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The Difference between Teakwood Furniture and 4 popular Woods Used in Furniture




Teakwood furniture has long been a favourite choice for those looking for a durable and beautiful option for their home decor. But what sets teak wood apart from other types of wood commonly used for furniture? In this blog, we will explore the differences between teakwood and other woods used in the furniture industry.


First, let’s take a closer look at what makes teakwood so special. Teakwood comes from the Tectona grandis tree, which is native to Southeast Asia. The tree can grow up to 40 meters tall and has a straight trunk with a diameter of up to 1.5 meters. Teakwood is prized for its natural oils, which give it a high level of water resistance and protection against pests and rot. This makes it an ideal choice for outdoor furniture, as well as indoor furniture in areas with high humidity levels, such as bathrooms.


1. Durability of Teakwood



One of the key differences between teakwood and other types of wood commonly used for furniture is its durability. Teakwood is one of the strongest and most durable woods available, with a natural resistance to wear and tear that makes it ideal for furniture that will see heavy use. This durability also means that teakwood furniture can last for decades, even with minimal maintenance.


2.Natural beauty

image2                                                                                                             Dotta Sectional


Another advantage of teakwood is its beautiful appearance. Teakwood has a warm, golden-brown colour that darkens with age, giving it a rich, timeless look. The wood also has a distinctive grain pattern that adds to its visual appeal. Unlike some other types of wood, teakwood does not require staining or painting to enhance its appearance. Instead, it can be left in its natural state, allowing its beauty to shine through.



image8                                                                                                            Nivelle Lounger


In addition to its durability and beauty, teakwood is also a sustainable choice for furniture. Teakwood is a slow-growing tree that takes decades to reach maturity, but once it is harvested, it can be replanted to ensure a continued supply of wood. This makes it a more environmentally friendly choice than other types of wood that are harvested from old-growth forests.

So what about other types of wood commonly used in the furniture? Let’s take a closer look at a few of them.

1.Oak Wood



Oak is a popular choice for furniture construction due to its strength and durability. However, oak is not as water-resistant as teakwood furniture, which means it may not hold up as well in outdoor environments or areas with high humidity levels. Oak also has a distinct grain pattern, but it is less pronounced than the grain pattern in teakwood.

 2.Pine Wood



Pine is another common choice for furniture construction due to its affordability and availability. However, pine is a soft wood prone to scratches and dents, making it less durable than teakwood furniture. Pine also has a light color that may not be as appealing to some homeowners as the warm, golden-brown color of teakwood.

 3.Mahogany wood


Mahogany is a hardwood that is known for its durability and strength. It has a deep, reddish-brown colour that is similar to the color of teakwood. However, mahogany is not as water-resistant as teakwood, and it may require more maintenance to keep it looking its best.

 4.Cherry Wood


Cherry wood is a hardwood that is prized for its beauty and warmth. It has a rich, reddish-brown color that darkens with age. However, cherry wood is not as strong or durable as teakwood, and it may not hold up as well in high-use environments.

In summary, while there are many types of wood that can be used in furniture construction, teakwood furniture stands out for its durability, beauty, and sustainability. Its natural resistance to water and pests makes it an ideal choice for outdoor furniture and high-humidity environments, while its warm, golden-brown color and distinctive.


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3 Reasons Why Choose Outdoor Extension Table

image4 3

image4 3


Having an outdoor extension table will save you from your friends or family members who love to show up unplanned. Of course, as a great host you are, you will try your best to give the best hospitality to your guest. Investing in your outdoors definitely will give you a big return on investments. There are a few other reasons why you should consider purchasing one for your patio.


1. Versatility

An extension dining table is a versatile piece of furniture for your outdoors. It can be used for a variety of occasions, such as having a family barbecue, a place for your children to play games with their friends, it can also be a chill outdoor working space, having casual meals or hosting a dinner party with friends. It can be a great way to create memories with your loved ones.


Additionally, the extension feature allows you to adjust the size of the table making it perfect for intimate gatherings or larger events. Such as this rectangular shape dining table made up of solid teak wood slats with an equal size piece offers a clean look. This Siro front slide extension table, which is 160cm long, can be extended from both sides to a maximum of 230cm which can accommodate up to 12 people in one sitting.


Overall, it can be a versatile piece of furniture which offers flexibility anytime that can be used for a variety of occasions and purposes.


image3 3                                                                                        Siro Front Slide Extension Table



2. Durable and long-lasting

When choosing an outdoor dining table, you have to make sure it is worth your investment and can last a long time. Extension tables are usually made of sturdy materials such as teak wood which are known for their resistance to rot, decay and insect infection. It has to be made of strong material because of the frequent pushing and pulling motion of the extension mechanism. If not, it will break easily, especially if put outdoors under the rain and shine. 


Additionally, teak has a high oil content that provides natural protection against moisture and UV rays, which helps to prevent cracking and fading. Teak wood is also heavy and dense wood, which makes it ideal for outdoor use as it can withstand the elements and last for many years with minimal maintenance.


Other than teak wood, powder-coated aluminium is also one of the best materials to use outdoors. It is highly durable and offers a variety of colours to match your outdoors theme. It is available in an asteroid, taupe, green and also white.


image1 3

                                                             Planka Aluminium Extension Table


3. Adds value to your home

image2 4                                                                          Planka Stainless Steel Extension Table


An outdoor extension dining table can add value to your home. A well-maintained outdoor living space is an attractive feature for potential buyers, and an extension dining table can be the centrepiece of that space. Not only will it make your outdoor area more functional, but it will also increase the overall value of your property. It helps to enhance the aesthetics of your backyard or patio. There are different styles, designs and materials to choose from, so you can find the table that complements the existing decor of your outdoor space. From rustic farmhouses to modern designs, there are many options available to suit everyone’s taste.


In conclusion, an outdoor extension dining table is a great investment for any homeowner. It is versatile, durable, adds value to your home while enhancing the aesthetics of your backyard. It is definitely worth considering if you’re looking to enhance your outdoor living space.


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