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Top 10 Superior Outdoor Furniture Materials To Consider In 2022

When we speak of outdoor furniture, the one standard that surely pops into our minds is durability. Nobody wants to buy outdoor furniture that couldn’t stand the test of time! Thus, what’s important is to find outdoor furniture materials that are of high quality and have good permanence over time.

What materials should you consider that would make good outdoor furniture?

1. Teak Wood

Major furniture brands used teak wood widely. It is a sought-after material due to its high demand yet limited availability. Teak is resistant to cracks, rot, and decay. Hence, that’s why teak is a priority choice when it comes to outdoor furniture.

Its ability to repel water, delicate drying process to avoid expansion and contraction and optimum strength are some other fine characteristics that teak wood holds.

To top all that, teak also contains high oil content which makes it highly resistant to damage. As we are moving towards a more sustainable future, teak wood is an ideal material selection for any outdoor furniture design. Some wood connoisseurs have also confirmed that teak has a durability period of around 50 years making Teak one of the best outdoor furniture material.

Teak wood has a natural light brown shade that goes well with many styles, especially the earth tone color palette. Triconville has experimented with different weathered shades of teak’s natural color in our growing outdoor furniture collections. Vento is a classic teak wood outdoor furniture choice that stands out just by existing on your patio.

To clean the teak, simply use mild soap and a wet cloth to wipe the wood surfaces. Teak relatively is very low maintenance.

Vento Collection

2. Metal

One of the strongest outdoor furniture materials available is metal. Metal is common for outdoor furniture due to its strength and flexibility. The greatest advantage of using metal is its ability to achieve complex designs such as unique metallic frames of different shapes and sizes.

Metal is one of the materials that have superior flexibility over other materials available.

Metal bending, cutting, welding, and multiple usages help to avoid the wastage of materials. It is also an appealing choice to combine metal with other materials such as teak wood, synthetic rattan, and ropes creating a more functional yet aesthetically pleasing design.

The only drawbacks of metal as an outdoor furniture material are – all metals are vulnerable to rust and they may heat up when exposed to the sun. This can cause the metal furniture slightly uncomfortable to use if left under the heat for long periods.

3. Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is the most versatile outdoor furniture material. The chemical composition, mechanical properties, weldability, and corrosion resistance make stainless steel one of the best all-rounder performance materials within the furniture industry. It is a practical choice for long-term purchases thanks to its durability and low maintenance routine. Similar to metal (but better) is that it has excellent bending and welding characteristics to achieve elaborated designs.

This sturdy metal alloy is extremely strong. It is a great material option for large heavy-weight outdoor dining tables, sofas, and other modular/sectional furniture items. Its high-density composition makes it virtually immune to rust and corrosion. 

Outdoor furniture made out of stainless steel provides great resistance to windy conditions, especially for the poolside, garden, and highrise open decks. Designers are prone to selecting this material in their styling due to its sleek silver metallic shade to showcase a premium feel for high-end clients.

Triconville is ahead in using stainless steel within its various collections. Siro dining table and Alzette chairs are a few examples of Triconville’s furniture catering for the European and American markets. The favorable takeaways from stainless steel as outdoor furniture material are durability, rust resistance, sturdy, and easy maintenance.

Alzette Dining Chairs

4. Aluminum

Another common material used for outdoor furniture is aluminum. Aluminum is lightweight, has a strong chemical composition, and is flexible. Aluminum is relatively inexpensive, rust-free, and simple to upkeep. The quality of its being highly weather-resistant gives assurance to users to buy outdoor furniture made out of aluminum. One of our best-selling collections, Gazelig, is a combination of powder-coated aluminum and teak wood to bring out the best of both materials as outdoor furniture.

Most people would prefer powder-coated aluminum for aesthetic purposes. Powder-coating aluminum also not only enhances its performance over its lifespan but increases protection against scratching too. Bear in mind that Aluminum as an outdoor furniture material, due to its lightweight feature, hollow tube frames aluminum may not be suitable in a windy environment.

Gazelig Lounge Chairs

5. Synthetic Rattan – All-Weather Wicker

Synthetic outdoor wicker is exceptionally stable and durable. Most wicker went through an intricate process of dying and texturing to create its distinctive look. Synthetic wicker requires minimal maintenance but we do recommend periodic cleaning to remove any dirt, dust, or oils to keep your wicker looking new.

Most wicker is from synthetic polyethylene material. This material is a high-quality resin that is extremely dense, resistant to weather damage, and eco-friendly as it is non-toxic and renewable. Natural wicker on the other hand is made from a variety of organic sources such as rattan, seagrass, bamboo, banana leaf, and even willow. 

High-quality synthetic wicker is safe to be used continuously. It is highly damage resistant and a great outdoor material that can be left under the sun without experiencing severe degradation. Grace, as the name suggests is a finesse wicker design that Triconville has within its collections. Most synthetic wicker is constructed over an aluminum frame to increase the weight that the furniture can support and comes in a variety of shades, sizes, and designs.

Grace Sofa Collection

6. Polyester Rope

Polyester ropes are stronger and more abrasion-resistant than nylon rope. Unlike nylon rope, polyester has a low stretch factor. This characteristic is one of the main factors that makes polyester rope a popular choice for outdoor furniture material. It is also UV-resistant and low maintenance.

Triconville has been exploring new ways to incorporate polyester rope in its furniture designs. Vino tops it all among Triconville’s 2021 rope furniture collections. Vino collection pioneers this concept by tweaking the balance between rope details and its aluminum frame. Little care and maintenance are needed to retain polyester rope in its optimum form. To keep it clean, always remember to instantly wipe any stains that got onto the material. It is just as simple as using a mist of mild soapy water with a soft cloth gently scrubbing over the rope- and letting it dry.

 Vino Collection

7. Acrylic Fabric


Outdoor fabrics made out of acrylic fibers are strong and durable against weather and use damage. Its properties make it impervious to mold and mildew and can hold up well against rubbing and tearing. This is especially important for outdoor furniture upholstery in active residential and commercial applications. 

Acrylic fabrics are solution-dyed, which means that the threads are dyed before they are woven. This allows the textile to retain its color longer, even when exposed to direct sunlight.

Even though acrylic fabrics are highly water-resistant, they are more breathable than other synthetic fabric options- allowing the fabrics to stay cooler in hot weather. They are easily cleaned with just mild soap and water. It’s only a wipe away!

Triconville uses the world-renowned acrylic fabric brand called Sunbrella as our fabric option in all of our outdoor furniture collections. Sunbrella is durable and suitable under various environmental conditions.

Sunbrella Fabric On Snix Collection

8. Olefin Fabric

Olefin is another solution-dyed synthetic fabric that is durable, quick-drying, and fade-resistant. It stands up against mold, moisture, and heat. Olefin is less expensive than acrylic fabrics which makes it a more affordable choice to have in outdoor furniture.

It is lightweight and has a unique texture slightly different from Sunbrella. Olefin is stain proof and durable against abrasions with minimal care routine. It is a great equivalent selection to acrylic fabrics yet costs less to have.

Sunproof Fabric On Vento Aluminum Collection

9. Sling Polyester Fabric

Sling polyester fabric is a synthetic material typically coated with either acrylic or vinyl (PVC mesh) as surface protection. Polyester is strong, flexible, and water-resistant making it impervious to damage and staining. It can dry quickly and is impossible to tear under normal wear and tear usage. Acrylic-coated polyester works well for accent items and pillows. While vinyl-coated polyester has a more plastic feel to it that suits bigger items such as seatings, back slings, screens, and umbrellas. They come in various colors and patterns which give the users an endless palette to choose from.

One of the most renowned manufacturers of high-end sling polyester fabric is Ferrari. Triconville uses Ferrari, specifically the Batyline® Mesh material on its outdoor furniture such as Alzette loungers. Batyline® Mesh is famous for its strong and long-lasting quality. The sufficient porosity between the fabric weaving allows airflow that helps the material to stay cool and quick drying.

Another excellent feature of this sling polyester fabric is the ability to withstand extreme temperatures ranging from 30 celsius to 70 celsius. The best use of this material is usage near swimming pools and places with a high presence of chlorine and saltwater.

Alzette Lounger

10. QuickDry® Foam

Open-cell foam is a type of foam that has pores that allows water to easily flow through it. This feature makes this foam comfortable and cool to use. However, open-cell foam is more expensive than other types of foam available. It also has an Urecel – QuickDry® Foam, a premium brand of open-cell foam. It is an advanced, high-performance foam that is specifically engineered for outdoor upholstery furniture collections. QuickDry® is used by Triconville for its outdoor furniture especially to cater to premium customers in the US and Europe.

There’s no denying that there are plenty of other materials available in the market that can be used for outdoor furniture. But some of the ones we have mentioned above are worth taking note of. We have tested and used most of them in our best collections.

This blog has been brought to you by Triconville Malaysia. Triconville Malaysia is a Premium Outdoor Home and Living company that brings you Premium Outdoor Home and Living Furniture.

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