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8 Things To Consider Before Purchasing Your Outdoor Furniture

If you are the host for an outdoor home event whether it is for Christmas, New Years or even a casual get together with friends or family, you’d probably want it to feel comfortable and welcoming. The outdoors is the perfect way to spend time with loved ones under the sun, staring at the clouds and blue sky. Creating the perfect environment to savor the beauty of nature with style, but having the right outdoor furniture is crucial to bring a great outdoor experience.

So, we’ll like to give you 8 ways that you can make a long lasting impression that no one will ever forget!

1. Know What Style You’re Going For

So what ambiance are you going for?


A great outdoor furniture should bring you the feeling of comfort and coziness. Most importantly, It should represent YOU! Not everyone has the same style or taste and that’s what makes it so exciting! So make sure that you know the type of outdoor design you’re into that fits your home and also looking for a furniture that best represents that. This could be modern, traditional, contemporary, industrial and so much more!


Many people make the mistake of purchasing furniture just because of how the furniture looks, but it is important to make sure that it is fitting to the home and is a style that you want. Meeting with an interior designer could be a good option if you’re unsure of it. Nonetheless, if this is done correctly, people will be impressed with your exquisite taste and style that can for sure be a conversation starter.

Here are some outdoor lounge ideas for you!

Vento Sofa Sets 1


This Vento is a sofa collection with broad dimension that can fit everyone in the family. Rounded lines for the back rest, it develops downwards and adds a small element of curvature that creates a graceful touch. Conceived to smoothly coexist with natural environments even in the extreme weather. The golden color of the frame will blend beautifully to a contemporary outdoor space.


Emmelie Set Base1 1


The unique, airy design of the Emmelie chair, footstool, lounge chair and sofa collection is perfect for exquisite moments of warmth and closeness. Polymer cord armchair is woven around the arm & backrest, it has a low stretch factor and fade-resistant, keep being fresh all year without hindrance. Solid teakwood, sturdy and robust wood, in wide low seating is the key of this collection. The removable cushion is dressed in weather-resistant fabrics with quick dry foam padding, Emmelie allows you to decorate your outdoor area in a functional way.


Dotta Set 1


Extend your contemporary style outdoors with Dotta Single Seater. Interesting aesthetic touch of teak wood material that is mentioned quite often as the best outdoor material because of its durability and robust beauty. The consistent line frame indicating the play of light and shadow. Ideal for metropolitan spaces, restaurant, and rooftop lounge.


2. The Quality of The Outdoor Furniture



Quality is very important especially for outdoor furniture, this is because it needs to withstand the constant change in weather and still stay in excellent condition. That’s why, making sure that the furniture is made out of weatherproof material is equally as important as how it looks. Nonetheless, you’d want a furniture that is durable and long-lasting, ensuring that you get what you paid for. 


Here are some outdoor dining recommendations just for you

Signature Dining Set Base2


A roomy, rounded top is ready to welcome guests with the inner circle for interesting detail. The fact that there is no moisture absorption results in quick-drying action, little sensitivity to staining and simplicity in cleaning. This dining set is a perfect example of functional contemporary design, placed anywhere around the garden or pool area creates a beautiful outdoor dining and seating  experience.


Octa Set Base1


Enjoy cozy moments with the family around our elegant Octa table. Octa shows off the raw beauty of teak with a slatted top, while its trestle legs splay by powder-coated aluminum. Vento aluminum chair explores the design that forms a dialogue between harmony, shape, and space. Distinguished by the embrace of an aluminum frame, it bends into a circular shape. This curvature adds a graceful touch to the construction.


Dining 34


Functionality and aesthetic blend together to weave an ideal lounge space outside. Built of durable materials, the set allow guests to enjoy the meal for long periods at a time. All elements offer weatherproof quality. Inspired by low seating and deep comfort, this dining set will not lose its charm even after years of intensive use. Perfect for outdoor use in balcony, porch, backyard, rooftop on all climates.

3. The Size and Dimensions


Making sure you get the correct dimensions for the outdoor furniture is crucial before purchase. The worst things that could happen is buying a furniture then realizing that it doesn’t fit well on your patio or outdoor space. So make sure you do some measurements before making the purchase to ensure you do not make this mistake!


   Vino 2Seat Tera Dims4. Teakwood For The Outdoors

Teak has been a valued material for outdoor furniture for a long time. It is known to be weather resistant and is not susceptible to breaking or cracking. What’s so great about Teakwood is that it is long-lasting and low maintenance. There is nothing to worry about when you’re using teakwood material and also due to the fact that it looks absolutely stunning and complementary to any space.

Tessin Slider1 New
5. Visit The Showroom 


Showroom Triconville

Visiting the showroom could be a great way to have a better feel of the outdoor furniture before making any big purchase. You get to have a first-hand experience on what the furniture could look and feel like in your home. Other than that, you can receive advice from industry experts that may be able to help you with your decisions or if you have any queries. At Triconville, our professionals are well trained and are always at your service to answer any of your questions or if you have doubts. 

6. Maintenance & Care  

Nopath Copy 9@2X Scaled

The maintenance and care for the outdoor furnitures relates heavily to the quality of material used for the outdoor product. How much effort are you willing to put in maintaining your outdoor furnitures? At Triconville, we have minimal maintenance and an easy to care feature as our outdoor furnitures are designed to withstand harsh weathers and are incredibly durable. 

7. Know The Source of The Products 

It is a good idea to know where the products are made and sourced. For Triconville’s outdoor furniture, all the products are designed and manufactured by Triconville in their factories in Indonesia. This is where the mother of woods and materials are sourced. Teakwood is known as the best wooden material for high end furniture. Nonetheless, making them quality furniture that is long-lasting and durable.



Knowing the source of the products can contribute significantly to understand the value of the furniture. Ensuring that the manufacturers has good reputation can determine the quality of furnitures that are being produced. 



8. Craftsmanship

Luxe Daybed Base
The craftsmanship of the products is an important aspect to ensure that the outdoor furniture is carefully and skillfully made with attention to detail. It’s good to do some inspection of the workmanship of the outdoor furniture or of a particular company. The outdoor furniture should be unique, personalized and not too complicated. But more importantly, you would be able to tell if it was through great craftsmanship or not. 



So how exactly do you determine good craftsmanship in furniture?


There are a lot of factors to take into consideration when determining the craftsmanship of an outdoor furniture. This could be the colour, design and the overall style of the furniture. However, good craftsmanship should also show that it is able to last and that you’re getting your money’s worth.

Here are 3 ways:


  1. Structure Base – The base of the furniture should be stable. The base could be made out metal or wood. Nonetheless, It should be made out of quality material and that it does not ‘wobble’ or shake when being used. At Triconville, we use materials like teakwood, powder coated aluminum, stainless steel bases to make sure that all outdoor furniture made and designed by us covers all the needed essentials to remain strong and durable in any weather condition.


  2. Determine Fabrics & materials used – Analyzing the type of fabrics or materials used and ensuring it is good material would be a great way in ensuring good craftsmanship. For outdoor furniture, fabrics and materials used for manufacturing it has a lot of differences with indoor furniture. Always exposed to sun and rain, outdoor materials used have to make sure that they last in harsh conditions.


    At Triconville, we use the best materials which are long-lasting weather resistant as well as environmentally-friendly. Materials like high quality olefin fabrics, acrylic fabrics, mashed up with 304 stainless steel, teakwood and aluminum make our products the best ones you can find for your outdoors.


  3. Analyse the construction – Making sure that the particular furniture is easy to use and is smooth is a great sign. For example, do the chairs make a creaking sound when sitting on it? Do the cushion dry faster after it rains?




So there are all the 8 things to consider before purchasing an outdoor furniture. Hope this has brought some light or guidance for your purchase. Having some time to do some close research and inspection of the furniture could be a great way to get a bang for the buck. Nonetheless, the choice of your furniture should create a good outdoor experience that can work for any special occasion.


The beauty of your outdoors and our outdoor furniture will bring out the best in any home. It can also create an excellent conversation starter for anyone that enters. We need the right furniture because it boosts comfortability, convenience and also beauty, depending on what furniture you need. Making sure that it is improving your life in some way is the important aspect of purchasing furniture.


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