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Best Outdoor Sling Mesh Chair For Garden (Why You Need One)

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Have you been to the beach? Even if you have not, you must have seen the type of chair they use on the beach – canvas or sling chair. If you like soft and flexible back support over hard materials like teak or stainless steel, you should consider getting a sling chair for your outdoor garden. However, every character of sling furniture is different. You need to pick which is the Best for you.


There are many chairs with soft back designs in the market. The most known one is made with a net, which could be found in office chairs. A Chair with a netback is nice, however, it does not last long if it is exposed to the outdoors; the sunlight and humidity will quickly tear it down.


The other one is the canvas chair, the one for outdoor furniture use on a budget; canvas fabric is vulnerable to natural elements for a long time period. You have to keep it away when it is not in use.



Alzette Stacking Chair, Duo Sling with Stainless Steel Frame Armchair


If you are treating your outdoor garden chair as a long-term investment, which you should anyway, we suggest you get one made out of proper outdoor material that is meant for outdoor use.


The best that you can find from the market so far, is made up of Upholstery Sling. Sling is like a combination of net and canvas, not only it is meshed, but also the comfortable texture you get from the canvas. Sling made of high tenacity polyester yarn coated with PVC. It is tear-resistant, lightweight, flexible, and extremely strong.


The mesh allows good air circulation while you are outdoors. Thus the seater will be able to enjoy the breeze, not only from the front but also from all angles. In addition, The upholstery has a uniform even weave that doesn’t overheat and slack in the sun, a maximum stretch of 3% that will return to its original shape due to the material’s “memory”, unlike canvas which will get dry out and torn apart. 



Rivera – Recliner Sling with Teak 


Sling mesh chairs usually come with teak or stainless steel frames to pair with this undestroyable material, both of which are weather resistant and perfect for all outdoor conditions like the patio, garden, and swimming pool side. Outdoor garden chairs made with Sling mesh can last for years of use without care. And it is likely to serve you and your family for a wonderful period of time


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