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7 Best Stylish Patio Furniture Ideas for your Outdoor


A patio is a shared space used for outdoor living such as dining, entertainment or relaxation. Investing in your patio furniture will definitely uplift the mood. A thoughtfully designed patio will be one of the most interesting parts of a house. Location, flooring materials, and surrounding are the main elements in designing a patio. However, spending extra pennies on outdoor furniture will be another hidden card to achieve your dream patio. In Triconville, we offer the best outdoor furniture, worth your money, and guaranteed quality. Take a look at some of our stylish furniture that can be used to decorate your patio!


1. Time To Chill Under The Sky

Luxe Daybed will definitely sweep away your boring patio. Designed together with shades that help cover the sun glare from disturbing your vision, while lying on this bed enjoying the view and the fresh outdoor air. You can enjoy the night breeze seamlessly with the built-in lights on this daybed.  Comes with adjustable height and a firm, soft cushion for your comfort for an outdoor read during the day or even at night.


2. Evening Dine Outdoors


Thinking of outdoor dining with the view of sunset at the end of the day? Rivera is perfect for your outdoor patio. An extremely strong piece comes with foldable legs which can easily fold and store when not in use. Thanks to the teak and batyline material which provide comfortable outdoor relaxation. Match it with our series of Gera teakwood dining tables. The top is made from a teak wood slab that is highly durable, and definitely will last you a long time.


3. Natural Teakwood




This Denver folding chair has natural teak finishes, it can be folded and opened easily depending on different numbers of guests. Premium teak from the certificated plantation is the fundamental of our Denver collection. Fully treated before bringing into production our teakwood lasts for years without much maintenance.


4. Something Different for your Patio


Eye-catching Snix Lounger designed with stainless steel frame, tied with Olefin rope, batyline seat and back. The touches on the dynamic character of weaving rope that creates a dramatic interplay of light and shadow. The cushion provides the best comfort and adjustable height that allows the user to experience incredible style without sacrificing comfort. 


5. Bar But Classic


A timeless classic design of a bar chair and a table with the precision of machine-made furniture. There is no need for complicated maintenance as the teak wood can withstand raindrops and temperature fluctuations. Just leave it untreated and it will become silver grey colour naturally. Classic Bar chair is the ideal addition to your patio.


6. Sectional Style


Do not make your sofa limit your creativity. This Tessin sofa comes with a sectional design and allows the user to change the layout and arrangement of the seating and follow their preferences. Comes in bright cushion colours, teakwood material and yellowish lamps are the best combinations that are gonna light up your patio; perfect to have a memorable star gazing under the sky roof.


7. All Weather Wicker!


Gorgeous all-weather wicker Monaco with deep seating, this item offers more sitting space for comfort. A beautiful visual chair with plenty of space to be comfortable. The bold armchair fits perfectly without sharp edges and is safe for children. This is the one specially treated to withstand intense heat and humid environments. also comes in modular sets that allow you to explore your unexpected imagination in redefining what is the beauty of outdoor lounges.

Investing in your patio furniture will be one of the best investments you will ever make, as it will not only encourage you to be close to nature but also uplift the whole environment of your outdoors.

Bought To You By Triconville Malaysia – An Exclusive Outdoor Furniture Manufacturer And Distributor.

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