Our Business

Triconville Malaysia is an exclusive Manufacturer, Distributor and Reseller of affordable luxury hospitality and Commercial furniture. We provide high quality hospitality, commercial, modern furniture in Malaysia and worldwide such as outdoor and Indoor furniture for Living, Patio, Garden, Bar, Dining, Balcony, Poolside and accessories.

Free Consultation

We provide free consultation and our experts will happily visit you in the solace of your own workspace, where they can figure out your condition, tune in to and evaluate your necessities and give particular counsel custom fitted to your business needs.

Quick Store Furniture

For organizations with serious urgent prerequisites, that can’t sit tight for customized furniture produced on lengthy periods of time, Triconville offer stocked furniture arrangements and offer few items on decreased assembling lead times. These products give the best in offering a huge diversity of item in time periods that can serve for desperate requirements.

Available 24 x 7