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Triconville’s Best-Selling Outdoor Furniture All Year Round

                                                                                                         Ruby Modular Sofa


Finding the best outdoor furniture can be time-consuming. There are indefinite elements to check prior to a selection to ensure we are happy with a piece of outdoor furniture. One of the easiest ways to determine which furniture satisfies customers the most is by simply looking through a brand’s best-selling collections!


For the past delightful years, we have been providing the best outdoor furniture within the market to over 20 countries and growing. We offer unique choices of modern and stylish collections to create the most out of your personalized spaces. At Triconville, there is nothing more that we prioritize than our customers’ heart content.


Amongst our extensive line of products, we would like to share with you our best-selling outdoor furniture all year round.

Alzette Stacking Arm Chair

                                                                                                              Alzette Stacking Armchair


Our Alzette Stacking Armchairs are everything you need in outdoor furniture set-up. This versatile dining chair is practical and aesthetically pleasing wherever it goes. That’s why this tops our best-selling list. Our customers love the idea behind our Alzette Stacking Armchairs as much as we do! 


The dining chairs are made of Batyline from Serge Ferrari Germany and 304 marine grade stainless steel which offer the best materials quality. They are ideal for places with high saline content such as coastal and beach areas. You can leave your Alzette chairs outdoors, stress-free due to its stainless steel frame that is rust and corrosion-resistant.

Gazelig Stacking Arm Chair

                                                                                                     Gazelig Stacking Armchair


The Gazelig Stacking armchair extends the carefree charm of an upholstered sling with a powder-coated aluminium frame. It comes with soft and comfortable paddings, so you don’t need a separate pillow. 


The frame is powder coated to prevent rust and corrosion. Teak accent on the armrest to give comfort and warmth during cold nights. This combination allows you to lay outdoors for long periods of time with minimal maintenance. You can easily clean your furniture with a simple water hose. Constructed from carefully selected materials that can withstand all weather conditions.


Siro Dining Table

                                                                                                               Siro Dining Table


One of the greatest features of a dining table design is having multiple sizes. Flexibility in outdoor furniture has become an important factor when it comes to selecting outdoor dining tables. Different families have different requirements to fulfil and our Siro Dining Tables cater for all.


The table is well-designed using 304 marine-grade stainless steel and kiln-dried grade A teak wood. These two materials are of most durable making them perfect for outdoor usage. With the thought of our valued customers in mind, the tables come in multiple sizes which range from 90cm square top to 210cm rectangular top with further extensions. This design variability offers options to users depending on their family requirements, space dimensions, and habitual usage.

Planka Dining Table

                                                                                                           Planka Dining Table


We know that a lot of people love a good solid dining table top that elevates the entire outdoor ambience. Planka Dining Table speaks of elegance in a dining setup featuring its signature tabletop design made of 3 solid teak wood planks. The planka dining table with powder-coated aluminium legs has different finishes from asteroid, white pearl, terracotta, dark taupe and olive green.


The finishes options give customers the choice to match the dining table colour to their preferred outdoor concept. Planka Dining Table is weather-resistant, water-resistant, rust and corrosion-proof, and able to accommodate 6-8 persons altogether.

Vento Teak Single Seater

                                                                                                          Vento Teak Single Seater


Our Vento Teak Single Seater has been our all-time customers’ favourites due to its maintenance-free condition and durability. This single-seater sofa is graceful beyond words. It is made of Grade A kiln-dried teak wood which makes this sofa an elegant selection for outdoor usage. 


The Vento sofa shows a wood grain pattern that catches every sunbeam. The finely polished natural teak gives it a classic wooden charm that will stand up to year-round outdoor use.  The wide profile gives you more space to recline and move easily. The round shape matches the Aspen coffee table, which consists of a coffee table, a side table and a low table. It’s a real eye-catcher and looks great in the garden, porch, or backyard near the pool.

Rivera Beach Chair

                                                                                                                    Rivera Beach Chair


Nothing beats a practical design. As users of our own products, we know what’s best for our customers. Our principle is to produce furniture that is practical, functional, and appealing to the eyes. Our Rivera Beach Chair is the foldable version of our loungers where you can carry easily. Its mobility and flexibility help users to pack and bring it where ever they go – summer homes, vacations, and even to their nearest beach. 


The chair design is ergonomic and comfortable befitting to all shapes and sizes. The best part is this Batyline fabric is available in a variety of colours for you to choose according to your themes and preferences.

Alzette Lounger

                                                                                                            Alzette Lounger


Triconville’s outdoor furniture sets wouldn’t be complete without its loungers collections. Alzette Loungers is our all-time best-selling loungers due to their impermeable materials and durability. It is made of a 304-grade stainless steel frame and Batyline fabric which is resistant to chlorine and saltwater. This quality is one of the main reasons why Alzette Loungers became our customers’ main preference, especially for outdoor coastal areas and beaches.


The Batyline fabric is tear-proof and even has a maximum elasticity of up to 3% over its life span! With Alzette Loungers, your lounging days are now worry-free.


As you can see, most of our best-selling products are best sellers because of their quality and meticulous designs. We can’t stress enough how we prioritize these two features to be incorporated thoroughly in all of our products across all collections.


After reading through our top best-selling items, which one do you think is your favourite?


Bought To You By Triconville Malaysia – An Exclusive Outdoor Furniture Manufacturer And Distributor.

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