round teak dining table


Here is the place you can find a classic design of folding table with precision of machine-made furniture. No need of complicated maintenance as the teak wood can withstand any raindrop and any temperature fluctuations. Just leave it untreated and it will become silver gray color naturally. This collection is the perfect addition for your garden or patio.


round teak dining table 150cm

Natural Teakwood

Premium teak from sertificated plantation is the fundamental of our teak collection. Fully treated before bringing into production our teakwood lasts for years without much maintenance

round teak dining table 120cm

Rustproof Fittings

We only use fittings made of rustproof metals for our furniture collection. It will guarantee the construction and the function of every joints on the furniture will never change and remain the same as new.

Gateleg in Details

gateleg teak outdoor folding table

Clean and Classic Design

The classic design and the clean lines of Gateleg makes it pleasing to eyes yet strong and sturdy.

gateleg teak outdoor folding table


Precision and attention to every small detail makes it precious and beautiful

gateleg teak outdoor folding table


Gateleg is specialized or outdoor use and resistant to weather change.


What Gateleg Collection has to offer