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3 Reasons Why You Need A Teak Shower Stool



3 Reasons Why You Need A Teak Shower Stool

Taking a bath is probably the best thing after a tiring day at work. It will be a heavenly pleasure to soak yourself in the bathtub and play with your favourite yellow duck. So does it mean you cannot enjoy yourself without a bathtub? Having a bathtub is not a norm in Asian countries mostly because bathtub takes up so much space in the bathroom or just never thought of it before renovating their house. Typically, it will be unwise to install a bathtub, once your home is settled down. Hence, a teak shower stool is made to address this problem that does not break the bank. 


Shower stool comes in many types and shapes, some can be installed and attached to the shower wall permanently, either fixed or foldable (also known as shower bench). But again, we are here to save your bank and give the best solution to your existing bathroom setup. A portable shower stool is what we will discuss here and we will share with you the top 3 reasons why you need a shower stool for your bathroom, and why it can be a better choice over a bathtub.

Clean Thoroughly

If you like to take your time showering, then you will like the idea of sitting down while taking the bath. How often do you bend down to clean your toes? Are you the type of person that takes a quick shower? Most people are reluctant and like to take a quick way, like cleaning the parts of your body that require some “work”. Well, we understand if there was a seat for you, you would probably take more time to clean every inch of your body, since you will not get tired from your feet for standing long.


Metric Bathroom Stool Square

Increase Safety with Teak Shower Stool

For elderly people or people who have problems standing, a shower stool can be a lifesaver for them, especially on the slippery floor. In addition, people who have temporary disabilities like sprained ankles, knee surgery, and torn ligaments, can be beneficial from having a seat in the bathroom too – it is a great investment for both in the long and short term, as you never know when bad things happen.

Even if you are physically strong, you might need a shower stool while taking bath. Do you lift and clean your foot, while leaning against the wall? This gesture can be dangerous if you lose your balance; you can prevent accidents by sitting down. Besides adults, having a small chair can be helpful for your kids, especially if you are training them to take care of themselves. In short, shower stools can benefit every one of you, regardless of age and condition.



Multiple Usages of Shower Stools 

Even though it is a teak shower stool, as the name suggests, can be used as a small chair for your shower room, it is versatile for all conditions. Ladies, if you need to shave your legs before the long-waiting date, you can put your leg on the stool (one at a time) and take care of your business safely. For men also, you can clean and wash your leg conveniently, if you prefer not to sit, especially if you are in the rush. Alternatively, the teak  shower stool can be a temporary table for you to place shower accessories like shower gels, proving quick access and convenience to you.

Having a portable shower stool, as opposed to an attached one, is a better choice; it’s lightweight and portable, and you can basically take it anywhere that is needed. It can be a regular stool chair for your living room, bedroom, or outdoor garden, or a small step-up object for you to reach higher cabinets in the kitchen.


Margo Stool without Shelf

Buying Tips

Teak shower stool differs from regular stools, it is made to contact with water all the time. This kind of shower stool is usually made up of teak, PVC, & plastic. Depending on your budget, teak is our choice as it’s the most solid and durable among all – after all, safety is the most important factor for getting a chair for your bathroom, so choosing a quality shower stool is a no-brainer. For the teak, choose the one finished in natural oil, as that provides an extra layer for scratch and water – making it last for years without additional care.

A shower stool sometimes comes with a back, for the sake of versatility, we suggest a simple backless shower bench, which not only easily matches your existing home setup, but is also great in all conditions as mentioned. For additional comfort and safety, pick the one with a curvy and ergonomic seat design that helps people sit at the center, rather than the edge of the stool. Last but not least, be sure to get a shower stool with a non-slip rubber grip on the bottom, which eliminates all the risks and accidents from happening; this is probably the most important thing to look up to while buying a shower stool.

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