Contemporary Lobby Seating Furniture

Do you remember ever sitting at the hotel or resort lobby, while either meeting with someone or waiting for others to come down for breakfast? If you do, you will know how important it is that having a nice and comfortable lobby seating. 

Lobby area, also known as waiting area, is a place as the name suggested for temporary seating before your next destination. That says, lobby area is needed for places like hotel, resort, and business building where people who visit or stay there tend to be wealthy relatively. Therefore, as a building owner, it is important to invest and setup the lobby area in order to give a good impression, since lobby is the first place to be observed. 

Lobby seating is therefore vital to be considered when decorating the lobby. Lobby sofa, unlike your home sofa, is used heavily compared to home sofa – many visitors or tourists will be sitting at lobby every day year around; it is uncommon that the lobby is empty especially for those high traffic hotels. 

Moreover, some of the lobby is set up outside where the seating is being exposed to direct sunlight or rain, where normal seating chairs will have been torn down in no time. Hence, selecting furniture with weather resistant feature is priority, as well as upholstery. Maintenance is another topic deserves some consideration – it is best to have water and dirt resistant upholstery for cushions, as well as removable cover for quick and easy change. 

Durability is nevertheless important, but we do not sacrifice the style – we have complied a list of lobby seating furniture featuring contemporary designs in 2018: 


outdoor teak wood patio living sofa set
Tessin Collection

Tessin Series

Modular sofa set featuring modern see-through designs on its sides, which are made up of multiple teak slats in fine finished. In addition, Tessin sofa chairs are constructed on premium grade of stainless steel with continued legs design, allowing the sofas to be able to stay in place firmly. 

Another benefit of modular sofas is being flexible on your arrangement – depending on the lobby area, which can vary from huge to small, modular sofa offers different variety of combination according to your setup and given space. 

Tessin series also comes with coffee table which uses same materials and similar design, which matches Tessin seamlessly. 


outdoor living sofa chair
Lisse Collection

Lisse Series

Another modular sofa set, Lisse sofas however is designed with simplicity in mind – it features powder coated aluminum frame which is upholstery in weather and scratch resistant fabric for both indoor and outdoor uses. 

Lisse comes with Round Quarter seat which is a great fit and use to make up a beautiful sofa half round sofa set, offering a taste of modern furnishing setup to the lobby. 

Additionally, Lisse sofa comes with option of shelf on the side – the shelf is made up of weathered teak wood suitable for placing your drinks on the side. 


outdoor lounge chair
Pianeta Collection

Pianeta Series

Modern lounge sofa set built in powder coated aluminum frame, Pianeta comes with elegant and simple design with slight curve on its body, adding some contemporary style out of normal. 

The unique part of Pianeta is its sides roped by custom weaving style. The rope is made up of synthetic fiber to provide durable and weather resistant capability for high traffic use, while not losing its quality as time goes. 


modular wicker sofa set
Berlin Collection

Berlin Series

Modular sofa set constructed in powder coated aluminum frame, Berlin sofas are fully covered by all weather synthetic wicker in unique weaving style, it offers the look and feel of rattan yet greater resistance to impact. 

Berlin sofa set comes with spacious and comfortable seating, allowing seater to be completely relax with comfortable arms support.

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