Why Triconville Malaysia Should Supply Outdoor Furniture For Your Next Project

Unlike other industrials where you can start operating relatively easy, manufacturing furniture takes more than just capital to start with – it is a large scale manufacturing line which involves a large factory to run everything smoothly, especially for outdoor furniture manufacturing in which the source of materials is challenging. 

Outdoor furniture requires special kinds of materials to build its furniture, as the materials must possess great resistance to natural and harsh elements such as direct UV sunlight and moist. Indoor furniture, on the other hand, can be made up of materials ranges from easily accessible (such as plastic) to rare ones. 

Teak wood, for instance, is a popular choice for outdoor furniture, due to the fact that its natural and unique appearance. However, as we all know, it is challenging to get the resource as it takes time for teak tree to grow. That’s the reason why most people will avoid starting outdoor furniture manufacturing line, and rather take finished products from others. 

Triconville Malaysia, nevertheless, has constant supply of teak wood from legal plantation in Indonesia with advanced equipment to safely and quickly turn the precious teak wood into ready material. Hences, Triconville Malaysia is capable of making all kinds of wooden furniture designs in a large scale, and most outdoor furniture distributors are confident to work with Triconville. 

wicker dining arm chair
Outdoor Dining Bar Chair

Beside the materials, experience is unarguably the most important in all respects. Triconville Malaysia not only has been in outdoor furniture manufacturing industry for more than 10 years, it is also specialized in furniture hospitality projects. It has accomplished more than 100 hospitality projects in both international and domestic areas, including Germany, United States,  Dubai, and of course Malaysia – so next time if you happen to enjoy your holiday by the beach, Triconville’s furniture could be serving you. 

Being able to supply custom made furniture is an advantage, Triconville Malaysia didn’t stop there – it has its own designs for over 300 collections for dining table, dining chair, lounger, sofa, bench, etc. Most of the time, designers and architects look for ready made furniture, that is why Triconville Malaysia has manufactures furniture styles from tradition to contemporary to meet the variety of demand. 

teak wood extendable dining table
Single Extension Table

When you come to Triconville Malaysia, you will be given professional consultation on your projects – how the arrangement should go, how to setup the theme efficiency, and what materials are best for different scenarios. You will be absolutely taken care from the beginning of the project till the end. 

Quality, last but not least, is Triconville Malaysia’s core focus. Owing to the fact that long exposure of natural elements can impact furniture, therefore all furniture comes from Triconville Malaysia has been undergone a series of quality check. Of course, all furniture is protected by 3 years warranty. 

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