Altarra Deep Seating Collection


Altarra Teak Outdoor is one of the new release of Triconville’s long awaiting premium weathered teak. Triconville exclusively designed outdoor lounge sofa made of multiprocess PU layers in finishing touch. The premium brushed finish will protect from ocean environment and extreme weather. Hence, the perfect sofa for your private villa or residence by the ocean.

Altarra Teak Outdoor comes with premium quality 1- 2-and 3-seater sofas with arms and can be configured with the stylish design coffee tables of different sizes. The sofa combines great stability, allowing it to flex in response to the sitter’s movements, thereby enhancing the comfort of this sofa.

Altarra collection is made from premium brushed teak and powder coated aluminium to add to the design. Modular seating of Altarra Teak Outdoor is perfect for your pool area, rooftop, balcony, or garden area, where you can enjoy having a quality time. True to the philosophy of ‘super normal’ design, Triconville created premium quality functional sofas.


Outdoor 3-seater aluminium sides

Natural Teak

Altarra is made from natural teak which makes it suitable for all weathers while giving it a sturdy look. To save these sofas for minor cracks over a period, Teak Shield is applied; a transparent coating layer that makes the Tabletop water repellent.


Woven from 100% solution dyed olefin yarn. Olefin has chosen to use the premium quality of solution Dyed Olefin. Solution dyeing is a clean manufacturing process as the color is added before the yarn is extruded. It is friendly to the environment because no dye bath processes are used, eliminating waste effluents, which may pollute air and water.

Altarra In Details

Minimal and Clean Design

The minimal and clean design of the Altarra makes it a great choice for outdoors and indoors

Altarra Single Seater

Touch of Teak

The Touch of teak to the Altarra tables adds  elegance.

Solid and Sturdy

Altarra is made with the best materials to give and make it solid and Sturdy

All Weather Resistant

Hot or Cold, Rain or Shine, Altarra has been made to withstand any type of weather.


What Altarra has to offer