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3 Reasons Why No Fast Furniture For Outdoor Garden & Patio




If you spend some time driving around the cities or towns,  a lot of people use fast furniture that is made from plastic for their outdoors especially those that are close to central or businesses. Owing to this urge for residential development, furniture is therefore needed more than ever accordingly. 




When we are hungry and in a rush, we seek fast food (at least it is the case for me). The same goes here, because of the huge demand for furniture, people opt for fast furniture.


What is fast furniture? Fast furniture, as the name suggested, it is made into pieces very quickly, and you might already guess it – it is made up of cheap and quickly accessible materials such as particle boards.


Particle board-made furniture may seem to work fine in the first place, but they tend to fall apart during disassembly, reassembly or moving. Not to mention if you are going to place them on your balcony, patio, or garden – their colour will fade and eventually the entire piece will break down, due to the natural elements like direct UV sunlight and moisture. Particle boards are not meant for outdoor.


Nevertheless, here are the three reasons why you should stay away from fast furniture, especially in outdoor environments –


It Is Poorly Constructed 


As we have touched on this a little bit before, here we will dive deeper. In order to mass produce the furniture in a timely manner, fast furniture is usually made up of different parts and assembled afterwards. The fewer joint parts the better, plus the materials are cheap and poor quality, resulting in poorly made furniture. 


Instead, you should get yourself a piece of furniture made up of whole material like teak. Teak is one of the best types of wood for an outdoor environment. Some of the teak wood side tables are made up of minimal joint parts, perfect for your balcony. 



                                                                                                          Piedra Rect Side Table


It Is Harmful To the Environment 


As particle board is not a natural resource, most particle board in fast furniture contains hazardous and toxic chemicals like formaldehyde. Additionally, from making the resins that bind particle boards to build the boards themselves, the production not only produces lots of waste but also requires an extremely high energy cost. Thus, in order to produce particle board-made fast furniture, it generates an extensive amount of harsh chemicals in the environment. 


On the other hand, fast furniture under harsh sunlight will quickly break down as of its artificial materials and glue; it produces a toxic smell as well as an additional cost to fix. 


It Is Overproduced 



                                                                                                                Ruby Dining Chair


Demand has ups and downs, and most of the time manufacturers cannot estimate, or better, cannot predict when it is a slow time for demand; thus, they end up producing way more units than demand. Overproduced not only cost money and room to keep, but also as we talked about before, creates unnecessary harmful waste to our planet. 


We know the struggle and the urge to fill up your home with some furniture immediately, it is strongly recommended to take your time to search for your ideal furniture, more specifically, the piece of furniture that can go with you and your home for a long period of time, without additional care and maintenance. 


Fast furniture is affordable and accessible for its advantage, but the limited life span of these pieces leads to increased waste in landfills and more frequent trips to the store to replace broken furniture. Over a lifetime, this repeat buying can add up to a substantial amount of cash.


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