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The Best Outdoor Dining Sets For You



                                                                                      Jardin Dining Table with Corda Dining Chair


What is the better way to enjoy your lovely meal? Have a decent outdoor dining set to experience outdoor dining in the comfort of your home! 


While dining inside your house is not entirely a bad thing, it is just that when you dine outside your home like your patio or garden, you get to enjoy natural elements such as green grasses and flowers, and some living creatures, which adds more fun and activities to your dining experience. It has been proven that dining outside can improve your health, by slowing down your eating tempo. 


Therefore, getting yourself some suitable companies while you are dining outdoors is just as imperative; quality dining furniture sets hence should be your top priority. Outdoor dining furniture, unlike indoor ones where they can be made up of cheap and fragile materials such as plastic with bad installment – which fall off quickly especially for high usage even faster. Outdoor dining set requires special materials and ingredients in order to withstand harmful natural elements such as direct UV light and rain, they can shorten furniture lifespan if not taken care of well. 


Triconville Malaysia has been manufacturing and supplying world-class outdoor dining furniture sets all over the world with a great reputation. Thus, we have listed out the best outdoor dining sets that will last and perform to exceed your expectation. 


Easy to Low Maintenance



                                                                                    Siro Signature Round Table with Alzette Chairs


Combination of teak wood and stainless steel outdoor dining set, Signature Garden Set comes with a durable Signature Dining Table, which is round-shaped with the option to insert a parasol at the center of the table. The overlapping stainless steel legs make it look contemporary and stunning. 


Additionally, six Alzette Stacking Arm Chairs are included which are made up of the same materials as the dining table – suitable to purchase as a set. Stainless steel frame with a teak accent at the armrest to give warmth and comfort even on cooler days. It is also lightweight yet sturdy, and easy to move around.


Small Patio, Garden or Balcony



                                                                                                  Golyam Round Bistro Table


If you have a small space, a bistro table is for you! You can set up a romantic evening dining experience with your spouse every single day in the comfort of your home. 


Teak is used to construct this piece, which has a natural sanded surface that looks wonderful in any environment. You don’t have to worry about spilling some wine as it is stain-resistant. It is highly durable against UV and rain, suits our tropical weather in Malaysia.


An aluminum base gives it durability for many years of use with resistant to rush and corrosion.


Large Garden Space



                                                                                             Gera Dining Table with Vino Chairs


Gera Dining Set is made up of one solid piece natural-sanded teak wood plank attached to a cantilevered powder-coated aluminum legs. It comes in 4 different sizes which can accommodate up to 12 people, perfect for large groups. The inconsistent wave of the natural wood at the sides gives an elegant modern look to your outdoor dining. 


Other materials can’t match the aesthetic appeal and timeless beauty that teak wood gives. Because it has a high natural oil content, it is nearly impenetrable to the impacts of sun, rain, frost, and snow and has a great resistance to rotting. Long-lasting service will be provided with regular maintenance. In addition to looking natural, it gives your patio a luxurious element.


Prioritize Comfort


                                                                                   Daze Round Table with Pianeta Dining Armchairs


A contemporary outdoor dining set constructed in a powder-coated aluminum frame features a modern appearance. Pianeta dining chair comes with a high back which gives great back support and comfort. The arms are covered with ropes in synthetic fiber for a pleasing look and also have varieties of colors to choose from. Water-resistant outdoor cushions are also included for a greater seating experience. 


Paired with a Daze Round Dining Table which is a round-shaped dining table with a teak top and continued overlapping powder-coated aluminum legs. The top is made up of multiple teak slats in a fine finish which gives personality to the space.


For all collections of the outdoor dining furniture set, you can visit our website for more.

Bought To You By Triconville Malaysia – Outdoor Furniture Store For Garden & Patio.

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