Buying Guide for Your Patio or Garden Furniture

Nature lovers who want to maximize the time they spend outdoors – in their Patio or Garden – whether with family or friends, need to have outdoor furniture that will complement their outdoor space and meet their needs. But to have the right set of furniture for your outdoor living you should be aware of certain things which you need to consider before changing or buying a new design collection.

Choose your Materials Wisely 

Here we are going to suggest you a few materials that will not only make your Patio or Garden Furniture theme elegant but will accompany you for a long duration. Outdoor materials are readily available in the market but we at Triconville Outdoor Furniture Malaysia have brought the quality materials like “A” grade Teak, Stainless steel (304), powder coated aluminum, a synthetic fiber (wicker), Batyline, Sunproof and Sunbrella. These materials are good for your outdoors and can stand in any harsh climate. We do intense quality check before taking the product out for the market. We have brought the combination of these materials in different designs for outdoors. Our every combination looks perfect for your outdoor. We have multiple designs specified to fit any space and corner areas. Depending on customer preferences we do also customize the products.

There are many Outdoor Patio or Garden Furniture items that you can use – such as chairs, tables, umbrellas, loungers and so on – that all add to the comfort and match the beauty and theme of the outdoor space while providing functional seating, storage, or shade. Patio furniture is a must-have, imagine sitting in your garden every evening enjoying a sunset full of the brightest shades of pink, purple and orange. That never gets old! 

Choose your Outdoor Theme

Here you are lucky to be at right place today because Triconville has everything you need to design a unique retreat to help you, your family and friends enjoy the outdoors. Of course not all Patio and Garden Furniture dure years of blazing summer heat. This is why we’ve created the most comfortable, durable and stylish patio furniture you could find here in Triconville outdoor furniture Malaysia showroom physically. We are the leaders in quality furniture and do sustain through minimalistic and innovative designs. Buying from us is easy and you get much more than quality.

We do help our customers to choose the style of patio furniture that best fits your space, matches your home, and suits your personality. You may decide to matchup together a few different styles and types of furniture or simply swap out accent pieces to get just the right look you desire. Selecting outdoor patio furniture depends on factors such as your needs, proclivities, space availability, budget, time available for maintenance, and we have all these things favorable to our customers.

Depending on your aesthetic choice, budget, and other considerations you can choose outdoor patio furniture made of natural teak wood, wicker, sling and a mix of these. While natural wood looks better, can be a bit expensive if glossy finishes are required and simultaneously lowers the maintenance cost. You could also consider using movable, stackable outdoor patio furniture such as River folding chairs, tables that can be stored inside during other extreme weather conditions. This is necessary only if you live in an area where winters are very cold, and any furniture left in the outdoors is likely to be covered by snow for a long time.

If you have a patio that is not shaded and you want to use it during the hotter parts of the day as well, you need to consider using a parasol. While a bench in the garden can be placed under the same which may not be possible at the deck or patio. By adding a parasol you can continue to use the deck or patio. Suppose, you have Rivera chairsand a square bistro table, the deck can be used for breakfast, lunch, anddinner, as well as for games like chess at times. While simple benches andchairs provide adequate seating facilities, if you are looking for extracomfort, you can also add up outdoor cushions that are more durable even whenexposed to the sun.

It’s difficult to spend coming events in your outdoor living area if you haven’t got right set of outdoor furniture. So, if this is you and you do want to enjoy your moments timelessly outside, there’s not a moment to waste.

In essence, Triconville outdoor furniture Malaysia can often design and build a new outdoor living furniture – whether it be a patio, veranda – pretty quickly. Your outdoor living area may need planning approval, but we’ll provide a free design and quote and will start manufacturing as soon as possible once you give the go ahead.

If you have beautiful outdoor living area, it may simply be a matter of  getting it ready for night event on new year. Take a look around, refurbish anything that’s required and give the entire area a really clean good.

Here are some other ideas to get your outdoor garden area alive.

Besides the good-looking Outdoor furniture there are many things you can do to make your outdoor shining.

A Nice Twin Grace Daybed
  • Creating a living wall always look better and aesthetic. You can add plants which will not only add a color but also gives you a fresh air. There are specific plants for such purpose, moreover they can keep your noisyneighbours at the bay and give you   calm, eye appealing and welcoming warmth.
Our Pianeta Collection
  • Growing native plants are more advantageous as they can bear the climatic changes and are easy to maintain because of their long time presencearound your place.
Patio or Garden Furniture Sofa
Diero Sofa
  • Throw some colors if you are adventurous. Adding beauty is essential when you have a family and friends who came to meet after long months. Bringing vibrancy is not an easy task unless you are an expert, adding flowers and their beautiful fragrance can keep your garden alive throughout the year. One cans witch to seasonal flowers if the former will not stay for long. Before doing this get a research of your geographical area and the plants which can grow there.
Patio or Garden Furniture Sofa
Corda Sofa
  • Use outdoor wicker furniture planters, in order to save the space. These are easily movable and can be fit to any place where you want to keep them.

When it comes to garden outdoor furniture there are few pieces that take as much abuse as indoor furniture does, like at the time of down pouring or dealing with drinks at various garden parties. It is possible that furniture may take stains and other wear and tear.  Therefore, as a matter of fact, it is necessary to give attention every now and then. At Triconville outdoor furniture Malaysia these things are kept in concern and furnishings for outdoor furniture is built to handle a number of such scenarios with ease. Said that, a clean furniture once in a while can go long way in making your furniture last even longer.

How to Clean Outdoor your Outdoor Furniture?

Cleaning outdoor furniture is easy doing. Outdoor garden furniture and fabrics are designed to be highly robust, however, grime and dirt can affect even the strongest of materials. Go with simply brushing or dusting down the surface dirt. You can then use a soft cloth or sponge & apply a mild detergent diluted with water. Be sure enough to remove all of the soap and give the fabric enough timeto air dry. You can also purchase some machine washable fabrics that are easy to clean and easy to maintain. If you don’t have removable cushions, then usenormal dish washers and apply using a soft brush to remove even the toughest of stains. Whatever your method of choice, will leave them looking awesome andcheery, bringing charm back to your outdoor furniture as a whole.

Similarly teak and wicker are easy to maintain, we use finishes for the teak to be stain free. These finishes are available in different colours and depends on the aesthetic appetite of customers to the design. On the other side coming to the wicker maintenance, if your furniture pieces are in good condition, chances are, all that need is a quick vacuuming and a simple full pressure washing by your garden hose that is treated with a mild detergent. Your furniture may have bird droppings and grime, utilise a soap filled brush to scrub it down beforerinsing away with high pressure water.

If your outdoor furniture have hit with such scenario that your wicker is splitting and even drying out, give it a flush blast with the garden hose. Make sure you don’t do this more than twice a year if you don’t have Triconville outdoor furniture Malaysia to prevent joint damage or weakness but by giving it quick flush like this, your wicker furniture will rejuvenate. Triconvilleoutdoor furniture pieces you purchase are UV and weather resistant. Thus wonderful thing about this is that due to the effectiveness and the renowned quality of the material used by us, means it won’t need much look after and care for maintenance.

Following the above-mentioned things and simply washing your outdoor furniture with soapy water whenever you feel it needs to clean. The only thing you need is to pay some attention to the frame of wicker furniture underneath. Depending on your product design it could be made of steel rather than Aluminium so you need to follow some additional care and instructions which you don’t have to worry about when buying from Triconville outdoor furniture Malaysia to keep your piece in top condition. Still if you are left with some doubt then you can check our website for additional information or can call us for such service which could be chargeable.

About Triconville – Malaysia’s Biggest Outdoor Furniture Manufacturer, Supplier and Retailer 

Triconville has a vast range of designs and furniture collection supplying to all over the world. We are specialised in teak mostly, which you might know. Besides this, we have introduced other materials as well to shape the designs which were not possible earlier. This thing has reduced the weight of the product and added strength to the product. These sturdy designs are welcoming and have occupied great market share. Considering the demand for the products we have added the production facilities to thrice. Other than this we are serving multiple furniture brand owners throughout the world.

Evolution of Outdoor Patio or Garden Furniture Designing 

Designing outdoor gardens has evolved from adding a patio or picnic table to creating an entire outdoor room.

People now a days are investing more in their homes and are opting to stay at current places rather than moving. It seems they consider outdoor investment more important than indoor living. They want to create a comfortable space outdoors as well as indoors where they can relax. It costs a least to expand and create new look of your home including outdoors.

       Designing your outdoor patios and gardens while following the trend:

Triconville Outdoor furniture Malaysia has designs made of mix materials which adds a custom feel and a variety to your outdoor PAtio or Garden. Steel and teak area beautiful combination and durable material for the outdoors. It creates a stunning combination visually. Whether it is a steel, teak, rope or wicker, mixed materials bring a new look to your outdoors. The blend of colours, material, and styles brings a fresh perspective that is unique to your outdoor space.

We decorate our collection through neutral or splashes of color on demand, it is an easy way to brighten your outdoor furniture. Adding colors can change the décor and feel of space. To create an outdoor dining set with harmonious monochrome colors or add chairs of a different color. Continue your décor theme to outdoors and create asense of large space and it works well in outdoor gardens. Expand your styleand theme with outdoor furniture lounge set to create a cozy feel. Lighting andgreenery will complement the look. Outdoor spaces add a sense of wonder when a perfect blend of light is added like that of stars in the sky etc. Lighting your outdoor spaces can set the mood whether it is bright for dining or darker for lounging.

Triconville outdoor Furniture Malaysia has everything of it you just need to visit our showroom.

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