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Top 5 Latest Weatherproof Outdoor Teak Wood Sofas For RM10,000 2024

Luke weatherproof outdoor teak wood sofa

Teak wood furniture is renowned for its timeless beauty and durability, making it a coveted choice for discerning homeowners. However, the premium quality of teak wood comes with a price tag, and when it comes to outdoor teak wood sofa, the costs tend to escalate due to the specialized treatments for enhanced durability. In this article, we delve into the realm of outdoor teak wood sofas, exploring options that combine both quality and affordability within a budget of RM 10,000. Let’s discover how you can adorn your outdoor spaces with elegant teak wood sofas without breaking the bank.

1. Rae 2-seater & single seater outdoor teak wood sofa

Rae outdoor teak wood sofa. 3-seater, 2-seater, single seater.

Kicking off our list is the Rae Collection, a perfect amalgamation of modern sophistication and comfort with its 2-seater and single seater combo priced at RM 7,320. This collection is tailored for homeowners who appreciate a dominant boxy square design, perfect for showcasing the inherent beauty of teak wood. 

Crafted from high-quality reclaimed teak wood, the Rae Collection effortlessly enhances your outdoor oasis. Its premium fabric ensures resistance to water, stains, and fading, making it a durable and stylish choice for those who seek to highlight the natural allure of their outdoor furniture.


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2. Luke 2-seater & single seater outdoor teak wood sofa

Next on our list is the Luke Collection, offering space-saving elegance with its low-profile teak wood design. Priced at RM 8,569 for the wide outdoor sofa, Luke is tailored for those who appreciate a minimalist approach to outdoor furniture. The flat rope woven around the teak wood frame adds a touch of style, while the leaned backrest ensures the utmost comfort. Luke’s low-profile teak wood design makes it an ideal choice for those looking to maximize space without compromising on elegance in their outdoor setting.


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3. Trent 2-seater & single seater outdoor teak wood sofa

Trent collection. 2-seater & single seater outdoor teak wood sofa.

Now, let’s delve into the Trent Collection, a testament to deep seating, durability, and the art of showcasing teak wood. Priced at RM 8,960.00, the 2-seater and single seater combo offers a similar design profile to Rae, with a dominant emphasis on highlighting the natural beauty of teak wood. This collection is crafted for those who appreciate a design that showcases the richness and warmth of teak wood.

Adding practicality to the mix, Trent’s wide armrests not only provide stability but also serve as convenient spots to place drinks while enjoying outdoor gatherings. With its solid frame made of natural teak wood and Quick-Dry Foam for deep seating, the Trent Collection combines aesthetics and functionality seamlessly. 


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4. Vento 2-seater & single seater outdoor teak wood sofa

Vento collection. 2-seater & single seater outdoor teak wood sofa.

The next sofa combo on our list is the Vento Collection, where elegance takes center stage with its captivating organic curved design. Priced at RM 9,840.00 for the 2-seater and single seater combo, Vento stands out not only for its remarkable weather endurance but also for the graceful aesthetics it brings to your outdoor space.

The curved design imparts an organic feel to the overall appearance, creating a sophisticated atmosphere in your outdoor haven. Boasting wide cushions for extra comfort, Vento ensures that style seamlessly combines with relaxation. Crafted from premium grade teak wood with a natural fine sanded surface, this collection promises a lifetime of service, making it a valuable investment for those who appreciate both durability and design in their outdoor furniture. Experience elevated outdoor living with the graceful curves and comfort of the Vento Collection.


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5. Dotta 2-seater & single seater outdoor teak wood sofa


Last but certainly not least, our top pick for this list is the Dotta Collection, a contemporary masterpiece that effortlessly blends teak wood design with a captivating play of light and shadow. Priced at RM 10,200.00 for the 2-seater and single seater combo, Dotta stands out as a modern and versatile addition to elevate your outdoor space.

The Dotta Collection takes center stage with its unique slitted lines, creating a mesmerizing interplay of light and shadow that adds an extra layer of sophistication to its design. Crafted from premium grade teak wood with a smooth surface finish, this collection seamlessly merges durability with style, promising a lifetime of service.


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In conclusion, it’s worth noting that each of the collections mentioned not only provides a 2-seater and single seater combo within the budget of RM 10,000 but also offers a 3-seater option, extending the possibilities for larger outdoor settings without exceeding your budget.


Rae 3-seater

Luke 3-seater

Trent 3-seater

Vento 3-seater

Dotta 3-seater


What adds to the allure of these collections is the versatility they offer. You aren’t limited to a single design – feel free to mix and match different collections to create a more varied and personalized look in your outdoor space. Whether you prefer the modern elegance of Rae, the space-saving design of Luke, the deep seating comfort of Trent, the graceful curves of Vento, or the contemporary allure of Dotta, the options are limitless for creating an outdoor sanctuary that suits your unique taste.

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