Choices of Outdoor Teak Extension Table (2018 List)

Having a planned weekend of your friends coming over for a dinner is great, but sometimes your friends or your family members just show up at your house out of surprise, and surely you want to be a best host as much as possible by serving them well. If you have a extra furniture like table and couple of chairs sitting in your storeroom, great; but what if you have none for extra, or even, you don’t feel like keeping extra furniture as moving them around can be a headache and dangerous – increasing the chances of getting someone hurt or breaking your home. That’s why you need a extendable table at home, no matter for a planned or unplanned event, it will save you from hassle.

Even for a regular dinner, say, every Sunday is your family day where all your brothers and sisters will be coming over for a dinner, but the rest of the day you have your wife and one kid with you only; extension table therefore can be flexible and helpful. For this article, we will be focusing on outdoor extension table, as outdoor is where the party and fun part takes place. Additionally, for a long term investment, we will select from materials that perform well under all weather for sunlight and rain; cheap material like plastic or wood will break in no time. Without any further ado, here is a list of outdoor extension tables that made up of best materials for your patio and garden – weathered teak and #304 stainless steel.


Royal Extension Table

Royal Double Extension Table

Oval shape dining table made up of weathered teak slats. Royal Double Extension Table, which is 220cm long, can be extended from both sides – one side extended to 265cm, both sides extended to 310cm.

On the other hand, footrest is also attached to this dining table, offering a greater sitting experience. It’s ideal for both indoor and outdoor, such as kitchen, patio, lawn, backyard, and garden. Lastly, if you prefer shorter version of it, Royal Double Extension Table with 170cm long and 240cm when fully extended on both sides.


Zilart Extension Table

Zilart Extension Table

Rectangular dining table made with rare pieces of reclaimed teak wood on stainless steel legs. Zilart Extension Table, owing to the nature of reclaimed teak, has a vintage and classic appearance with rustic finish. Together with solid steel base, it is a heavy duty outdoor table that can hold up good amount of stuff on top.

Zilart Extension Table, length 210cm, can extend from one side for another 10cm, making it a total 310cm when fully extended. The extended part of the table, which is hid underneath the table when it is not in use, is both well-constructed and modern – it offers great quality and most importantly, an impression to your friends, when extending the able.


Single Extension Table

Single Extension Table

Similar to Zilart Extension Table, it is based on stainless steel legs. However, it is top with weathered teak slats, which gives a clean and sleek looking to teak furniture. For one that is looking clean and shinny finish, Single Extension Table is great for that purpose. In addition, the natural oil finished on the table gives it a even stronger resistance to scratch and weather, suitable for patio, garden, & swimming pool.

This extension table, as the name suggested, can be extended from the center, which makes the length from 220cm to 320cm when fully extended.


Forza Extension Table

Forza Extension Table

Outdoor dining table that made up of teak slats on top, with powder coated metal legs. The premium paint on its legs leaves a smooth-touching finish, as well as stronger resistance to weather and moist. Forza Extension Table offers solid support while keeping a modern look and feel for its feature.

It can be extended from one end via sliding into 320cm from 220cm, it is easy to operate and durable for frequent use. No matter you want to serve 4 or 10 guests, Forza Extension Table will work a wonder.


Above are the popular choices for outdoor extension tables, or you can visit our site for more collections of outdoor extension tables.

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