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5 Best Durable Sling Chairs To Replace Your Camp Chairs With

In this blogpost, we’ll share out top 5 sling chairs to replace your camp chair with. Camp chair, or beach chair, I bet you have seen this all around – it is the kind of chair that is commonly found at finishing and camping, of course, it is foldable and lightweight for ease of transportation. Most importantly, the camp chair is affordable for most people, thus it is used as a patio and garden chair quite often. 


Although camp chair may sound like the ultimate solution for people who are wanting to renovate the patio on a budget, it will cost you more in the future. The camp chair is normally made up of fabrics and some parts are made of metals, and the fabric does not last long under long exposure to sunlight – it gets dry and eventually cracks. Additionally, the fabric absorbs liquid quickly and retains it for a good amount of time – surely nobody likes to sit on a wet chair. On the other hand, the metal frame can grow fungus and mildew easily, due to the natural structure of the metal, and that makes your chair gross.


Therefore, when you are shopping for a patio chair, make it a long-term investment and get yourself a sling chair instead of a camp chair. Sling chair, which has the mesh kind of seating for its comfort, is typically made up of vinyl-coated polyester, acrylic yarns, as well as other synthetics such as olefin and PVC; for the best interest of your money and ease of maintenance, sling is our top pick for the sling chair.

Sling, a kind of mesh that has one of the most durable qualities, is capable of performing extremely well on your patio, even after a long duration under direct sunlight, owing to the structure of the sling. Moreover, the porous surface of the sling allows liquid to go through completely – not only does it prevent fungus growth, but also keeps the seating dry and clean (the sling is easy to clean too if needed). sling features its memory structure for the seating – it comes back to its original shape after it is used, so it will always look sleek and new.

Besides the seating, sling chairs are usually constructed in the weather-resistant frame such as treated teak, stainless steel, and powder-coated aluminum frame. All of these frames have been tested and proved to last for years without additional care and maintenance. Below are a few sling chairs made up of sling mesh –

Alzette Stacking Chair

Sling chair in #304 stainless steel frame, Alzette Stacking Chair is a comfortable outdoor patio chair with weathered teak slats on its arm – the arms remain cool and chill even after a hot afternoon.


Rivera Recliner


Beach chair-like garden chair in sling seating and solid teak frame. It is foldable and portable for space-saving purposes. Rivera Recliner offers a minimalist design quality.


Rivera Stacking Chair


Fixed arm chair with sling sling in teak frame. The Rivera Chair is solid and sturdy, yet comfortable and flexible seating. It is stackable for your quick and easy organization.


Rivera Director Chair


Always wanted to be a director? Rivera Director Chair can make you so. It comes with a short back and additional stainless steel across its legs for greater durability and style.

Rivera Beach Chair


As the name suggests, The Rivera Beach Chair is a kind of chair you will see at the beach – it is lower and spacious for your better enjoyment of the sun. The additional padding on its head offers greater comfort when you lay down.

Remember, quality comes with a price! So get yourself a good quality and long-lasting sling chair for your garden and patio, and worry-free for the rest of the year.

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