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Metal Outdoor Dining Chair – Which Material Is Best (5 Factors To Consider)

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Gazelig metail outdoor dining chair and lounge chair

When buying an metal outdoor dining chair for either your garden or patio, many things need to take into consideration – materials, types, styles, comfort, guarantee, etc. However, the number one characteristic of your outdoor dining chair has to be the capability to endure the weather, specifically direct sunlight and moisture; particularly if you live in a country with a high level of humidity.

Before making your decision, it’s important to understand that every material performs well at its own stage, meaning each material has its specific strength and weakness, and it’s entirely up to you to pick up and sacrifice both the good and bad parts.

We will talk about the metal outdoor dining chair, as metal outdoor furniture is the most durable in weather.

metal outdoor dining chair are very popular, because of its flexibility to blend and shape into the desired appearance, as compared to teak. Therefore, metal made dining chairs tend to be more contemporary and stylish, suitable for your modern home setup. In addition, metal outdoor dining chairs can be made up without any fasteners like screws and bolts, which causes furniture susceptible to breaking down easily, not to mention extra care to these joint parts.

Even if it involves some joint parts, it’s more capable to withstand and adapt the damage caused during the building process, rather than other outdoor materials. Thus, a combination of both metal and other materials like teak is very popular in the market, as the variety of materials adds more colors and styles to the chair. Last but not least, metal furniture is more eco and environmentally friendly, since it is biodegradable and recyclable – making it a preferred option for most people.

gazelig metal outdoor dining chair (armchair)Powder-coated Aluminum Frame.

The most popular and common metal outdoor dining chair is made up of either stainless steel or aluminum, and both have its own pros and cons:


Stainless steel dining chairs weigh heavier than aluminum one, as aluminum frame tends to have hollow tube frame, which is more susceptible to damage and dent, if not taken care of properly. The high-density feature of stainless steel makes it the best material for making large-scale outdoor furniture, or outdoor tough condition where the furniture gets used recklessly and frequently – it remains the shape without care.


As stainless steel is heavy, it is hard to move around alone; that’s why aluminum is popular since it’s lightweight and portable. However, this feature leads to another problem – wind. The stainless steel dining chair is solid and does not tip over and blow away during a windy environment, and it’s more suitable for outdoor windy conditions. Aluminum, nevertheless, is less preferable for this condition.

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Grade 304 Stainless Steel Frame

Design & Cost

Both metals are flexible to a certain degree, however, aluminum is more flexible and easy to work with complex and intricate designs, which has a more contemporary appearance than the other. Also, aluminum is relatively inexpensive, and stainless steel is more costly and less affordable.

Weather Resistance

Due to the natural composition, stainless steel and aluminum are extremely resistant to weather and  immune to rust and corrosion. However, if metal outdoor dining chair is placed by the costal areas like sea side, the salted air and water will cause trouble. Therefore, metal dining chair should be treated and painted to provide additional protection and longer lifespan. While you may paint your metal dining chair, the salted air will slowly eat away the paint and fade eventually. Powder-coated paint, is a popular paint can be found on some luxury aluminum dining chairs, adheres the furniture better that rust never occurs.

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Vino CollectionAluminum Frame Woven In Ropes.


Stainless steel retains and absorbs the heat pretty quickly, and it can be very uncomfortable to touch. Treated aluminum like powder-coated paint, on the other hand, is less likely to retain heat, and it stays chill even after a long day of sun exposure.

In conclusion, not all metal outdoor dining chair is created equally, and you buy what you need based on the pros and cons listed above. If you would like to see more contemporary dining chairs made of powder-coated aluminum, you can check out the largest outdoor furniture store in Malaysia.

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