Outdoor Dining Table (Extension Vs. Fixed-Length)

Holidays are coming and you are getting ready for guests – food, drinks, decoration, games, etc. Only one thing left before you can sit back and relax – do you have enough seats for your guests? Well, adding more tables is what most people do, but the overall presentation of the dinner is not as delightful, since some people will have to sit at different tables, which happens to be different designs or colors, from the main table – unless you have bought the exact same tables to match up the theme.

Nevertheless, when you are shopping for outdoor dining table for either your garden or backyard, you should always think twice before you make any decision, as it is an huge investment. First thing to consider is, how often gathering takes place and how many people will be present. For instance, if you have family party twice a month, total of 12 people, and only 6 people when no guests are around – an extendable table for 12 will be your option. However, there are certain conditions where you would prefer fixed-length garden table, other than the reason we just mentioned.

teak made outdoor extension table
Extendable Table For 12

Extension table no doubt is flexible and able to adapt the amount of guests, both planned and unplanned events. Whereas fixed-length can only offer limited amount of seats – guests will have to fight for the seats or keep their eyes on whoever is finishing the food.

Choice of Materials
Extendable table is harder to make, as it is built to be able to transform or extend, in which screws are necessary – it is usually made up of teak, leaving you have lesser choice. On the other hand, fixed-length dining table can be made up of other materials but teak like synthetic wicker, in which the table can be woven in unique weaving style and colors, based on your preference – fully customize your outdoor theme.

wicker dining table
Calla Dining Table Woven In Wicker

The ideal design or the appearance of the table is entirely dependent on personal choice – if you like slightly complicated or fancy design, go for extension table, since it involves moving part and requires more room to make it work. Extendable table can sometimes impress your guests, as it’s more fun and cool than a regular table, leaving them a great dining impression – it works exceptionally well on kids. As opposite to complicated design, fixed length table tends to look thinner and can be built on every simple setup – a piece of teak wood on four legs. This fits well for your minimalist outdoor setup, and of course if you prefer, complex design for fixed-length is always available for your option.

If you have a huge backyard, congratulations to you and you may skip this part. For those who would like to save space, getting a portable table or furniture is vital, as you can use the table for either indoor or outdoor, or keep it to the corner when you do not need it. Extension table, as we have discussed above, tends to be complicated and heavier due to the materials used; therefore, it’s not easy to move around. Fixed-length outdoor table is simple and can be made up of lighter materials, such as wicker and powder coated aluminum frame. It’s much portable and even your kids can help you to move the table.

Cost & Space
Generally speaking, extension table is more costly than fixed-length dining table, because of its complexity and materials. However, if you know you will be holding gathering regularly at your house, like the example we talked about in the beginning – it’s worth the investment of getting an extension table. In fact, if you have fixed-length table and need more seats to accommodate your guests, not only does it costs more to get extra tables to entertain, but also need more space to keep it. Whereas extension table save cost and space, in the long run.

Ease of Use
Needless to explain, fixed-length dining table requires zero knowledge to operate. But extension table can be tricky some times, especially if someone who is not familiar with the operation part, such as your kids or your guests. They might actually get injured if not taken care properly.

The simpler the better. Extension table involves more mechanical and moving parts; it tends to break more easily, as compared to fixed-length dining table. In addition to that, the moving joints need to be taken care regularly, such as cleaning and oiling, to keep the screws away from mold and rot, so that it moves smoothly. Other than dusting the dirt away, fixed-length dining table needs no special care and lasts for years of use.

extendable teak made outdoor table
Zilart Extension Table

Based on the comparison, we hope you can make the right decision and be wiser, when it comes to choosing your garden table. Once you make up your mind, you can then select the look and style you like from outdoor furniture store, that offers a wide variety of collections for outdoor garden tables.

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How To Clean Your Teak Furniture (Finished & Unfinished)

Teak is a popular choice for outdoor furniture, such as garden benches, patio chairs, or dining tables by the swimming pool. Teak made furniture is made up of wood that is naturally resistant to weather like direct sunlight and moist, and it can typically last for years of use, without special care. So, the less you do to your teak furniture, the better it is.

Comforteck Bench – 150cm

However, unwanted mildew or stain can form on the surface, causing dull appearance, if not taken care properly. There are some steps you can take to keep your teak made furniture away from the problems, and therefore extend its lifespan while maintaining its quality, just as it’s newly bought.


The first thing is to determine whether your teak made furniture is finished or unfinished. An easy way is to place a few drops of water on the surface – If it beads, it has got varnish finish on the surface; if it absorbs and leaves a mark, it is unfinished.

raw and treated teak furnitureFor unfinished teak made furniture, which is raw, chemical detergents are definitely out of your options. As it is unsealed and it absorbs liquid, therefore it gets damage or color faded more easily than finished furniture. Nevertheless, you should be cleaning with feather duster or soft fabric regularly, to make sure it keeps in shape all the time; dirt can be hardened over time and it’s difficult to remove. Also, remember to keep the cleaning fabric dry, while wiping the surface.

While cleaning with dry fabric is the best option for unfinished teak furniture, disasters can happen some times – sauces or sticky food accidentally drops on the surface and leaves stains. Now, dry cleaning no longer works, and you will have to use a wet cloth to completely remove the stains. Adding a drop or two of natural dish soap, which can be found on many stores that sells organic stuff, and mixed into a bucket of lukewarm water, together with either sponge or soft cloth – you are ready for those tough stains. With the mild cleaner/detergent you just made, you can lower the possible damages to untreated teak furniture. While wiping off the stains, it is important to dry out the surface with dry cloth as quickly as possible. Unfinished teak furniture is a raw piece of wood, it must be treated with most natural ways, to remain its artistic and classic appearance.


By now you should be able to tell if your teak furniture is varnish finish, based on the early experiment you conduct. Finished teak furniture is like wood coated with a layer of natural oil, for greater and stronger resistance to weather, such as sunlight & moist. Still, mold and rot can happen if not taken care properly. Cleaning treated teak furniture is much easier than untreated one, since it’s more resilient and resistant for the most cases. A piece of microfiber and h20 is all you need to clean your treated teak furniture on a regular basis, and it is probably capable of removing most of the unwanted stains.

Tessin Side Chair

If water alone does not work, try mild soap solution. Always remember to use soft fabric, as opposed to metal brushes; unless you will like to a few intentionally starches on the surface – I bet you don’t. For outdoor teak furniture, you can even rinse off the soap with garden soap. If water or mild soap don’t work, it’s time to move to next alternative. Water mixed with either bleach or vinegar will do the job. You can DIY this ultimate cleaning solution by following either one of the recipes:



  • Mix 1 cup for both chlorine bleach and laundry detergent with 1 gallon of lukewarm water.


  • Mix 1 cup of vinegar with 1 gallon of lukewarm water.



Once apply the mixture on the problem surface, leave it there for about 15 minutes, and rinse it off thoroughly with clean water. You can then either dry it off with soft cloth or directly place under sun. However, cleaning with any chemical mixture will most likely remove the natural oil built on the surface, leaving the surface with matte and dull finished; therefore, you will need to apply a new coat of natural oil, if you wish to remain the shinny appearance. All furniture is built and treated slightly different, if you wish to oil the furniture by yourself, it is recommended to consult with the person you got the furniture from or teak furniture specialist – making sure you are applying the same type of teak oil as it was, since there are many oils available on the market.

teak made dining extension table
Signature Extension Table

Last but not least, always remove and clean off any sauce or sticky liquid as quickly as possible, as the longer it stays, the harder it is to remove. You can even place a piece of cloth under the plate for teak made dining table, for preventing the problems. Also, the cleaning process should always begin from the bottom, to avoid any streak marks from the dripping water on unwashed surface, especially furniture with irregular shape and design.

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