Teak Flooring For Indoor & Outdoor (Top 3 Reasons)

Flooring can be neglected sometimes, since it is on the ground and out of your eye level, for most of the time. However, a well-designed flooring can be a game changer – it changes the overall theme of your home, and offers the kind of surrounding that you are looking for. When the house is done building, it is usually finished with concrete flooring, which is not entirely bad, but you can do more. Most people do porcelain and ceramic tile for their flooring, in which you can expect it to be on modern side of the design. There are many more choices when it comes to flooring, such as artificial grass, brick, rubber flooring, foam tiles, and carpet, depending on it is on indoor or outdoor. However, if you want to bring the coziness of your home into next level, choose teak flooring, here is why –

Teak Flooring

Natural Look And Feel

Do you remember the time spending by the beach, or on top of the mountain? Wasn’t that the best feeling you’ve ever had? We all love nature, it recharges us with natural energy and a sense of relaxation. So why not bring it home? You can have your flooring installed with wood, as it resembles the nature. It is usually grain finished, that kind of unorganized pattern on top of each pieces is what makes wood flooring outstanding than others.

There are many types of wood you can choose for flooring however, the best and relatively affordable type is teak, especially the treated teak, which is more durable and resistant to daily wear, as we will discuss more next.


Durable and Low Maintenance

Unlike other composition wood, treated teak wood is dense and solid enough to withstand massive furniture on top, great for daily heavy tear and wear. In addition, teak flooring can be cleaned easily with water and soap. Yes you didn’t read that wrong, water is probably the biggest enemy to wood made furniture, as water can cause rotting and other problems. Treated teak, however, does not absorb the water or any liquid stain – you can clean it fairy easily, just as you would to concrete floor. If you are interested to know more about how to clean teak furniture, you can read here.

Moreover, teak flooring is usually finished with natural oil, giving it even strong resistant to scratch – pets owners, you can worry free with your teak flooring as your pets can do nothing to it.

Teak Flooring

Suitable for Both Indoor And Outdoor

Installing wood flooring outside your house, such as patio and garden, people are skeptical about it, usually, as the natural elements such as direct sunlight, heat, and water, can damage the wood itself. However, as mentioned, teak is dense and finished with oil content on the surface, leaving water or high level of humidity has no chance to penetrate it, which can prevent pests, fungal stains, mold, and other damages that can possibly shorten its lifespan – thus, teak flooring is perfect for your outdoor garden or patio, and say bye to boring concrete floor that you see on your neighbor’s patio.

In addition, teak flooring is specially treated in which it does not crack, even it has been staying outdoor and extensive amount of heat. The natural oil content, on the other hand, not only it helps preventing water from penetrating, it is fire resistant too, owing to the nature of oil.

The only downside for outdoor flooring is, the direct sunlight will fade out the shinny color of teak; it will look like the natural color of teak, which is gray-ish brown, but the quality itself remains the same. It can be fixed easily by reapplying the teak oil and your teak flooring will look just as new as you bought yesterday. Alternatively, you can cover partially or fully the teak flooring with carpet if desired, for extending its oil lifespan.

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