rope sling stainless steel chair


Snix collection designed in straight bold lines using premium materials. The thick cushion give comfort with combination stainless steel frame and cozy sling. The polyester rope make it stylish and modern as up to date contemporary furniture. This the quality that suit for your outdoor needs.


Outdoor 2-seat right armchair

Marine Grade Stainless Steel

We only use marine grade stainless steel to keep low maintenance and long lasting durability. It will look shining over years without any rust in anywhere.

rope sling stainless steel chair

Olefin Weave

Olefin is a brand of indoor/outdoor resistant to UV damage and fading. Olefin applies excellent ultraviolet blocking agents which protect the polymer backbone of the fabric from the effect of UV radiation, easy maintenance, Olefin fabric is specially treated with sanitized product for hygiene protection. This product inhibits microbial developments and mould stains

Snix in Details

rope sling stainless steel chair

Clean and Modern Design

The simple clean lines and minimalist design makes it pleasing to eyes and comfortable.


Precision on details as a machine-made furniture with strict quality control.


Snix collection furniture are ready to be placed in anywhere and anytime, no matter what season or what region.


What Snix Collection has to offer

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