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4 Things to Consider to Choose Lounger For Your Outdoor Patio

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Whether you are planning to enjoy a cup of cocktail or get a nice sun tanning session on your patio, getting a lounger can be a quick getaway from work; needless to spend money and time travelling overseas. 


Besides, it has been proven that we will be healthier if we are surrounded by fresh air. This helps to keep our mental and physical strength and also boosts our daily productivity. Thus, you need two things to achieve this, first, choose a place where you can get a nice view of the sunset, and second the most important thing is, to get yourself an outdoor lounger.


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                                                                                                       Gazelig Lounger no Arms


If this is your first time buying a lounger for your patio, this can be thought of as it is not everyone’s must-have furniture. In addition, people tend to use a regular chair for this purpose unknowingly not only it is not the proper furniture, but also the natural elements can quickly tear down the furniture. Therefore, we have come out with a quick and easy buyer’s guide on how to choose a lounger for your outdoor patio below, and break it down into 4 things that you should consider before buying –


1. Lounger Portability 

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                                                                                                          Rivera Flat Lounger


Chasing the shade is no longer the thing you do while you are a little kid; if you are not planning to get a parasol to provide you with some shade, you might need to move it as the sun moves. The same goes for chasing the sun for tanning, you will need to find yourself a good spot with an adequate amount of sunlight.


Therefore, having the option to move your it around is an important buying concern. Some loungers come with two rubber wheels on one end, and you can lift it up and it is ready to roll to your desired destination. Whereas some come with no wheels but fixed legs, and these are more suitable for you if portability is not your concern. Despite the reasons above, it is best to avoid natural elements as much as possible, especially if it is padded with cushions, in which you might want to keep it away from the rain. However, the lesser the moving parts, the longer it lasts – understand your need and spend your money wisely!


2. Adjustability

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                                                                                                                Siro Lounger


Having the option to transform your lounger into a daybed can be a good bonus. Sometimes you need tanning, you lay completely flat and enjoy the session; whereas other times you just want to spend your evening reading books, while catching some fresh air and ideas – either one requires different back angles.


Sun tanning bed with adjustable back is quite common as the demand for versatility is trendy. Some of them even come with an ergonomic design to fit your back comfortably,  suitable for those who don’t prefer a flat back. 


3. Padded Or Non-Padded

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                                                                                                   Gazelig Loungers with Arms


If you prefer soft and cushioned support, then padding it with a cushion is a must. Since it is for the patio, you have to make sure that the cushion has a weather-resistant feature or the cushion will be torn apart in no time.


The padded lounger has both pros and cons. If it is placed next to a swimming pool, in which condition you will most likely sit on the lounger right after some swimming, and the cushion can become nasty as it contacts with water – you might want to leave it without padding in this case. Although we have mentioned getting the cushion with weather resistant option, it is best to keep the cushion away from natural elements like rain and direct sunlight as much as possible, in order to maintain its best shape and quality in the long run.


If you wish to have both soft back support and ease of care, you can opt for Batyline-made lounger, which gives flexible support with no padding.


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                                                                                                                Alzette Lounger

4. Materials Made for Outdoor

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                                                                                                                    Snix Lounger


The most vital one for you to consider is the material. A wrong choice of material for your lounger can be devastating as the lounger ain’t cheap, and you will not wish to purchase them once every few months, just because it cannot last. Therefore, take your it as an investment which can serve you well for years.


The best lounger for an outdoor patio or swimming pool is constructed in treated teak, synthetic wicker, powder-coated aluminium, and stainless steel frame, each of these has its own style and features. For instance, a synthetic wicker-made can be stylish as it is flexible to form many shapes, whereas powder-coated aluminium is lightweight and easy to move around when needed. The teak wood-made lounger gives natural look and feels while stainless steel provides a firm base and support for all occasions.


All of these materials are meant for outdoor which can last for years of use without special care. They can be costly but in long run but it is worth the investment. To extend the lifespan of your teak lounger we’ve shared simple tips here!

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