Modular Sofas For Your Garden (4 benefits)

You might be thinking modular sofa set is for people who have less space for standard sofa setup – you are wrong. Furnishing and decorating your garden is art, it is like painting on the canvas; it’s a place to express your creativity. Modular sofas are like puzzles, that you arrange the sofas wherever you see fit; the only difference is, it has no limitation for combination. Modular sofa set usually comes with single seat, 2 seat, 3 seat, corner seat, middle seat, & left or right arm sofa, not to mention they are made in different materials, colors, shapes, and sizes. For outdoor use, it’s usually made up of teak, stainless steel, all-weather wicker, and powder coated aluminum, since weather resistant feature is the top priority for making purchase decision.

Modular sofa set is like sectional pieces, as mentioned, you can utilize its benefits to maximize the space of your garden. Here are the 4 benefits of modular sofas for your garden –

modular teak sofa single seat with steel legs
Tessin Single Seat Sofa

Exact Fit

Before buying sofa set for your garden, you need to consider the amount of space available and the existing setup, such as windows, doors, piles, etc. Often the set of sofa you like might not fit your garden, either it’s too long or the door is in the way. However, modular sofas end this problem. With different shapes of modular sofas, you can arrange them to fit available space, completely customize your outdoor theme. Arrange corner seat to fit the corner or extend the length of your sofa with middle seat sofa, the combination is limitless.

On the other hand, modular sofas are a long term investment. How likely when one moves out and carries the sofas? Maybe not quite, as they are hard to move around, and most important, they might not fit your new environment. However, the flexibility of the modular sofas can save your expense, as they will surely fit your new garden.

Bowline Corner Seat

Easy Move

Modular sofas are like standard set broken into individual sofa, hence, it’s much more portable and lighter, as compared to standard sofa chair. The portability feature makes it easy for you the artist to set up your garden effortlessly, without any help from others. You can move around till you are satisfied, and make changes when you are looking for a fresh look, or just for temporary purposes.

Even though they are bought for your garden, they can be used in indoor too. Simply move one of your modular sofas to your indoor living room as an extra sofa. Best part is, modular sofa is small, which can go through the door without any hassle.


Affordable Maintenance

“Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” Modular sofa not only are in use, but also in maintenance. Although they are made up of outdoor materials, accidents do happen. Even it’s not an accident, as time goes, you might want to replace the cushion as it might look dull over time. Since they are individual items, you can replace only the one that needed and leave the rest untouched, rather than refurbishing whole set of your sofa – that makes your maintenance expense affordable.

Besides maintenance purpose, you can change the colors for some of your modular sofas, making them colorful and fit well in your garden.

Bowline 2 Seat


Supposed you setup your modular sofas for coffee time – they can do more. Simply rearrange your sectional sofas, and you just get yourself a outdoor daybed, where you can comfortably lay down and take a nap. Doesn’t that sound cool you and your friends hanging out since afternoon till midnight, and you all decide to sleep outside? Modular sofas can do that.

On the other hand, say you like to enjoy sunset and arrange your modular sofas to sunset direction, but in the morning it’s too much sun light and it’s hurting your eyes – you can easily redirect and avoid the crazy sunlight with modular sofas.


There are many designs for modular sofas, not one fits all. But you can go to the largest outdoor furniture store to pick your favourite modular sofa set, and make your own theme.

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