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4 Helpful Tips To Protect Your Outdoor Furniture From Rust



Metal-made outdoor furniture is commonly used for the outdoors. It is exquisite and alluring, and it upgrades the atmosphere of the patio. Metal furniture is tough with significant support – generally, it stands up well to climate changes and limits, so it requires no stress over the presentation of the components. In any case, metal is prone to rust, and this is one of the issues for your metal furniture.


Warmth and salty water also quicken the advancement of rust. In the event that one thing can ruin the magnificence of your metal patio furniture, it is rust. Fortunately, there are measures you can take to anticipate rusting. Following are valuable tips on counteractive action to rust.


1. Keep your Outdoor Furniture Dry And Clean

Whenever water or dampness sets on the metal furniture of your patio, it encourages the way toward rusting. Furniture made from metal has more excellent resistance to water impacts than other materials like wicker or wooden furniture. It is good to keep it dry as much as possible. If water remains on the furniture surface for a long period of time, this will encourage rust to settle in. It is always good practice to mop off any water with the assistance of a delicate cloth.


                                                                                                            Dexa Outdoor DIning Chair

2. Wax Protects from Rust

A glue wax gives magnificent assurance from rusting on account of its waterproof capability. It also helps in keeping up the splendid aspect of your outdoor living furniture. Before applying any wax, it is necessary for you to keep the furniture clean. You need to hold up until the furniture is totally dry, before applying glue wax. Use a paintbrush to apply the wax on the surface of the furniture; be sure to reach the outreach places like splits and holes as it is important to wax each and every part. A small part unattended can lead the whole piece of furniture to ruination.


What about the painted furniture? If you have colourful lounges set up on your patio or garden, you can make a quick restoration by applying rust-proof paint with matching colours on them. Not only splashing a new layer of paint with rust proof gives new look, but also revives them with another shading and an extra layer of shield. Most importantly, keep them under observation more frequently and take action when needed.


                                                                                                     Gazelig Outdoor Lounger No Arms

3. Provide Adequate Cover

When you have finished applying the glue wax, permit adequate time to dry out properly before moving it to the next step – upholstery.


Keeping your furniture all warm and covered with a softly padded textile covers gives your furniture an astounding look and provides necessary security from harsh components like fog, dust, and the sun. Utilize pads, seat backs, and arm covers on your metal patio seats to decrease the presentation of dampness and warmth, which limits the rate of rust. Even furniture with glass tops like coffee or dining table is a good way to keep out of the UV rays by letting them through.


                                                                                                       Pianeta Lounge Armchair

4. Keep It Covered When Not in Use

                                                                                                                      Gazelig Lounger 


Metal furniture is viewed as rigid and can remain outside for longer periods. Nonetheless, it is a good habit to keep and protect your furniture with care, particularly when it is not being used. When winter knocks at your door, you do not sit outside for the fear of catching a chill in your bones. Therefore, providing shelter for this unused patio furniture and putting them under a shed or secured zone area, will protect them from the harsh components and weather. You can as well get a custom-made furniture cover, which is weather-resistant, to cover your outdoor furniture throughout these periods.


If you take a glance at the garden of almost every home and some places like the trees, bushes, and grass, you will undoubtedly discover metal – grill flame broils, handrails and fences are just a portion of the metal highlight the spaces outside of your patio entryways. On account of metal’s merited behaviour for durability, we don’t frequently consider the material’s upkeep necessities.


However, if the matter is about to rust, then it leads to the part of facing the mortal enemy. Homeowners must guarantee that their metal belongings like iron, aluminium, or steel, continue looking and playing out their absolute best and conceive a long-lasting period of life.


Bought To You By Triconville Malaysia – An Exclusive Outdoor Furniture Manufacturer And Distributor.

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4 Things to Consider to Choose Lounger For Your Outdoor Patio


Whether you are planning to enjoy a cup of cocktail or get a nice sun tanning session on your patio, getting a lounger can be a quick getaway from work; needless to spend money and time travelling overseas. 


Besides, it has been proven that we will be healthier if we are surrounded by fresh air. This helps to keep our mental and physical strength and also boosts our daily productivity. Thus, you need two things to achieve this, first, choose a place where you can get a nice view of the sunset, and second the most important thing is, to get yourself an outdoor lounger.


                                                                                                       Gazelig Lounger no Arms


If this is your first time buying a lounger for your patio, this can be thought of as it is not everyone’s must-have furniture. In addition, people tend to use a regular chair for this purpose unknowingly not only it is not the proper furniture, but also the natural elements can quickly tear down the furniture. Therefore, we have come out with a quick and easy buyer’s guide on how to choose a lounger for your outdoor patio below, and break it down into 4 things that you should consider before buying –


1. Lounger Portability 

                                                                                                          Rivera Flat Lounger


Chasing the shade is no longer the thing you do while you are a little kid; if you are not planning to get a parasol to provide you with some shade, you might need to move it as the sun moves. The same goes for chasing the sun for tanning, you will need to find yourself a good spot with an adequate amount of sunlight.


Therefore, having the option to move your it around is an important buying concern. Some loungers come with two rubber wheels on one end, and you can lift it up and it is ready to roll to your desired destination. Whereas some come with no wheels but fixed legs, and these are more suitable for you if portability is not your concern. Despite the reasons above, it is best to avoid natural elements as much as possible, especially if it is padded with cushions, in which you might want to keep it away from the rain. However, the lesser the moving parts, the longer it lasts – understand your need and spend your money wisely!


2. Adjustability

                                                                                                                Siro Lounger


Having the option to transform your lounger into a daybed can be a good bonus. Sometimes you need tanning, you lay completely flat and enjoy the session; whereas other times you just want to spend your evening reading books, while catching some fresh air and ideas – either one requires different back angles.


Sun tanning bed with adjustable back is quite common as the demand for versatility is trendy. Some of them even come with an ergonomic design to fit your back comfortably,  suitable for those who don’t prefer a flat back. 


3. Padded Or Non-Padded

                                                                                                   Gazelig Loungers with Arms


If you prefer soft and cushioned support, then padding it with a cushion is a must. Since it is for the patio, you have to make sure that the cushion has a weather-resistant feature or the cushion will be torn apart in no time.


The padded lounger has both pros and cons. If it is placed next to a swimming pool, in which condition you will most likely sit on the lounger right after some swimming, and the cushion can become nasty as it contacts with water – you might want to leave it without padding in this case. Although we have mentioned getting the cushion with weather resistant option, it is best to keep the cushion away from natural elements like rain and direct sunlight as much as possible, in order to maintain its best shape and quality in the long run.


If you wish to have both soft back support and ease of care, you can opt for Batyline-made lounger, which gives flexible support with no padding.


                                                                                                                Alzette Lounger

4. Materials Made for Outdoor

                                                                                                                    Snix Lounger


The most vital one for you to consider is the material. A wrong choice of material for your lounger can be devastating as the lounger ain’t cheap, and you will not wish to purchase them once every few months, just because it cannot last. Therefore, take your it as an investment which can serve you well for years.


The best lounger for an outdoor patio or swimming pool is constructed in treated teak, synthetic wicker, powder-coated aluminium, and stainless steel frame, each of these has its own style and features. For instance, a synthetic wicker-made can be stylish as it is flexible to form many shapes, whereas powder-coated aluminium is lightweight and easy to move around when needed. The teak wood-made lounger gives natural look and feels while stainless steel provides a firm base and support for all occasions.


All of these materials are meant for outdoor which can last for years of use without special care. They can be costly but in long run but it is worth the investment. To extend the lifespan of your teak lounger we’ve shared simple tips here!

Bought To You By Triconville Malaysia – An Exclusive Outdoor Furniture Manufacturer And Distributor.

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Differences Between Parasol And Umbrella


Going out in the morning is excellent for your mental health and to make sure you get enough vitamin D. However, getting exposed to the sun directly for long hours, especially during the afternoon will affect your skin, health and even immune system. It helps if you have a physical shade with you such as a parasol to protect you from the harsh UV rays. Research has also proven that excessive amounts of ultraviolet (UV) light from the sun will have a negative impact on your health, such as severe sunburn or allergy. 


It is important to apply sunscreen every time you are exposed to the sun to protect your skin. However, if it is too hot say in the afternoon, you are advised to also use physical sunblocks such as a hat or an umbrella.

 You may have heard of a parasol, but you probably have no idea the difference between a parasol and an umbrella. They may look similar but it is two completely different item serving two different purposes. Unsure to get yourself a parasol or an umbrella? Let us help you! Here we will share some fun facts about these two life-saving inventions.



It’s a portable and lightweight device that is made up of plastic or fabric that is stretched over a series of hinges. They are all connected to the central body, which is usually curved at the end for you to carry it with ease. When not in use, you can collapse it and transport it with you.


It is typically used to protect one from rain and wet weather, as well as the sun. Therefore, the fabric or the plastic is made up of waterproof material that the water will not penetrate. Nowadays the umbrella comes with some creative functions and designs, such as an extendable umbrella which can be shrunk to the size of your water bottle, or a cooling system inside the umbrella – not only does it provide shade for you, but also a breeze, how cool is that?



                                                                                              Ocean Parasol Frame Round 300


If you look closely, the design of a parasol it a bit different compared to an umbrella. Umbrella is more concave looking while a parasol is straight. This is because it is mainly meant for providing shade as It is made up of thick fabric, it could be cotton or canopy fabric. Hence, it is only water-resistant and not waterproof.


If you like those ancient movie series, you must have seen Parasol before. It is usually used by loyal families or nobles and it is dedicated and pretty, especially in Europe. The origin of it goes back to ancient Egypt where the maids or bearers were holding parasols, which were made up of a big piece of palm leaf or feather, to shade their masters. You can hardly see anybody using it now though unless it is for wedding photography purposes.



However, you do see, probably have used another type of parasol before, which is a patio parasol. It is made for outdoor environments, which means it is made up of weather and stretch-resistant material like Sunbrella – it is a high-quality outdoor fabric sling commonly found in all outdoor upholstery. 


You can find it mostly at the beach, swimming pool and garden. It is huge and larger than an umbrella and usually can cover and shade more than one person at once. In addition, it is not meant to be portable and therefore has no handle at the end; instead, it is used with a parasol stand which is made up of wrought iron for its strong stability and resistance to wind.

                                                                                                                 Parasol Stand

If you are looking for some patio parasols with high-quality teakwood to complete your garden decoration, you can visit the largest outdoor furniture store.

Bought To You By Triconville Malaysia – An Exclusive Outdoor Furniture Manufacturer And Distributor.

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Benefits of Having Sectional Sofa For Your Outdoor


You might be thinking a sectional sofa set is for people who have less space for a standard sofa setup for their outdoors– you are wrong. Furnishing and decorating your garden is art, it is like painting on canvas; it’s a place to express your creativity. Sectional sofas are like puzzles, that you can arrange wherever you see fit; the only difference is, it has no limitation for combination. 


Sectional sofa set usually comes with a single seat, 2-seater, 3- seater, corner seat, middle seat, & left or right arm sofa, not to mention they are made in different materials, colours, shapes, and sizes. For outdoor use, it’s usually made up of teak, stainless steel, all-weather wicker, and powder-coated aluminium, since the weather-resistant feature is the top priority for making a purchase decision.

Sectional sofa set can utilize their benefits to maximize the space of your garden. Here are the 4 benefits of modular sofas for your garden –


Perfect Fit


                                                                                            Tessin 6-Seater with Coffee Table


Before buying a sofa set for your garden, you need to consider the amount of space available and the existing setup, such as windows, doors, piles, etc. Often the set of sofas you like might not fit your garden, either it’s too long or the door is in the way. However, modular sofas end this problem. With different shapes of modular sofas, you can arrange them to fit available space, and completely customize your outdoor theme. Arrange a corner seat to fit the corner or extend the length of your sofa with a middle seat sofa, the combination is limitless.


On the other hand, modular sofas are a long-term investment. How likely when one moves out and carries the sofas? Maybe not quite, as they are hard to move around and most importantly, they might not fit your new environment. However, the flexibility of the modular sofas can save you expenses, as they will surely fit your new garden.


Unlimited Configurations


                                                                                                                  Snix Sectional Sofa


Modular sofas are like standard sets broken into individual sofas, hence, it’s much more portable and lighter, as compared to standard sofa chairs. The portability feature makes it easy for you the artist to set up your garden effortlessly. You can move the pieces around till you are satisfied, and make changes when you are looking for a fresh look, or just for temporary purposes.


Even though they are bought for your garden, they can be used indoors too. Simply move one of your modular sofas to your indoor living room as an extra sofa. The best part is, the modular sofa pieces can easily go through the door without any hassle.


Affordable Maintenance


                                                                                                           Altarra Sectional Sofa


Sectional sofas are not only practical in use but also in maintenance. Although they are made up of outdoor materials, accidents do happen. Even if it’s not an accident, as time goes on you might want to replace the cushion as it might look dull over time. Since they are individual items, you can replace only the one that is needed and leave the rest untouched, rather than refurbishing the whole set of your sofa – that makes your maintenance expense affordable.


Besides maintenance purposes, you can change the colours for some of your modular sofas making them colourful and uplift your garden.




                                                                                                  Lisse Outdoor Sectional


Supposed you set up your modular sofas for coffee time – they can do more. Simply rearrange your sectional sofas, and you just get yourself an outdoor daybed, where you can comfortably lie down and take a nap. Doesn’t that sound cool for you and your friends to hang out from the afternoon till midnight and you all decide to sleep outside? Modular sofas can do that.


On the other hand, say you like to enjoy the sunset and arrange your modular sofas to sunset direction, but in the morning it’s too much sunlight and it’s hurting your eyes – you can easily redirect and avoid the crazy sunlight with modular sofas.


There are many designs for modular sofas, but not one fits all. But you can go to the largest outdoor furniture store to pick your favourite sectional sofa set and make your own theme.


Bought To You By Triconville Malaysia – An Exclusive Outdoor Furniture Manufacturer And Distributor.

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6 Reason To Use Powder-Coated Aluminium for Your Outdoors


Powder-coated aluminium is now found on a huge number of items that you interact with consistently. From your outdoor furniture and cutting apparatuses to your espresso machine and kid’s den, powder coating enhances the roughest, hardest hardware and the other household products you rely upon every day. It is a lifetime use for any metal product like aluminium because it offers durability, long-lasting features, and a decent paint finish for your furniture. The hardness it carries makes it all weatherproof, protects from rust, and at the same time, makes it easier to bend any part of the furniture without being peeled, chipped, or colour faded.


                                                                                                                                     Gera Bench


Traditional paint will chip over time. It will leave solvents or unpredictable natural mixes (VOC) which will be hazardous to children or an adult themselves. It might cause some irritation depending on individual conditions. Painted furniture will get ruined quicker due to the weather conditions, rain and shine. Hence why you should opt for powder-coated furniture instead for your outdoors.


The powder-coating process is much longer because it has to be powder-coated and sealed in the oven. It takes layers and layers of powder to coat the aluminium to make sure the powder coat it wholly and give an elegant yet seamless look. In general powder coating is safer than traditional painting.


                                                                                                                   Celyna Dining Arm Chair 

Environmentally Friendly

Powder coating does not harm the environment, since it does not consist of any chemicals which carry many short- or long-term health effects germs. The waste is not dangerous too; it can be disposed of easily by burying it under the soil. 


On the other hand, wet paint contains unsafe chemicals that have been demonstrated to exhaust the ozone and make dangerous waste that should be discarded in a more complex way. You cannot simply dispose of it through the stream or the soil as it will totally harm the environment. It will cause the soil to be intoxicated. The good organism inside the soil will die making it infertile and cannot grow any plants.


We wouldn’t want to add more nature disaster footprint, would we?


                                                                                                                                   Dexa 3 Seater

Production Advantages 

From the view of product creation, the greatest advantage is when the powder-covered product comes out of the machine – it is totally dried within 20 minutes and ready to be put to work. Standard fluid paints can take days to totally dry out and rely upon environmental conditions. When it’s just applied, even though it is still excessively hot and impossible to touch, you can truly give a powder-covered product to work with something, and no need to stress over destroying the paint.


Likewise, regarding creation effectiveness, powder coating requires less waste overspray and less hazard for runs and other disasters; it has become important craftsmanship and skill that is taught to the production department.

                                                                                                           Ruby Dining Chair



Powder coating comes with a variety of choices in colour and finishes which makes it so versatile. It all depends on the specific application of the product. Whether you prefer metallic, high or low-level shine and clear finishes, they are able to be powder coated. While colour coordinating is somewhat more troublesome with fluid covering than it is with powder covering – an accomplished powder covering expert can guarantee a quality covering in the right shading.


                                                                                                                          Gazelig Loungers No Arms

Less Toxic

Solvent-based coatings carry chemicals that sometimes get mixed in the air and pollute it, especially when the products are warmed and electrified. It needs no telling that it can be life hazardous and toxic for workers in the factory as well as the environment. However, it can likewise require more broad air treatment and fumes frameworks to eliminate any confusion air. Powder coatings radiate insignificant measures of lethal mixes, and up to 98 per cent of the spray released can be gathered for re-utilize.


                                                                                                                  Jardin Round Dining Table

Cost Effective

When it comes to competitive advantage, powder coating beats in cost efficiency. Truth be told, many powder coatings cost not as much as coating framed from fluid paint, since powders are solid and give 100 percent of it for material use. The covering line can be totally computerized and requires next to no support. Besides with the help of powder recovery frameworks, 98 percent of it can be reused again – such a save of money!


On the other hand, liquid spray cannot be recycled; once it is used, you must buy it again. But the greatest benefit lies within the true thickness of the surface, after the coating with the ease of drying; the coating that uses solvent-based gets evaporated in the process of making.


When it comes to manufacturing outdoor furniture, Triconville Malaysia always picks the one that lasts longer with a weather resistance feature – but of course, we want something that looks good too, that’s why we exclusively manufacture many of our outdoor furniture with powder-coated aluminium frame.


                                                                                                                                 Dexa 2 Seater

Bought To You By Triconville Malaysia – An Exclusive Outdoor Furniture Manufacturer And Distributor.

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5 Ways to Beautifully Enlighten Your Backyard with Lightings

                                                                                  Luma Lamp

Whether you’re planning a backyard party or a family gathering, having the right lighting setup can increase the natural ambience and beautifully set the tone for your night. For those of you who are struggling with ideas, we have put together a creative list of lighting you can put in your backyard to enhance your outdoor environment.

Creating a well-lit backyard is important for several reasons. You need to be able to see the faces that you’re interacting with to improve the dynamics of the conversation you are making. That simple filament bulb is not going to cut it for your entire backyard. Hence, extra lighting pieces are needed to enlighten the space. 

Patio Sconce

A sconce is a type of lighting fixture that is attached to the wall. These can be a great way to provide lighting around corners, along walkways, and just outside of your sliding door. The sconce has been around since the beginning of time. You can find an unlimited variety of decorations to follow the motif of your patio layout. You can get ones with carvings for a traditional look or simple design ones for a more modern style.

Choose the ones that have a dimmer switch to increase the control you have over your outdoor setting!

Dimmable Lighting

                                                                                 Ciao Lamp

Having dimmable lighting can be so efficient to set up the mood. Sometimes when you just want to chill outside with the sky as your roof, dimmer light is enough. But when you are outside with friends and family, of course, you want a brighter light. 

Get yourself a few of these dimmable lights that can easily adjust the dimness with the touch of a finger. It is also cost-efficient since you only need to use a USB to charge and light it up! No need to pay extra electric bills.

Fire Pit

When you think of outdoor lighting, a fire pit doesn’t necessarily come to mind but it should. An outdoor fire pit can take care of a few birds with a single stone; lighting, heating, and mood. Arrange with a couple of portable chairs around the fire pit, as the fire pit creates an alluring gathering point that is warm and toasty. The dancing flames provide more than enough light to keep you out of the dark!   

Motion Sensor Light                                                                                   Zeddo Lamp

Impress your guests with the motion sensor lights. This is your chance to live your childhood dreams to be a magician and get your admission letter to Hogwarts! 

Just wave above the lamp and the light is on. No need to push a button or touch the lamp. Seamlessly easy!

This lamp is portable and easy for you to bring around. You can charge them easily using the USB cable. It is also a candle-like shape perfect for an outdoor dinner date with the love of your life.

Exterior Decor

                                                                                   Eaton Lamp

Lighting is a course in exterior decoration. When planning the layout and design of your home, you might be better off working from the outside in. The front door and the facade of your home is the first thing that guests will see. This sets the tone of your home and can have a large effect on the way that the exterior transitions into the interior.

Being that the exterior of your home shouldn’t follow a tropical theme while the interior speaks of old-world glory; it’s important to keep in mind that these two areas must complement one another. Deciding on an interior design without putting much thought into the exterior of your home would be setting yourself up for failure. With some of the outdoor accessories mentioned above, you can keep your outdoor space nice and well-lit.

Bought To You By Triconville Malaysia – An Exclusive Outdoor Furniture Manufacturer And Distributor.

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How To Choose Your Outdoor Dining Chair: Arm vs. Armless

                                                                                                               Alzette Chairs

So you are buying outdoor dining chairs for your garden or patio, and you are looking for designs and collections to fit in your existing outdoor theme.      However, one critical consideration often is neglected, is whether you should choose an outdoor dining chair with arms or without arms. 

Various considerations have to be taken when buying a piece of outdoor furniture. This includes whether it is rust-free, what colour to match with the setup, or essential features like whether it is foldable or stackable, and should get a dining chair with arms or without arms. All of these  questions might get you overwhelmed. Worry not, the Triconville team to the rescue!

     Outdoor Dining Space

                                                                                                              Dexa Dining Arm Chair

That being said, begins with the dining table, depending on how many people on a typical day, if you are thinking about adding extra chairs occasionally (say twice a month), you might want to consider the armless dining chair. An Armless chair takes less space in between, and you can easily stack and put it on the side. Whereas an armchair is typically bulkier because of its design and less flexible.

                                                                                                                  Dexa Side Chair

A combination of both is usually found; you can place armchairs on both ends of the table, and leave the rest armless, in order to maximize the space and look at the same time. I’ve attached a picture below for the Crown Dining Chair Set. Moreover, having chairs with arms on the ends gives a more formal setup. Perfect for a family gathering where the mom and the dad will be sitting on each end of the table.

                                                                                                              Crown Side Chair

However, if you still prefer all armchairs to your setup, here is the solution – get an extension dining table. Getting an extension table is very versatile. For everyday use, you can use it as it is however when you have more people coming easily extend and now you have more space for people to sit.

Not sure about the pros and cons between extension and fixed-length dining table? You can get all you need here.

Dining Comfort

                                                                                                 Monaco Dining Armchair Square

In most cases dining chairs with arms rock on comfort over the armless chair. Especially if you are the type of person who loves to enjoy your meal slowly while enjoying the view, then you might need an armchair. It’s nice to have a designated place for your arms instead of just placing them on the lap.

Other than mealtime, an armchair will be great during coffee time in the afternoon or when you want to do your homework outdoors.

                                                                                                      Jordan Dining Arm Chair

To compensate for the drawback, you can add a comfortable outdoor cushion but make sure it’s weather-resistant fabric! Besides, pay attention to the materials of the chair. Some the materials like steel retain heat and get hot easily. Find ones with teak accents on the arm or powder-coated aluminium-made arms will be better options for outdoor.

One more tip before we move on, armchairs can be beneficial to elderly people who have problems with their knees. They can use the armrest to get up easily compared to chairs with no arms.

Easy Portability

                                                                                                               Alzette Side Chair

As mentioned, an outdoor dining armchair tends to be larger and therefore heavier than an armless chair. Sometimes an armchair can be awkwardly hard to carry around because of its design. If you host parties frequently, definitely get armless chairs for your backyard. 

An Armless chair is usually built with a minimalist design, which can be easily carried and stacked. That said, it can be used both indoors and outdoors when needed, making it a versatile all-around chair.


Both arm and armless outdoor dining chairs have their own benefits and you should keep your needs in mind before making a purchase decision. 

You can explore more arm and armless outdoor dining chairs at the largest outdoor furniture store in Malaysia.

Bought To You By Triconville Malaysia – Outdoor Furniture Store For Garden & Patio.

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Triconville’s Best-Selling Outdoor Furniture All Year Round

                                                                                                         Ruby Modular Sofa


Finding the best outdoor furniture can be time-consuming. There are indefinite elements to check prior to a selection to ensure we are happy with a piece of outdoor furniture. One of the easiest ways to determine which furniture satisfies customers the most is by simply looking through a brand’s best-selling collections!


For the past delightful years, we have been providing the best outdoor furniture within the market to over 20 countries and growing. We offer unique choices of modern and stylish collections to create the most out of your personalized spaces. At Triconville, there is nothing more that we prioritize than our customers’ heart content.


Amongst our extensive line of products, we would like to share with you our best-selling outdoor furniture all year round.

Alzette Stacking Arm Chair

                                                                                                              Alzette Stacking Armchair


Our Alzette Stacking Armchairs are everything you need in outdoor furniture set-up. This versatile dining chair is practical and aesthetically pleasing wherever it goes. That’s why this tops our best-selling list. Our customers love the idea behind our Alzette Stacking Armchairs as much as we do! 


The dining chairs are made of Batyline from Serge Ferrari Germany and 304 marine grade stainless steel which offer the best materials quality. They are ideal for places with high saline content such as coastal and beach areas. You can leave your Alzette chairs outdoors, stress-free due to its stainless steel frame that is rust and corrosion-resistant.

Gazelig Stacking Arm Chair

                                                                                                     Gazelig Stacking Armchair


The Gazelig Stacking armchair extends the carefree charm of an upholstered sling with a powder-coated aluminium frame. It comes with soft and comfortable paddings, so you don’t need a separate pillow. 


The frame is powder coated to prevent rust and corrosion. Teak accent on the armrest to give comfort and warmth during cold nights. This combination allows you to lay outdoors for long periods of time with minimal maintenance. You can easily clean your furniture with a simple water hose. Constructed from carefully selected materials that can withstand all weather conditions.


Siro Dining Table

                                                                                                               Siro Dining Table


One of the greatest features of a dining table design is having multiple sizes. Flexibility in outdoor furniture has become an important factor when it comes to selecting outdoor dining tables. Different families have different requirements to fulfil and our Siro Dining Tables cater for all.


The table is well-designed using 304 marine-grade stainless steel and kiln-dried grade A teak wood. These two materials are of most durable making them perfect for outdoor usage. With the thought of our valued customers in mind, the tables come in multiple sizes which range from 90cm square top to 210cm rectangular top with further extensions. This design variability offers options to users depending on their family requirements, space dimensions, and habitual usage.

Planka Dining Table

                                                                                                           Planka Dining Table


We know that a lot of people love a good solid dining table top that elevates the entire outdoor ambience. Planka Dining Table speaks of elegance in a dining setup featuring its signature tabletop design made of 3 solid teak wood planks. The planka dining table with powder-coated aluminium legs has different finishes from asteroid, white pearl, terracotta, dark taupe and olive green.


The finishes options give customers the choice to match the dining table colour to their preferred outdoor concept. Planka Dining Table is weather-resistant, water-resistant, rust and corrosion-proof, and able to accommodate 6-8 persons altogether.

Vento Teak Single Seater

                                                                                                          Vento Teak Single Seater


Our Vento Teak Single Seater has been our all-time customers’ favourites due to its maintenance-free condition and durability. This single-seater sofa is graceful beyond words. It is made of Grade A kiln-dried teak wood which makes this sofa an elegant selection for outdoor usage. 


The Vento sofa shows a wood grain pattern that catches every sunbeam. The finely polished natural teak gives it a classic wooden charm that will stand up to year-round outdoor use.  The wide profile gives you more space to recline and move easily. The round shape matches the Aspen coffee table, which consists of a coffee table, a side table and a low table. It’s a real eye-catcher and looks great in the garden, porch, or backyard near the pool.

Rivera Beach Chair

                                                                                                                    Rivera Beach Chair


Nothing beats a practical design. As users of our own products, we know what’s best for our customers. Our principle is to produce furniture that is practical, functional, and appealing to the eyes. Our Rivera Beach Chair is the foldable version of our loungers where you can carry easily. Its mobility and flexibility help users to pack and bring it where ever they go – summer homes, vacations, and even to their nearest beach. 


The chair design is ergonomic and comfortable befitting to all shapes and sizes. The best part is this Batyline fabric is available in a variety of colours for you to choose according to your themes and preferences.

Alzette Lounger

                                                                                                            Alzette Lounger


Triconville’s outdoor furniture sets wouldn’t be complete without its loungers collections. Alzette Loungers is our all-time best-selling loungers due to their impermeable materials and durability. It is made of a 304-grade stainless steel frame and Batyline fabric which is resistant to chlorine and saltwater. This quality is one of the main reasons why Alzette Loungers became our customers’ main preference, especially for outdoor coastal areas and beaches.


The Batyline fabric is tear-proof and even has a maximum elasticity of up to 3% over its life span! With Alzette Loungers, your lounging days are now worry-free.


As you can see, most of our best-selling products are best sellers because of their quality and meticulous designs. We can’t stress enough how we prioritize these two features to be incorporated thoroughly in all of our products across all collections.


After reading through our top best-selling items, which one do you think is your favourite?


Bought To You By Triconville Malaysia – An Exclusive Outdoor Furniture Manufacturer And Distributor.