Pianeta Dining Set – RM6,650

image3 1

Pianeta outdoor dining set comes with 4 Pianeta dining armchairs and 1 Daze Dining Table. This outdoor garden dining set is designed for contemporary style. The set is constructed in powder-coated aluminium, and with its rust-free and lightweight features, it has become more and more demanding lately. The sides of the chairs are woven with synthetic wedding material in a modern style, making the chairs look great for their appearance.

The table, similar to the chairs, is made up of aluminium continued overlapping legs, for its non-traditional look. The table has teak slats on top of its round shape, suitable for up to 4 seaters. This outdoor dining set is great for your patio, garden, and swimming pool. If you like contemporary and trending design, this dining set is for you.

Siro Dining Set – RM8,020

image6 1
Siro outdoor dining set comes with 4 Alzette armchairs and a Siro Table. This patio dining set comprises a top-grade 304 stainless steel frame with weathered teak slats on top. The additional teak slats on the arms protect your hands from being burned, as the steel can retain heat, after being exposed to the sun for a long time. The table is sturdy to take up weight, and it lengths 90cm best for 2 seaters and can fit up to 4 people.
image1 1

Daze Round Table Ceramic Set – RM7,930

image7 1

Daze Round Table Ceramic Set comes with one Daze Dining Round Table and 6 Dexa Dining Arm Chairs. This outdoor garden dining set is a combination of both traditional and contemporary styles. It is built in powder-coated aluminium yet with a unique design. The table, which is a round shape table, is made in powder-coated aluminium legs with a twisted design, as opposed to a traditional four legs table.

The Dexa chairs are made up of Batyline mesh which is water and mould-repellent. It is also for better enhancing your seating experience. If it is hard for you to make up your decision between traditional and modern styles, Daze Round Table Ceramic dining set is for you.

Geviner Dining Set – RM9,807

image5 1

Geviner outdoor dining set comes with 6 Cario Stacking Arm Chairs and one Geviner Dining Table. This rustic-style garden dining set is a beautiful collection, the longer you use it, the better it gets.

Solid powder-coated aluminium frames are used to complete Geviner dining set, making this dining set incredible for its resistance to anything like weather and physical damage. Geviner outdoor dining set is spacious and meant for 6 seaters.

image4 1

Outdoor dining furniture is an investment, it is meant to last for years rather than months. Therefore, taking some time to do some research and then spending wisely is worth it. You can also drop by and experience outdoor dining sets personally for more than 300 collections, at the largest outdoor furniture store in Malaysia.

*The prices listed above are before promotion. Call +60 11-1136 3225 for an exclusive promotion deal.

Bought To You By Triconville Malaysia – An Exclusive Outdoor Furniture Manufacturer And Distributor.

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5 Must-Have Outdoor Garden & Patio Furniture

image1 2

image1 2


The perk of having a landed house is having your own garden or patio! The best part is of course decorating with a lot of herbs, flowers and not to forget your patio furniture. Your garden can be aesthetically pleasing while also functional by having outdoor furniture. Here are some top 5 outdoor pieces of furniture that we recommend you add to your garden and patio, and turn into the closest paradise you can go – right behind your house.


1. Bar Table And Chair

image5 2

                                                                                                                   Classic Bar Chair


Ever thought of staying back and have a romantic dinner at home with your partner? Share a couple of drinks maybe? You can have your own bar setup at home easily.


What makes a bar set different from a regular dining set? The height. That’s right, you need to choose the bar set with counter height, as if how you will see at an actual bar. If you like to throw a party at home, chances are you will be moving your bar chair or table. The teak wood-made bar set is your choice for durability. It is water-resistant and easy to maintain.  Guests can also easily carry and rearrange the bar chair as they like – now all can enjoy a bonfire together while sitting next to their favourite people.


2. Single Seat Sofa

image7 1

                                                                                                                   Trent Single Seater


If you are a person who likes to spend time mostly outdoors, after a tiring day, then you must set up a sofa in your backyard, garden, pool or patio.


It is essential that you pick a material that will be dust, rough, weather, and water-resistant. Single seater sofa made of teak wood is a good choice for its low maintenance and high durability, especially with the ones with a high natural oil finish.


3. Bench as your patio furniture

image3 2

                                                                                                           Classic Backless Bench


Love to chill with your friends at the back of your house? Consider adding a bench for your setup. A wooden bench made with teak is usually good for outdoor, as it’s durable to hold up a good amount of weight – you can fit as many people on one bench. You can also choose to have a bench with an arm or backrest. If you have small space, it’s best to go with the one without a back and armrest, as it only takes up minimal space. Stainless steel as the base is another choice, as it gives a different look and feels to your patio.


image2 3

                                                                                                                          Siro Bench

4. Lounger

image4 2

                                                                                                                 Rivera Flat Lounger


Whether you are organizing a party with peeps or looking for relaxation, a sun lounger daybed can be the best idea for a piece of patio furniture to complement your porch or poolside.


Choose teak wood material for your choice of sunbathing chair, because the lounge chair is going to be placed either under the sun or by the pool. So the materials for your lounger need to be weather resistant – both water and direct sunlight. In addition, your cushion has to be water and odour-resistant material such as sunbrella – it is resistant to drizzling; even if it gets wet, it will dry out within an hour or so. However, it’s recommended to keep it indoors while raining.


The adjustable lounger can be considered as well for your greater comfort – you can lay down entirely to get yourself a good tanning session, or lift up to enjoy reading the newspaper or your favourite cocktails.


5. Outdoor Parasol

image6 1

                                                                                                        Ocean Parasol Frame Round 300


Sometimes too much of a good thing can be harmful – specifically vitamin D. You don’t want to stay under the sun for too long, so having a parasol for your backyard can shelter you from the excessive amounts of UV rays.

Position it well right where you will be staying long – next to your sunbathing lounge chair or right above your dining table. Some of the loungers even come with a sunshade attached.


Choose Batyline sling – a weather-resistant fabric that is almost impossible to tear, a common material used for outdoor environments. The fabric-like material creates canvas flexibility, while protecting you from direct exposure to the sun. It’s resistant to water as well. This lightweight material will make your life easy when it comes to assembly and installation. Choosing a solid base to complement your parasol is just about as crucial – select heavy-duty material just as top grade #304 stainless steel to ensure its functionality, especially by the beach, where the wind can swipe up everything.


We have listed out the 5 most important pieces of patio furniture you can add to your garden, what do you think? Comment below if you have a better idea! We are glad to know more from you. 🙂

Bought To You By Triconville Malaysia – An Exclusive Outdoor Furniture Manufacturer And Distributor.


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7 Best Stylish Patio Furniture Ideas for your Outdoor




A patio is a shared space used for outdoor living such as dining, entertainment or relaxation. Investing in your patio furniture will definitely uplift the mood. A thoughtfully designed patio will be one of the most interesting parts of a house. Location, flooring materials, and surrounding are the main elements in designing a patio. However, spending extra pennies on outdoor furniture will be another hidden card to achieve your dream patio. In Triconville, we offer the best outdoor furniture, worth your money, and guaranteed quality. Take a look at some of our stylish furniture that can be used to decorate your patio!


1. Time To Chill Under The Sky

image5 1

Luxe Daybed will definitely sweep away your boring patio. Designed together with shades that help cover the sun glare from disturbing your vision, while lying on this bed enjoying the view and the fresh outdoor air. You can enjoy the night breeze seamlessly with the built-in lights on this daybed.  Comes with adjustable height and a firm, soft cushion for your comfort for an outdoor read during the day or even at night.


2. Evening Dine Outdoors

image1 1


Thinking of outdoor dining with the view of sunset at the end of the day? Rivera is perfect for your outdoor patio. An extremely strong piece comes with foldable legs which can easily fold and store when not in use. Thanks to the teak and batyline material which provide comfortable outdoor relaxation. Match it with our series of Gera teakwood dining tables. The top is made from a teak wood slab that is highly durable, and definitely will last you a long time.


3. Natural Teakwood





This Denver folding chair has natural teak finishes, it can be folded and opened easily depending on different numbers of guests. Premium teak from the certificated plantation is the fundamental of our Denver collection. Fully treated before bringing into production our teakwood lasts for years without much maintenance.


4. Something Different for your Patio

image4 1


Eye-catching Snix Lounger designed with stainless steel frame, tied with Olefin rope, batyline seat and back. The touches on the dynamic character of weaving rope that creates a dramatic interplay of light and shadow. The cushion provides the best comfort and adjustable height that allows the user to experience incredible style without sacrificing comfort. 


5. Bar But Classic

image3 1


A timeless classic design of a bar chair and a table with the precision of machine-made furniture. There is no need for complicated maintenance as the teak wood can withstand raindrops and temperature fluctuations. Just leave it untreated and it will become silver grey colour naturally. Classic Bar chair is the ideal addition to your patio.


6. Sectional Style



Do not make your sofa limit your creativity. This Tessin sofa comes with a sectional design and allows the user to change the layout and arrangement of the seating and follow their preferences. Comes in bright cushion colours, teakwood material and yellowish lamps are the best combinations that are gonna light up your patio; perfect to have a memorable star gazing under the sky roof.


7. All Weather Wicker!

image2 2


Gorgeous all-weather wicker Monaco with deep seating, this item offers more sitting space for comfort. A beautiful visual chair with plenty of space to be comfortable. The bold armchair fits perfectly without sharp edges and is safe for children. This is the one specially treated to withstand intense heat and humid environments. also comes in modular sets that allow you to explore your unexpected imagination in redefining what is the beauty of outdoor lounges.

Investing in your patio furniture will be one of the best investments you will ever make, as it will not only encourage you to be close to nature but also uplift the whole environment of your outdoors.

Bought To You By Triconville Malaysia – An Exclusive Outdoor Furniture Manufacturer And Distributor.