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How To Choose Your Outdoor Dining Chair: Arm vs. Armless

                                                                                                               Alzette Chairs

So you are buying outdoor dining chairs for your garden or patio, and you are looking for designs and collections to fit in your existing outdoor theme.      However, one critical consideration often is neglected, is whether you should choose an outdoor dining chair with arms or without arms. 

Various considerations have to be taken when buying a piece of outdoor furniture. This includes whether it is rust-free, what colour to match with the setup, or essential features like whether it is foldable or stackable, and should get a dining chair with arms or without arms. All of these  questions might get you overwhelmed. Worry not, the Triconville team to the rescue!

     Outdoor Dining Space

                                                                                                              Dexa Dining Arm Chair

That being said, begins with the dining table, depending on how many people on a typical day, if you are thinking about adding extra chairs occasionally (say twice a month), you might want to consider the armless dining chair. An Armless chair takes less space in between, and you can easily stack and put it on the side. Whereas an armchair is typically bulkier because of its design and less flexible.

                                                                                                                  Dexa Side Chair

A combination of both is usually found; you can place armchairs on both ends of the table, and leave the rest armless, in order to maximize the space and look at the same time. I’ve attached a picture below for the Crown Dining Chair Set. Moreover, having chairs with arms on the ends gives a more formal setup. Perfect for a family gathering where the mom and the dad will be sitting on each end of the table.

                                                                                                              Crown Side Chair

However, if you still prefer all armchairs to your setup, here is the solution – get an extension dining table. Getting an extension table is very versatile. For everyday use, you can use it as it is however when you have more people coming easily extend and now you have more space for people to sit.

Not sure about the pros and cons between extension and fixed-length dining table? You can get all you need here.

Dining Comfort

                                                                                                 Monaco Dining Armchair Square

In most cases dining chairs with arms rock on comfort over the armless chair. Especially if you are the type of person who loves to enjoy your meal slowly while enjoying the view, then you might need an armchair. It’s nice to have a designated place for your arms instead of just placing them on the lap.

Other than mealtime, an armchair will be great during coffee time in the afternoon or when you want to do your homework outdoors.

                                                                                                      Jordan Dining Arm Chair

To compensate for the drawback, you can add a comfortable outdoor cushion but make sure it’s weather-resistant fabric! Besides, pay attention to the materials of the chair. Some the materials like steel retain heat and get hot easily. Find ones with teak accents on the arm or powder-coated aluminium-made arms will be better options for outdoor.

One more tip before we move on, armchairs can be beneficial to elderly people who have problems with their knees. They can use the armrest to get up easily compared to chairs with no arms.

Easy Portability

                                                                                                               Alzette Side Chair

As mentioned, an outdoor dining armchair tends to be larger and therefore heavier than an armless chair. Sometimes an armchair can be awkwardly hard to carry around because of its design. If you host parties frequently, definitely get armless chairs for your backyard. 

An Armless chair is usually built with a minimalist design, which can be easily carried and stacked. That said, it can be used both indoors and outdoors when needed, making it a versatile all-around chair.


Both arm and armless outdoor dining chairs have their own benefits and you should keep your needs in mind before making a purchase decision. 

You can explore more arm and armless outdoor dining chairs at the largest outdoor furniture store in Malaysia.

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