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6 Reason To Use Powder-Coated Aluminium for Your Outdoors




Powder-coated aluminium is now found on a huge number of items that you interact with consistently. From your outdoor furniture and cutting apparatuses to your espresso machine and kid’s den, powder coating enhances the roughest, hardest hardware and the other household products you rely upon every day. It is a lifetime use for any metal product like aluminium because it offers durability, long-lasting features, and a decent paint finish for your furniture. The hardness it carries makes it all weatherproof, protects from rust, and at the same time, makes it easier to bend any part of the furniture without being peeled, chipped, or colour faded.


image1                                                                                                                                     Gera Bench


Traditional paint will chip over time. It will leave solvents or unpredictable natural mixes (VOC) which will be hazardous to children or an adult themselves. It might cause some irritation depending on individual conditions. Painted furniture will get ruined quicker due to the weather conditions, rain and shine. Hence why you should opt for powder-coated furniture instead for your outdoors.


The powder-coating process is much longer because it has to be powder-coated and sealed in the oven. It takes layers and layers of powder to coat the aluminium to make sure the powder coat it wholly and give an elegant yet seamless look. In general powder coating is safer than traditional painting.


image6                                                                                                                   Celyna Dining Arm Chair 

Environmentally Friendly

Powder coating does not harm the environment, since it does not consist of any chemicals which carry many short- or long-term health effects germs. The waste is not dangerous too; it can be disposed of easily by burying it under the soil. 


On the other hand, wet paint contains unsafe chemicals that have been demonstrated to exhaust the ozone and make dangerous waste that should be discarded in a more complex way. You cannot simply dispose of it through the stream or the soil as it will totally harm the environment. It will cause the soil to be intoxicated. The good organism inside the soil will die making it infertile and cannot grow any plants.


We wouldn’t want to add more nature disaster footprint, would we?


image2                                                                                                                                   Dexa 3 Seater

Production Advantages 

From the view of product creation, the greatest advantage is when the powder-covered product comes out of the machine – it is totally dried within 20 minutes and ready to be put to work. Standard fluid paints can take days to totally dry out and rely upon environmental conditions. When it’s just applied, even though it is still excessively hot and impossible to touch, you can truly give a powder-covered product to work with something, and no need to stress over destroying the paint.


Likewise, regarding creation effectiveness, powder coating requires less waste overspray and less hazard for runs and other disasters; it has become important craftsmanship and skill that is taught to the production department.


                                                                                                           Ruby Dining Chair



Powder coating comes with a variety of choices in colour and finishes which makes it so versatile. It all depends on the specific application of the product. Whether you prefer metallic, high or low-level shine and clear finishes, they are able to be powder coated. While colour coordinating is somewhat more troublesome with fluid covering than it is with powder covering – an accomplished powder covering expert can guarantee a quality covering in the right shading.


image8                                                                                                                          Gazelig Loungers No Arms

Less Toxic

Solvent-based coatings carry chemicals that sometimes get mixed in the air and pollute it, especially when the products are warmed and electrified. It needs no telling that it can be life hazardous and toxic for workers in the factory as well as the environment. However, it can likewise require more broad air treatment and fumes frameworks to eliminate any confusion air. Powder coatings radiate insignificant measures of lethal mixes, and up to 98 per cent of the spray released can be gathered for re-utilize.



                                                                                                                  Jardin Round Dining Table

Cost Effective

When it comes to competitive advantage, powder coating beats in cost efficiency. Truth be told, many powder coatings cost not as much as coating framed from fluid paint, since powders are solid and give 100 percent of it for material use. The covering line can be totally computerized and requires next to no support. Besides with the help of powder recovery frameworks, 98 percent of it can be reused again – such a save of money!


On the other hand, liquid spray cannot be recycled; once it is used, you must buy it again. But the greatest benefit lies within the true thickness of the surface, after the coating with the ease of drying; the coating that uses solvent-based gets evaporated in the process of making.


When it comes to manufacturing outdoor furniture, Triconville Malaysia always picks the one that lasts longer with a weather resistance feature – but of course, we want something that looks good too, that’s why we exclusively manufacture many of our outdoor furniture with powder-coated aluminium frame.



                                                                                                                                 Dexa 2 Seater

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