Multipurpose Outdoor Furniture (What They Are)

Furniture are not cheap, especially one that used for outdoor patio & garden, since they are made up of weather resistant materials such as teak and synthetic wicker. Additionally, good quality furniture comes with long lifespan guaranteed – you do no need to shop for new furniture for your patio once a year, unless you have spare cash to spend. 

Therefore, in order to help you to outsmart your bank account, we have come out a list of furniture for your patio that can serve and perform more than your expectation, and hence you can avoid spending more. 

teak stool with aluminum legs
Orva Stool


It is a small chair for your feet, also known as footrest, together with lounger. However, a sturdy stool can be a small step-up ladder for your convenience to reach higher. Material is important as well, because a light-weight made stool allows you to carry around for both indoor and outdoor, such as aluminum frame stool. 

Besides being your footrest, stool can be an extra chair for any sudden increase of guests – it might not have the best seating experience with cushion, it is certainly a great chair when needed. 

On the other hand, when no additional chair is needed, stool can be a side table for your sofa or lounger – no more hide and seek with your phone when you have a small table next to you, while enjoying some lazy times outside your home. 

Titan Extension Table

Extension Table

Having an extendable table can be handy, as it can extend its length to serve more people or save space when it is not extended. Extension table can be a regular dining table that uses within your family, or a party dining table that serves the unusual amount of people. 

Extension table comes with different lengths, as well as its fully extended length, hence pick one that fits your plan. 

modular teak sofa single seat with steel legs
Tessin Single Seat Sofa

Modular Sofa

If you have no ideas of what is modular sofa, read here. In short, modular sofa can be a regular sofa set, and transform into individual chair when needed. So next time if you need everybody to sit around a circle, you can rearrange your sofa chairs accordingly. 

Are you still looking for furniture to fit your patio? Be sure to include some of the furniture mentioned in this list in your shopping cart, as they can do more than you need in both short and long run. 

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