Why Teak and Wicker Are Best Outdoor Materials for Outdoor Furniture ?

Buying outdoor furniture has never been an easy task for us. To match the design and theme of outdoors we often look for functionality and the designs of the furniture, but the key factor to build a great piece of outdoor furniture is always choosing the quality material. Materials we bring together to perform for decades with design excellence and to deliver best in outdoor conditions are Teak and Wicker.

Our Grace Collection

Teak is one of the best Timber wood for outdoor furniture manufacturing. It is indelibly strong and durable. The presence of oil in teak makes it withstand the harsh effects of hard rains and harsh sunlight. Such furniture does not allow you to worry about pests and worms, as it serves as a repellent to insects and termites.

To the texture of Teak it looks beautiful in natural form and does not need any paint or varnish, but if you desire so you can apply a marine coat or the teak sealer.

Our Royal Extension Dining Table

Teak is the hardest, most durable and strongest of the hard woods, making it perfect material for outdoor furniture that lasts longer. Regardless of the look, you are after we advise to use a protective coating to help guard against rain and spills. We recommend the use “Golden Care” ultraviolet protection.

Our Teak Corona Collection

Wicker compliments the design through its flexible nature. To give furniture pieces a durable design synthetic fiber is used for outdoors, the modern term for wicker with some additional materials. Synthetic fiber is a resin material extruded in strands that replicates the natural bamboo and rattan wicker that you may know. While there are other base materials available, the only option suitable for outdoor furniture is PE or polyethylene. PE is not an only eco-friendly option but is the best performing when suitably treated. PE pellets are melted down and fed into an extrusion machine. We use recyclable material and also add ultraviolet stabilisers. Colour mixtures and avariety of textures, sizes and profiles have meant that we can offer a hugerange of beautiful wicker furniture pieces.

Our Monaco Collection 

Wicker products are artistic and handcrafted woven over aluminum or teak by Triconville to sturdy design. We produce daybeds, dining chairs and tables, sun loungers and of course a huge range of other outdoor Furniture Catagories.

wicker outdoor dining arm chair

One of our Collection Monaco chairs made from wicker gives elegant look and one can feel comfortable while using such collection. It just not only adds charm to the outdoors but stands forlong duration even in worst climate.

Synthetic fibre has a light weight thus easy to maintain and install it anywhere as per your choice.It comes in different shapes and textures to match the outdoor designs andcustomer preferences.

Triconville has brought the best quality material to the market always. It has a critical importance for us not to compromise on quality. We have large production facilities and are capable to serve any demand, but our concern is to provide maximum value to the end customer than expected. This ability has made us one of the best supplier and producer of outdoor furniture making presence over in around 30 countries through reputable OEM clients.

outdoor coffee table

Teak and wicker are highly resistant to the harsh climate, thus durable and suitable for the outdoor gardens and patios. The combination of teak and wicker comes in different designs. We use different types of wicker depending on the design furniture, like if we lookfor the chairs then wicker rods may be used but if we are searching the design where we have to rest for long then flat wicker strips are better.one can choose a colour combination to meet the design and theme of outdoor. Every colour affects your emotions in subtle ways, but because of the wired climate conditions we have brought our collection through research for increasing youroutdoor sustainability, and will make your patio and garden instantly happy andmore peaceful.

We have seen the biggest trend in outdoor dining furniture over the last year is the emergence in popularity for a combination wicker lounge and dining outdoor setting. So if you have outdated or mismatched outdoor furniture, then it is right time to transform your space into an oasis that will encourage you to spend more time outside.

Teak and wicker are naturally weatherproof and are fit to support your family and guests for the comfortable evenings to come. Teak is a hardy wood that looks like it belongs outdoors, however it is not difficult to complement your natural landscaping with teak furniture, because the weathered wood matches the outdoors near to coastal areas.

The outdoor areas are just important as inside when it comes to home complement your exhibiting to property’s best features. Whether it is a small or large outdoor living space, buyers look at balconies, decks, verandas as extensions of their homes and lifestyle. Triconville outdoor furniture Malaysia in addition to sales is to convey themes of relaxation and entertainment in order to inspire and add value to your property. We have large number of who share and take solutions to the problems they have with their previous purchase from different producers. Our focus is never to deceive the customer, in fact we have received lot of referral customers just because of the quality material and durability of the products which are exceeded than expectation.

Triconville outdoor furniture Malaysia is a supplier to many brands all over Malaysia and worldwide. We are almost supplying to 20 outdoor furniture sellers in Malaysia. Having an upper edge of our own production facilities we provide the best prices to the direct customers.

One of the benefits to buy from Triconville Malaysia is the product warranty, though our products are extremely durable and are built to with stand a variety of weather conditions. This makes us one of the best option for buying quality furniture as you will not have to worry about your furniture being destroyed by the extreme temperature

Teak and wicker furniture pieces are extremely low maintenance. There is no need to worry about in bringing your furniture, or covering it up, when there is bad weather. Our furniture requires very little effort to keep it looking like new. Wicker can easily be cleaned by using mild soap in order to remove the intense debris with a garden hose.

Wicker furniture is the classic staple to outdoor living spaces and houses. Wicker provides warmth to a living space, as it is versatile, sturdy and can have modern, clean lines. Investing in wicker furniture has many benefits. It can fit any space or design vision. Wicker furniture allows an owner to match it to any decorating scheme. In the future, the furniture’s paint can change, and applying a new color is an easy way to alter the look. A clear coat on wicker furniture brings out its natural beauty, making it ideal for a more rustic look. If one desires pops of color to the wicker decor, adding custom cushions or pillows is an easy way to update any room or patio. This brings us to the most significant benefit of wicker and it is timeless.

Wicker outdoor furniture could be comfy and elegant, or it could be hardy, but it was seldom both. Where once wicker outdoor furniture could only be expected to last a few years at best without rigorous care, today’s all-weather wicker furniture will last decades in any climate with all the rustic charm and cozy comfort of its predecessors.

Wicker has a unique appeal in any setting. Its rustic refinement is rarely matched in the furniture world, indoors or out. With the variety of styles, sizes, shapes and colors available today, it’s not difficult to find the perfect wicker piece for even the most discerning patio. If you’re in the market for outdoor furniture, wicker is definitely worth a second look

To the strength of a furniture piece it relies on its frame. We use powder coated aluminum as frame and is weaved by the wicker. Even most natural weaves are equipped with metal frames these days. Aluminum is most common, being strong yet lightweight, not to mention rust-proof and immune to insects and elements.

In corporating aluminum into wicker furniture has allowed production of such designs which were previously unavailable, such as swivel bar stools, double gliders, and even wicker serving carts. Although extremely rare, it’s still possible to find wooden frames in natural wicker pieces, but again this makes the piece both more cumbersome and prone to decay if used outdoors. When it comes to frames, the advantages of aluminum far outweigh those of wood.

Triconville outdoor furniture Malaysia has a unique collection of furniture which drags attention at a first sight of the guests you are offering a party. It is here in outdoor we host friends and family. You feel more honored when your friend wants to buy the same product that you have in your garden. The feeling at this moment that you have defines the quality standard of the product and its reliable sources. Triconville has understood the meaning of quality from customer’s perspective and inbuilt it in the products you use today. Our style of production is different from others in the industry. It definitely took us time to produce the end product than usual. The difference lies in the proper care of the material. We use kiln dry heat to remove the moisture from the wood which almost takes two weeks depending on the size of the lot. This process gives it additional stability and protects it from pests and termites. Besides this, it helps in getting rash free surfaces. Triconville has an intensive model of producing the quality furniture and focuses even on small attributes which may otherwise turn product in defectives. This intense care and special treatment to product for the value spend always satisfies the customer. Our furniture comes in teak, wicker, stainless steel and powder coated aluminum and combination of these. It depends on the design and we try to bring the best suitable mix for the marketable piece of furniture. Besides this we have an option always to serve your own designs or customized products. Triconville outdoor furniture Malaysia has its own store and showroom where the customers can get multiple choice of furniture pieces for their outdoors. We almost have all the items that you find on our website, readily available in stock. We allow our customers to choose the best design which will bring elegance to the outdoors. We do suggest also if the customer finds it difficult to match any product with its outdoor theme. We have a large bunch of photo collection from customers who have taken our products and are enjoying them.one can go through with it and try to find the best possible match for their outdoors.

Living in outdoor is essential to get the sigh and relief from the depressed and long hours of work. Beautifully designed outdoor can bring you all charm back toyour life. The cool breath and freshness of outdoors is wonderful thing to enjoy & bloom. During sunset and being alone in the outdoor garden, while reading a novel makes you feel the character of the story.

The serene environment can only be enjoyed to its full when you have the modern garden chair from Triconville outdoor furniture Malaysia. This design has been recently introduced and modified to give the best level of comfort to the user. It is so designed to give complete treatment to the lumbar spine through its deep seat and slanted back. Besides the outdoor furniture it is a free advantage that our customers get from our products. In addition to the production we always bring additional features to the products through innovation to givedelighted services to the customers.

Triconville outdoor furniture Malaysia offers a wide range of outdoor furniture on a special price to enjoy the coming comfortable events. Offers will last soon so it’s better to make your moments cheerful through our outdoor collection. We wish you a great and happy outdoor life.

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